Thursday, May 29, 2008

Trust In the Lord with all your heart!

I was listening to a sermon this morning and I encourage all of you to take the time to listen to it.Click HERE to listen to it.When you get onto that site,click on the sermon with the big black e on it.It`s about putting our faith and trust in the Lord and not money.It is so hard,but if you are a chlid of God you are part of the new covenent.When we first trust Him,He provides all that we need.Often times when I am out walking I notice the birds pecking away at the soil and fining worms.I am reminded of Mathew chapter 6:25-34.When you get a chance,read it,pray about it,and really think about it.I know it`s hard with rising gas prices and the cost of living going through the roof,but we are different then the rest of the world!We are God`s people and He will always take care of us!!First,we need to put our faith and trust in Him!I felt a need to post about this today,because I know that there are some of you out there that are discouraged today and I just want to reassure you that God`s promises never return void!!
I`d love to here thoughts or comments about this.If anyone listens to this sermon,I would also love to here about it!!

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A wonderful blog and a great giveaway

He guys!Head on over to 2 Much Farm Primitives for a chance to win a cute little pocket hanger for your wall or front door.Sorry,I don`t have any pics to show ya,but it is super cute!!Gotta run now!!Blessings!!

Monday, May 26, 2008

I won!!

Hey guys!!I just found out I won a giveaway hosted by Cora over at Hidden Riches from Secret Places!Sorry,i don`t have a link to her blog on hand at the time,but if you look under blogs I visit you will find hers.I strongly encourage all of you to visit her!!Her blog will be a blessing to all of you!! Anyway here is a picture of what I won.Cora is a very talented lady,so I hope you all will check out her ebay store as well.There is a link on her blog.Have a great night everyone!!Oh and if anyone knows how to put music on their blog please share the info with me!!I created a play list and I have the codes,but I don`t know where to put them! Any info about this would be greatly appreciated!Hope you guys had a blessed holiday with your family today!!

Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hi everyone!I hope you all are having a blessed day!!My husband is not doing very well.Please pray for him.He is very nausous still.They had to put a breathing tube in durring the surgery and his mouthand throat are all cut up.He also is in alot of pain.They said the recovery tiome will be much longer than we expected.He can`t start physical therapy for 6 weeks.He cannot walk at all for one month.He hops and uses crutches to get to the bathroom.God will see us through this!Look at how far he`s braught us already,and how many blessings He has given us!
I have been feeling alot of conviction this week about my life.It seems as though ever since I was baptised on Sunday so much has changed.My dear friend,who has helped our family out greatly(the one that I heard the gospel for the first time from),well she only lives down the street from my house so we go to the farmers market together some times.I usually have her pick me up things if I can`t go.She told me that she cannot do it anymore.I understand.She is going through alot right now and I feel very bad for her.I felt so convicted though.I feel like all I do is take,take,take and I can never give back.I feel like I can`t even have any friends without being a burdon to them.I don`t want to be a burdon to anyone.It`s not only this particular thing.I totally understand.There have been a few things that have happened to me this past week that just really made me think about alot of things.I really think I need to drive.I want to bless people and help them,not be a burdon to them.I want to be a friend,not just someone to feel sorry for.I understand that people in the body want to help others and I truly appriciate that,but we each have to bear our own load.It`s not fair to make others feel like they have to take care of their family and ours too.I really feel like the Holy Spirit is telling me I need to do something.I just don`t know where to go from here.Any suggestions and prayers reguarding this would really be helpful.By the way,speaking of prayer and the power of prayer,ANOTHER NORMAL CYCLE this month!!!!God has healed me from endometrial hyperplasia!!Just like that woman that touched the cloak of Jesus!!I have been concidering standing up in church and if you know me at all that is a very difficult thing for me to do.Because of the nature of the topic I don`t know if it is appropriate or not?What do you all think about that?I`m so glad I started this blog!!I have met such great woman who I truly feel like I can talk with and be guided by!!
I better go now.I don`t know how to set the time on this blog but it is going on 11:45pm.Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!!!

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Another giveaway you all can`t miss!!

You guys,this is a giveaway you just can`t miss!!Kat over at katerpillars No Moreis having a give away in celebration of her 100th post.The first item she has to offer is a hand painted throw pillow with a saltbox farmhouse nestled in a country meadow with cute little sheep grazing in the field and a willow tree off to the side.Next she has a cute wooden garden angel hand painted.She is a very talented lady.I am so glad I met her!!I know you will be blessed by her blog and her great testimony of God`s grace in her life!!
On another note,today my husband has his surgery.They moved it up to 11am.Providing all goes well,it looks like we are reaching the end of our long trial we`ve been facing.Hopefully he won`t be in too much pain when he comes home.We are hoping he can return to work by July so that we can still have some summer left to spend with the kids:)I know I`ve said it time and time again,but I just have to praise God for His grace in our lives!!I feel so much stronger spiritually because of the trials we have had!That is God`s purpose:)Refining us into creatures that shine for Him!!Amazing grace!!Have a wonderful and blessed day everyone!!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Giveaways,giveaways,and more giveaways!!

Hey guys!!When you get a chance head on over to Farmhouse Blessings Lea has a wonderful blog and is a super special lady with a huge heart!!You will be blessed by her blog!!She is having a really fun contest.You will have a chance to win a really cute little grungy bunny!!Also Glad Tidings is having a great giveaway as well!It is a kit with everything you need to make a primitive apron!!I was very excited about this one!!If any of you know me I`m sure you are aware that I have been wanting to learn how to sew for a very long time now.I also have a new found love for aprons as well.
In other news,the baptism went very well last night.My husbands plans fell through,so he was able to make it!!Praise God for that!He had told me that he had plans all week to be there,he was going to surprise me!!Isn`t that so sweet?My 7 year old stayed home from church yesterday to rest his arm.The two of them went out and bought me a big crystal cross as a gift!I just thought that was soo special!
Last night was truly a blessing.My husband was reading along in the bible during service and we actually talked about the message afterwords.Please pray that he becomes more accepting of Gods word!!
I do need to go now.I hope you all have a blessed day and good luck with the drawings!!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

My poor baby:(

Hey everyone!Well,the infection in my sons leg is getting better.He had a very warm bath and it drew alot of it out.Praise God for that!!But Thursday night he was running and slammed his hand into the molding that frames the doorway.He was in alot of pain and it began to swell alot.So hubby took him over to the er.It turns out that he broke his nuckle bone in his hand.He has a splint on it right now and a slong for when he is moving around.Tuesday night the doctor will put a cast on it.I feel so bad for him.So needless to say we`ve been spoiling him the past few days which has to stop.There`s a few end of year activities that he will end up missing out on in school too.
On the lighter side of things,I am getting baptised tomorrow evening:)I am so excieted and nervous!
Also,my husband goes in to have his surgery on Thursday.Please pray that everything goes well.He will have to be very still for a month.With tarsel tunnel relief surgery it is very important not to move the area.I will be in need of help with shopping and any other other places I might need to go,since I do not drive.
I still haven`t heard anything about our house yet.We`re just waiting for the inspector at this point.So kind of alot going on in our quiet little lives right now!!I do need to go now.I have to make chili for tomorrow.We will be staying at church all day to save on gas.
Thanks for stopping by today and have a blessed Lord`s day!!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Wednesday:)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!I hope you all are having a blessed day today!!
I went to our local farmers market today to get my fresh milk!!It is such a blessing to be able to buy fresh milk so cheaply and also support an Amish family.I absolutly love the Amish people!I am facinated with their lifestyle.They are so diciplined and structured.I have to take the kids to Lancaster this summer.Lancaster,Pa is an Amish community.My friend went last year for her birthday and she got to go on a tour of one of the houses.She really enjoyed it.Plus I`d also love to take the kids on a tour of the farm.I think it would be neat for them to see how they milk the cows and everything.Although....I`m pritty excieted that all of our children drink milk...they might not like it as much if they learn where it comes from!Lol!
If anyone reads this tonight please keep our 7 year old son in your prayers.He has a little infection in his leg.About a week ago he got stuck in the leg with a toothpick.I didn`t think anything of it.It started to get red and puffy and now he`s in a little bit of paine.Tomorrow we are going to take him to get it looked at.I gave him a very warm salt water bath tonight and he really got to soak it.It looks alot better now,but it`s still very red and the area around where the skin was punctured is hard.Even though my oldest is 9-1/2 I have never seen a wound get infected like this.It is a little scary.I don`t know about any of you guys,but I know that my kids often get hurt and I`m always like oh honey you`ll be fine and just kind of brush it off.It just makes me think of how careful you have to be ya know?Then I also think of how great and awesome our God is!!He uses everything in our lives to teach us things and open our eyes to things we never saw before!!
I think I will say goodnight now.I hope all of you have a wonderful night!!!!

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Free bike anyone?

Hey guys!!If you want a chance to win a free bike check out this link!!!! Good luck everyone!!

Giveaways,shopping excersions,and house news

First I want to mention that Pink Ricrac is having a change purse giveaway,so when you guys get a chance,go check it out!
Next,I wanted to share with you about some great deals we found while out and about on Thursday.I got a shirt from Walmart for only $3 and one of those long tunics with a belt for only $3 at Old Navy!!Then I got two pairs of flip flops.Five bucks for both pairs,from Old Navy.They`re cute for just throwing on quick,or for the beach.We also got a dress and matching jacket for my daughter for only $7 plus a bunch of shirts and pants!! I had to share this with everyone because ever since my husband got hurt there has been a desperate need for clothing.Especially for me.I`ve been praying about it and God has blessed our family once again!!
My husband and I met with my sister and her friend yesterday at the new house.We put a deposit down.We have to make an appointment for the inspection and then we should close in two weeks!!I am so excited!!!!If you all wouldn`t mind please stop what you are doing right now and thank our heavenly Father for blessing us!!He is so faithful!!Have a blessed weekend everyone!!!!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Abundant Blessings

Are you all ready for some fabulas news?I was on the phone with my sister today talking about the house.I had asked her if she heard anything from the realator.Meanwhile,I got a call on the other line,but I didn`t answer it.Guess who it was?The realator.Looks like we have a contract on the house!!!!!!Not only that,but he thinks he has a buyer for this house!!He`s coming over tomorrow to see this house.This is so amazing!!I can`t even begin to describe how blessed I feel right now!!If this house sells too,that would be soo awesome!!!There`s more.We will also be getting all brand new furnature!!There`s more.We saw a commercial the other day on telivision advertising a pool installed with a ladder,fiter,vaccumes,everything for around $350.We figured something was up.either a scam or some kind of catch.Hubby called and everything is totally legit!So looks like we`ll be getting a pool as well!If it is true (which I won`t believe until it`s in our backyard)I will post info about how some of you might be able to take advantage of the offer as well!
For those of you that do not know what we`ve been going through check out all my posts labled "health issues".We serve an amazing God!!He has promised to take care of His people.Have a blessed day!!!!!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Give and you shall receive

Hey everyone!!I just got done listening to an online sermon and the message was excellent.It`s a new site I found called Southeast Christian Church.The message was about how we manage our finances and also how we view our financial situations.What we do with our money is a direct reflection of our faith.What do you do when money is tight?Do you give freely to the Lord because your faith is enough,or do you store it away because you feel as though there will never be enough money? Malachi 3:10 sais:Bring the full tithes into the storehouse,that there may be food in my house.And thereby put me to the test,says the Lord of hosts,if I will not open the windows of heaven for you and pour down for you a blessing until there is no more need. Isn`t that so amazing?? God promises us that if we give to Him,He will bless us!!Now,my husband is not saved so he does not allow me to give 10%,but this passage is about so much more than just money.You see,God wants us to give Him our hearts.Give freely of your heart and trust in him and the blessings will be poured out to you!!Tithes are an outward showing of trust and faith in God.Trust Him first,then you will be blessed.
Our family is living proof of that promise from God!!Through our trials,I never doubted God`s love for us.He always had my heart,now we are being blessed for that!!The point I`m trying to make here is not to brag or boast,but to encourage all of you today!!God keeps His promises to us,but He wants our hearts.We need to trust in Him in every area of our lives!That is the mark of a true Christian!!
It is my prayer that this post will be an encouragement to everyone who reads it!!!! Have a blessed day everyone!!!