Monday, December 1, 2008

Our Thanksgiving celebration and more

I hope you all had a truly blessed Thanksgiving! We went to my husbands brothers house for dinner.It was fun.Then we dropped the kids off at their grandparents house and they stayed over until Saturday.We slept at my brother in-laws and then were out of the house by 3:30am to go shopping.Yes,I know it`s crazy,but it is a tradition in our family.We never act crazy,or greedy,like alot of people and we ALWAYS pay with cash.We just do it for fun.We were both asleep by 8:30 that evening.We were so exhausted.
Above I have a picture of a volcano the boys and I made on Wednesday.They had alot of fun making it. They go a few toys to play with in the "lava",then we`re going to leave it for a few weeks and see how the mixture crystalized.I think this will be a fun things for the kids to see.Also,it will help them to understand that if this mixture only takes a few weeks to harden then it doesn`t take millions of years for fossils to form!
Next,I have a before and after picture of Emily`s hair.She got a haircut on Wednesday and I think she looks so cute!!
Then on Wednesday night I made homemade pizza and garlic knots with the kids.Actually it was just Anthony and Emily.Joey was off doing his own thing at that time!Oh,the kitchen and kids were full of flour,but they had such a good time!!Sometimes messes are worth it for the memories they make!! And then the last two are of the finished products.
Finally,I want to show you guys how my blanket looks so far.I think it`s coming alng nicely!Don`t forget to click on the photos to enlarge them!Have a blessed evening everyone!!!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This and that

Hi everyone!Wow,I can`t believe Thanksgiving is almost here!!I`d love to here hat everyone is doing for Thanksgiving,so if you stop by my blog be sure to tell me in the coment section!For Thanksgiving we always go to my husbands brothers house.Since he lives about an hour away we stay over night and then get up early the next morning and go shopping for black Friday.We always have so much fun!!My mother in-law usually takes the kids over night for us.Weather permitting she will have them Thursday ight after dinner and then Friday night as well.We plan on wrapping some Christmas presents on Fri.and maybe go out for dinner,just the two of us.
In other news,my husband want`s to start a family fun night.Every Wedneseday evening we will play a board game together.Last week was our first official game night.We played Picturika!Have any of you ever played this game before?I highly recommend it.It`s kind of like I spy.The board has a bunch of hidden pictures in it and when it`s your turn,you roll the dice,then you pick a card and you have to find whats on your card in the aloted time either by your self,or it could be the first one in the group then you yell "picturika!"when you find it.It`s a very fun game!!
The next group of pitures I wan t to share with you guys are of my son`s art work. My boys love to draw.I think they both are very talented! One of things they like to draw are super heros.These are actually of super heros that they made up.
Please click on the pictures to enlarge them:)After all the art work I have a picture of a Jack in the box my son Joey made for a school project he did about a book he read. He is so talented!!The picture really doesn`t do it justice.Bext, I have two pictures of the wonderful Thanksgiving card Joey made for us! Didn`t he do a fantastic job?See the Indian shooting the turkey on Plymouth Rock? Lol! Kids are so funny,aren`t they?So,I hope you guys all enjoyed my photos and I hope you have a fantastic and blessed Thanksgiving!!!!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

My first crocheting project!!!!

Hey guys!!I hope you all are having a wonderful day!! This is a picture of a chrocheting kit I purchaced from Walmart a few weeks ago. I finally sat down two nights ago and taught myself to crochet!!Next I have a picture of my winter blanket in the making!!It has some mistakes,but I think it`s coming along nicely!! Soon I hope to get the kids each a ball of yarn and a crocheting needle o they cn join in on the fun with me!! They really want to learn.
Next,I have a photo of Anthony and Emily with our new kitty.I had a basket of laundry and a quilt on top of it that goes in the kids room and Midnight curled up on top of it.The kids really wanted me to take a picture because it was so cute!!Next I had hubby take a picture of my new hair cut. I don`t know if you can tell how much shorter it is because my shirt is black but it was to the middle of my back before.I think that is a horrid picture of me,but oh well.You can see the ugly walls in our bedroom too!LOl!We plan on redoing this room soon.It`s actually going to be Emily`s room,but that won`t be for a while yet:)So,anyway,the next picture I want to share with you guys is of our candelite dinner last night.I made roasted chicken,smashed red potatoes with skins,and oven roasted carrots.I have no idea why it came out so dark though.There is plenty of light in our kitchen now that we renovated it.Now that I think about it....I may have taken this picture two nights ago.In that case we had creamy chicken over rice with bab carrots and green and yellow string beans.I also made somehing called apple dump cake for dessert that night. Oh my goodness was it ever so yummy!!! Have any of you ever made a dump cake before.It`s so easy!! I plan doing a recipe post one day to post some of the things I`ve beencreating for my family in our new kitchen!!Some of the recipes I`ll be posting include fruit smoothies,and homemade granola. other news...I went to the doctor today to discuss the ultrasound results.Guess what? I know nothing! They said the ultrasound didn`t show any abnormal growths or tumors which is fantastic news.He said in order to decide what the next step is as far as treament goes he needs the results from the hospatil from when I had the D&C done back in Aug. of `07.He want`s to know if any abnormal cells were found.So,he said if they don`t have the results by January,they he will do a biopsy in his office.January I`m thinking?? There is NO WAY I`m waiting until January. So,I am going to personally go down to the hospatil myself and request the results and then fax them over myself.I am totally at peace with all of this. I prayed in the waiting room that God would give me peace about this situation.He really has.Whatever the outcome is,God knows and He will take care of me and provide a way to pay for any treatments.We serve an awesome God and He is ALWAYS in controle!!
Speaking of serving an awesome God I`ve been meaning to post about this for almost a week now. Our church supports a ministry called Providing Hope Ministries. Someones goes to a local jail cell and gts to preach the Gospel to the inmates.They lso do one on one counceling and lots of other things to help lead inmates to Christ.Well last Friday they hosted a banquet at a local chuch and I got to attend.I heard some really amazing testamonys.I mean truly AMAZING!!We sung two praise/worship songs as well which was again, just awesome.Then at the end they had a table set up and this wonderful young woman was standing there.Sheimmediatly gave her testamony to us of how God saved her.She was a drug addict.She was in a coma and nearly died.Her mother didn`t know what to do with her so she put her in the car and drove her to the church parking lot.They just sat there and a man affiliated with the church approached them.HGe got into the car with them.I guess soon after that she started attending some of the services and about a month later after one of the services ended she just went up to the front and got on her knees and accepted Christ as her savior. A month later she was baptised.It`s been two years now and she now sells hand made Christian cards.She also signed a contract with barns and knoble!! It`s amazing what God can do in someones life!!! I need to go now!!!Have a blessed evening!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet Midnight:)

Hey everyone!!I hope you all are having a blessed day today!! On Thursday night we got a three month old kitten! Her name is midnight.The kids just love her! Isn`t she adorable?We`ve been thinking about getting a cat for a long time because we have a little problem with mice:( Since we just redid our kitchen and have all new cabinets now my husband thought now would be a good time to get the cat.He was looking on Freecycle and noticed someone had a kitten that lived in a nearby town.So,we made contact with the women and picked her up Thursday afternoon. I never though I would like a cat as I have never been fond of cats.This cat has really stolen my heart though.She is so play full and loves to be around us.She sleeps on a pillow in our room at night. She always goes in her litter box which is a HUGE blessing!!AND...the mice have been staying away!!!! I`m thrilled about that! Having an animal to care for is also teaching the kids some responsibility as well.They need to be careful not to leave things on the floor she can choke on and also clean crumbs of food up right away and stuff like that.So,it has been a blessing to have this new addition to our family and I hope we will have her for many years to come!!
AS far as other things are going,the kitchen is almost complete.We hung the new curtains,rods and blinds on Friday.They look so beautiful!! We still have wall boarder to hang and then the kitchen will be finished for now. Until we redo the floor,but we probably won`t get to that until after the holidays.
Theses past few weeks have been so crazy though!! Seriously,we have been going non stop it feels like! Doctors appointments,birthday parties,you name it.Friday,we had the Halloween parade at the school at 12:45,then we came home,left with the kids at 3:30 to go trick or treating and have pizza with my husbands brother and their family,finally got home at around 9:30pm.Then Saturday morning we were out by 8am because I had to have some tests done,then we came home at around 11:30 and I started cooking because we had a dinner party for my oldest son`s birthday.It turned out so well!! I didn`t get any photos of the food,but I should of.We had a honey glazed ham,mashed potatoes,carrots and roasted asparagus! Then for dessert I made a slime cake for my son per his request! I do have some pictures which I`ll post at the end.We also bought a small carrot cake for my husbands sister because her b`day is to days after my sons.So,I guess after everyone left it was around 9.Then Sunday was hectic as well.My husband promised my son he could go to his friends house,so he ended up missing church:(My other son,daughter and I went though.Then hubby picked us up and we were off to a bowling party that my daughter was invited to.After that,we picked my oldest up from his friends and came home.We had leftovers for dinner that night.Then,yesterday I was out the door by 8:30am for my bi-weekly bible study that my pastors wife hosts at the church.It`s always such a blessed time of fellowship and studying Gods Word.Then we each take turns at the end to pray for one another which is just wonderful!! So,after that I got to spend the afternoon with a dear friend.Then got home at around 4:30 and my friend and her children stayed and had dinner with us.It was a wonderful day!!Exhausting,but very blessed.We actually had a wonderful opportunity to share some of God`s Word with my husband!!That was a huge blessing!Today,I went no where.Stayed home all day and did laundry.Still behind,but I hope I can catch up within the next day or two.
So,did all of you Americans get out there and cast your vote today? Our car went into the shop so we missed out on voting.I was really bummed.I was really looking forward to voting this year.God knows though,and He is in control weather I voted or not:)
Anyway,I better get going now!I hope I haven`t bored you all to tears with my ramblings!!Have a blessed evening!!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Carving pumpkins....and yes SNOW!

Hey everyone!!Can you believe,yesterday here in Pa we got a total of 17 inches of snow?Is`nt that crazy?It was so beautiful though.This is a picture of what the main road that leads out of our town looked like yesterday.Thisbwas taken from inside our car.We were on our way to an eye doctors appointment that we could not cancel because we had taken my son ot of school for it.We got there at around 11am and we got a phone call form my father in law letting us know that the kids were getting out of school at 12:30! Thankfully th doctor was able to take my son early so we culd make it home in time for them. Awe aslways have this fear of the kids coming home to an empty house.Plus the door was locked,so they would of been outside in the cold.God is always in controle though,and He took care of things,like He always does!!So the snow/hail/rain finally stopped this afternoon.A nearby town got a grand total of 17 inches of snow!!They said there hasn`t been snow like this in October for over 100 years in this part of the country! Even though it is ot pleasant at all to drive in,God did make it happen for aq reason and it was absolutly beautiful.
When we got home I made homemade rolls and baked potato soup for dinner.I didn`t take any pictures though.
Today we carved pumpkins with the kids.Here are some picturs o them as well.Hope you all are having a blessed day!!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Where have I been?

Hey everyone!! I`ve once again been away from blogland for a while:) We have been very busy this past week. We were able to put in a new kitchen this week! It is such a blessing. My kitchen was very out dated.We also had no cabinet space.My husbands brother works for Lows and ended up getting solid oak cabinets for free.I guess what happens is when you have kitchen cabinets installed they take the old ones away.Well one persons trash is another persons treasures! These cabinets are absolutely gorgeous!!!I am so thankful to God for the blessings He has given to us this week!So,Monday and Tuesday we took everything out of our kitchen and ut it into the living room and dining room.Then we painted the kitchen.Wednesday my husbands brother came over to help install the cabinets and then Thursday they took the old metal sink unit out.When they took it out they found a broken pipe that had been leaking since who knows when.So we fixed all that and got a new sink,faucet and counter top. We also got a range hood for over our stove. Our kitchen was very old and there was no vent at all above it. What a blessing to finally have a filter over the stove now! Then we took down the ceiling fan and put a very nice light fixture up and also ut a matching one over the sink. Then today my husbands brother came back over o finish the rest of the work.Now tomorrow w have to touch up the paint and get some switch plates and put up the wall paper boarder.We still have alot of stuff in the living room and dining room to put away. Weave our microwave and toaster in there which has been a little annoying. Lol!We need to buy a shelf for it because it will now have a new home right above my coffee pot.Then ut toaster will go on the counter top by the stove.We have a portable dishwaster that the microwave and toaster have been sitting on but we our probably going to be getting rid of it.It hasn`t worked for a while and since hubby is home him and I both do the dishes so we really don`t need it anyway:)I`m so excited to be able to share these blessings with all of you!!!I have some pictures of how everything is coming along.I found the nicest store on Ebay and I got some valances super cheap and brand new. Just under $12 a piece which was such a blessing and then I also got the wall border for $14.95 and it is a huge roll.She only charged about $6 s/h which is also an excellent price I think.I`ll have to post the link to her store maybe tomorrow.
Today was our annual Halloween parade here in town.Although I dislike this time of year me and the kids march in the parade every year.I have a picture of them posted as well.My son Anthony was Batman,Emily was a Fairy,and Joey was The Joker which is his all time favorite character.
I am still planning to have my giveaway I mentioned,but I`m still trying to gather things for it.It will be soon though!
Also,please continue to pray for the health issues I have had.The bleeding returned again. I see the doctor on Friday for an ultrasound.
I better go now.It`s getting late and we have another busy day ahead of us tomorrow!!Take care and hope you all had a blessed Lords day!

Note:For some reaso I`m having difficulty uploading pictures tonight.Stay tuned though! I definatly will be posting Them!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Apple and pumpkin picking fun!


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Here are some pictures of our fall outing on Saturday. Above are all the kids standing in front of the fall decorations they had set up by the pumpkins. Next is my 8 year old son in front of the apple trees,then my daughter holding a big pile of apples.Next is one of our whole family right in the middle of the orchard. We all had so much fun together! This was something I`ve wanted to do for a long time and I`m so thankful that we were able to go!!
Then after we loaded the car with just about 50 pounds of apples and lots of pumpkins we went out shopping and then out to dinner at Old Country Buffet.Have any of you ever been to an Old Country Buffet? I definatly recommend it. The kids absolutly love it there and it`s also inexpensive as well. I took pictures there as well.The first one s of my two boys.To the left is Anthony who is 8 and then Joey who will be turning 10 on the 21st.Next is a picture of all three children.Emily who is 5, Anthony,and Joey.Joey`s making a goofy face! They are so cute and such a blessing to me!!Pictures below are some of the gorgiuos fall folliage Of North Eastern Pa. I love living up in the mountains durring Autumn. I look at the leaves changing colors and I`m reminded of what an awesome God we have!! Who could possibly believe that the earth just formed and evolved and there is no intellegent design behind it?God is all around us!!Just look at His creation and all it`s beauty!! Hope you all have a blessed day!!!

PS---I just realized that the order of the pictures is totally backwards from the way it`s supposed to be.Also mid way through there is an html tag that I have no idea how to get rid of without deleting the entire post.Oh well no ones perfect!! Just wanted to appogize if this is kind of hard to follow.