Sunday, May 3, 2009

May already?

Hello guys! I know it`s been weeks since I last blogged.Things have just been really busy around here lately. I`ve noticed that I have alot of new followers,which I am so thrilled about!!! I love that the Lord is using my blog to encourage others!!
So,like I said before things have been so busy around here.It`s softball season.We have Emily in T-ball this year,and the boys in little league.Last week-end was opening day for the boys and I got soo sunburned! First they had a little intro where they announce all their names,then we ended up staying to watch the two other games and then their first game at two.So,we were there from 10am to 4pm.Emily also had practice that day as well.All week there have been games and practice.Then yesterday was opening day for Emily.They had a clown and face painting.It was alot of fun!We took alot of cute pictures,but I have to wait to post them.Another event that occurred on Easter weekend was that my camera dropped and broke.Hubby was very generous and got me a new one.It is soo nice and was a great price as well.He has to download the program before I can post any pictures though.
In other news,last week I was struck with what I think was strep throat,or something very simmilar.I never get sick,but boy this thing,what ever it was,really knocked me out for a few days.God is so good though and He really takes care of His children.Since my husbands injury we do not have health insurence.I ened up calling an herbalist that friends have gone to in the past.I described my symptoms to him and he said he would mix me up something that would surely knock out the infection.Wouldn`t you know,by the next day I was 100% better.Amazing!! And he only charged $3! He really has a gift of healing people.He truly want`s to help people and would never take advantage of anyone.Also,praise God again...NO ONE ELSE IN THE FAMILY GOT IT!!!I`m so thankful for the protection God has granted us!! I`ve known about this doctor for a very long time and have been wanting to do things more natural,so I`m just really thankful that everything ended up working out:)
More good news.Tuesday a few friends and I are going to Lancaster!!I can not waite!! This is a trip I`ve been wanting to take for a very long time.I was just on the phone with my friend mapping out our day.I plan on taking pictures when I can.I don`t know how many of you are familiar with the Amish and their beliefs,but one thing they are strongly against is photography.
Another amazing thing happened.I don`t know if any of you know about the Sight and Sound Theatre? There`s one in Lancaster and also one in Branson,Missouri.What they do is they put on plays recreating various story`s from the bible.I`have been wanting to go see a play for about 2 years now.There was this one that I had heard about from friend that`s called Creation and she saw it with her family and said it is absolutly amazing.So,my best friend was at a local bizarre this weekend and she called me so excited.Here they were auctioning off tickets to sight and sound for the creation show! I agreed to split the cost,figuring that it was no big deal if we lost because the money was being donated to disabled people so it was for a good cause.We won the tickets!!!! It`s only $27.50 a piece and they sell for $47 normally.God is sooo good!!! He always provides! So we have from July-Sept. to make reservations.
Now onto some very serious news.Although there have been many blessings in our life recently,there will always be trials and sadness as well.Last weekend I got a phone call that my cousin had emergency surgery to remove a large mass in her colen.The mass ended up to be stage 4 colen cancer.The cancer has spread to her liver.So far it has not spread anywhere else.They plan to try to shrink the cancer I guess through chemo therapy.She`s in realkly good spirits though.Much prayer is needed as this type of cancer is very serious.My brothers wife died 5 years ago from colen cancer that had spread to her liver.I`m not sure where she is on a spiritual leval.I know she believes in Jesus,but I`m not sure if she has heard the full gospel message or not so please pry for her in that way as well.
So that`s all of the news for now.I`ll try to post some pictures soon!!By for now!!!