Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Meet Midnight:)

Hey everyone!!I hope you all are having a blessed day today!! On Thursday night we got a three month old kitten! Her name is midnight.The kids just love her! Isn`t she adorable?We`ve been thinking about getting a cat for a long time because we have a little problem with mice:( Since we just redid our kitchen and have all new cabinets now my husband thought now would be a good time to get the cat.He was looking on Freecycle and noticed someone had a kitten that lived in a nearby town.So,we made contact with the women and picked her up Thursday afternoon. I never though I would like a cat as I have never been fond of cats.This cat has really stolen my heart though.She is so play full and loves to be around us.She sleeps on a pillow in our room at night. She always goes in her litter box which is a HUGE blessing!!AND...the mice have been staying away!!!! I`m thrilled about that! Having an animal to care for is also teaching the kids some responsibility as well.They need to be careful not to leave things on the floor she can choke on and also clean crumbs of food up right away and stuff like that.So,it has been a blessing to have this new addition to our family and I hope we will have her for many years to come!!
AS far as other things are going,the kitchen is almost complete.We hung the new curtains,rods and blinds on Friday.They look so beautiful!! We still have wall boarder to hang and then the kitchen will be finished for now. Until we redo the floor,but we probably won`t get to that until after the holidays.
Theses past few weeks have been so crazy though!! Seriously,we have been going non stop it feels like! Doctors appointments,birthday parties,you name it.Friday,we had the Halloween parade at the school at 12:45,then we came home,left with the kids at 3:30 to go trick or treating and have pizza with my husbands brother and their family,finally got home at around 9:30pm.Then Saturday morning we were out by 8am because I had to have some tests done,then we came home at around 11:30 and I started cooking because we had a dinner party for my oldest son`s birthday.It turned out so well!! I didn`t get any photos of the food,but I should of.We had a honey glazed ham,mashed potatoes,carrots and roasted asparagus! Then for dessert I made a slime cake for my son per his request! I do have some pictures which I`ll post at the end.We also bought a small carrot cake for my husbands sister because her b`day is to days after my sons.So,I guess after everyone left it was around 9.Then Sunday was hectic as well.My husband promised my son he could go to his friends house,so he ended up missing church:(My other son,daughter and I went though.Then hubby picked us up and we were off to a bowling party that my daughter was invited to.After that,we picked my oldest up from his friends and came home.We had leftovers for dinner that night.Then,yesterday I was out the door by 8:30am for my bi-weekly bible study that my pastors wife hosts at the church.It`s always such a blessed time of fellowship and studying Gods Word.Then we each take turns at the end to pray for one another which is just wonderful!! So,after that I got to spend the afternoon with a dear friend.Then got home at around 4:30 and my friend and her children stayed and had dinner with us.It was a wonderful day!!Exhausting,but very blessed.We actually had a wonderful opportunity to share some of God`s Word with my husband!!That was a huge blessing!Today,I went no where.Stayed home all day and did laundry.Still behind,but I hope I can catch up within the next day or two.
So,did all of you Americans get out there and cast your vote today? Our car went into the shop so we missed out on voting.I was really bummed.I was really looking forward to voting this year.God knows though,and He is in control weather I voted or not:)
Anyway,I better get going now!I hope I haven`t bored you all to tears with my ramblings!!Have a blessed evening!!


Kolfinnas Korner said...

She is SO CUTE! Wish I could scoop her up and cuddle with her. We love cats, black ones in paticular. I have a black cat (in the house) and then we have 2 more outside. We also have a black & white one and 3 yellow ones. Some are "neighborhood cats" but we claim them too.

KKJD1 said...

Midnight is precious! Which I love any animal. Yes I did vote, although it didnt go my way I know God is in control and I am trusting in him! Hope you have a great week! Blessings, Karen

Sarah said...

Hi Toni! I am back to blogging! I have been really busy and I have had no time too.. but I am back now. So how are you? I can't wait till the kids are old enough to get their first pet. Well, I guess I will talk to you later.


Anonymous said...

Hi Toni - you are one of the winners on my Pay It Forward giveaway. See my blog for details.
Susan. :o)