Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Happy Wednesday:)

Happy Wednesday everyone!!I hope you all are having a blessed day today!!
I went to our local farmers market today to get my fresh milk!!It is such a blessing to be able to buy fresh milk so cheaply and also support an Amish family.I absolutly love the Amish people!I am facinated with their lifestyle.They are so diciplined and structured.I have to take the kids to Lancaster this summer.Lancaster,Pa is an Amish community.My friend went last year for her birthday and she got to go on a tour of one of the houses.She really enjoyed it.Plus I`d also love to take the kids on a tour of the farm.I think it would be neat for them to see how they milk the cows and everything.Although....I`m pritty excieted that all of our children drink milk...they might not like it as much if they learn where it comes from!Lol!
If anyone reads this tonight please keep our 7 year old son in your prayers.He has a little infection in his leg.About a week ago he got stuck in the leg with a toothpick.I didn`t think anything of it.It started to get red and puffy and now he`s in a little bit of paine.Tomorrow we are going to take him to get it looked at.I gave him a very warm salt water bath tonight and he really got to soak it.It looks alot better now,but it`s still very red and the area around where the skin was punctured is hard.Even though my oldest is 9-1/2 I have never seen a wound get infected like this.It is a little scary.I don`t know about any of you guys,but I know that my kids often get hurt and I`m always like oh honey you`ll be fine and just kind of brush it off.It just makes me think of how careful you have to be ya know?Then I also think of how great and awesome our God is!!He uses everything in our lives to teach us things and open our eyes to things we never saw before!!
I think I will say goodnight now.I hope all of you have a wonderful night!!!!

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