Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I got an award!!

Thank you so much Katy!!You are so sweet and thoughtful!!I love the way you are always so concerned for others!!Okay,so now here are the rules for accepting this award.You have to pass it on to at least 10 people!Gosh that is so hard because I too do not like to leave anyone out.I am going to award everyone who`s blog I visit.
If you see your blog name under blogs I visit then you deserve this award!!I love all of you.You all have blessed me in so many different ways!! I need to run now!!Mount Laundress is calling my name!!Lol! I hope you all have a blessed day!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

We Found A House!!!!

So,we`ve been house hunting over the past few days.We found our new home today!!It was a single at one time,but is now a double.It will be super easy to convert it back though.It has four bedrooms,plus the attic is finished with four more rooms up there.The downstairs is HUGE!! It does have two kitchens,but should be easy to convert.The kids will each have their own room.One of the bedrooms that my 7 year old son has already claimed is ready to move into.It is decorated with a Spongebob theme,complete with wallpaper and everything!!The room that will be our daughters is very big,which is great!Let me tell you why.We have a bedroom set for her that was mine when I was a little girl.It has alot of pieces including a desk with an attached bookshelf.Everything will probably fit very well in there.It`s like this house was made for us! The ceilings our high as well,so we can have a big Christmas tree this year!One of the things I strongly dislike about the home we live in now is the fact that the ceilings are low.There also isn`t alot of wall space to decorate.Now there will be:)I am so glad I can share this story with all of you!I want to thank all of you for your prayers for us.I feel like we are living in a dream and at any moment were going to wake up!I am so thankful to God for the amazing things He is doing in our lives!!! It is so true that God blesses those that are faithful to Him!
On top of all the excitement I have a case of the sickies.Just a really bad cold,with a cough.I feel some discomfort in my chest as well.I hope it`s not bronchitis:/ That will not be fun.But it looks like that will be my only chance to rest for a while!Lol!!I am so excited!!!As soon as I get pictures I will post them!!!Have a blessed evening everyone!!!!!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A Rollercoaster of emotions and blessings

Hey everyone!!I hope you all are having a blessed Lord`s day!!Today I gave my testimony of salvation.I think alot of people were encouraged by it!I think that is sooo awesome!!To know that I,little old me am a part of God`s plan is absolutely amazing to me!It`s also pretty neat because it was my old neighbor who I first heard the gospel from.So,she was really encouraged by my testimony as well.It`s just really amazing to me how everything in life is ordained by God and every situation that we are in has been planned out by God.
Now,speaking of how all of our situations and lives are ordained by God,remember how I was saying a few weeks ago that our financial situation is very bad right now?Well,my sister in in charge of a trust that my mother had left for the kids college education.She had agreed to buy us a house with the money.It would only be a loan of coarse, because the money has to be replaced for the kids.We will have to make payments,but will be 1/2 the amount we are paying now.It will all go directly into the kids college fund.The house we live in now will be sold and we will have a paid in full for our mortgage that will go onto our credit!!We actually figured approximately what the kids will make in inrest and the monthly payments that we will be making will actually benefit the children more in the long run.This is such a blessing!!!Who gets a chance to live in a house that they own outright,and save for their kids college??Plus,there is more to the story.I also have a trust that will be mine in about 10 years(when my oldest goes to college)And if by that time the college account is not built up I can just use that.Everything happens for a reason!!If my husband ws never injured none of these things would be possible.This reminds me so much of the story of Job!I can`t even begin to tell you how difficult this situation has been.We are getting our first check since Joe has been home on Monday.We have gone 6 weeks without a paycheck.I knew God would provide for us and he is now blessing us because of my faith and trust in Him!!So,I hope this all is an encouragement to all of you that when we put our faith and trust in Him we will be blessed for that!!!!
My sister is flying in from North Carolina in two weeks.She would like us to have found a house by then.We are going to be very busy!We don`t have alot of time.My sister thinks this way is easier than trying to fix this one though.Plus hubby`s surgery is May 22nd!!I don`t know how in the world all of this is going to get done.God will intervene and we will find a way!The people in our church will help.They have hearts that want to serve!Plus there is family as well.
Satin is trying his best to knock me down though!!He knew I`d be giving my testimony today and yesterday I felt a sore throat coming on.Well,I though it was because I was getting a migraine,but I feel it progressivly getting worse.
Oh,and yesterday we went to a party at Chuckee cheeses with the kids!!It was the first time they had ever been there!They had soo much fun.
Well anyway,I need to go now and try to get some rest.I have a very buisy week ahead of me!!!Have a blessed night everyone!!!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Spring cleaning and other ramblings

Hey everyone!I hope you all have been having a great week!!!I have been so buisy this week!I have been cleaning my house from top to bottom!Plus the normal every day dishes,laundry,and cooking.I am pooped to say the least!
I hope to learn how to post a video soon.It is about the new earth thing oprah`s doing.I urge all of you to watch it and warn as many people as you can about this false teaching.She conducts lessons that can be viewed worldwide through live webcasts she does every monday night.She also has oppertunity for people to comment and it will be heard live worldwide.I thing some born again believers need to call in and start preaching the gospel.We have a responsibility as christians to stand up for Gods word and we need to defend the gospel!!Monday night at 8pm the lesson airs on
I do need to go soon.I volunteered to make some food for a wedding at church on Saturday.It needs to be dropped off at the church tomorrow.I need to make supper and clean out the fridge tonight.
Have a blessed evening everyone!!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Is the End Near?What Do You Think?

Hey everyone!I hope you all had a blessed Lords Day!
I want to ask all of you who read this to please give their honest opinion about this.I know that Gods word says that only He knows the day or hour when Jesus will return.Have any of you had a strong feeling lately that the hour is coming soon?I`m not saying that I know the exact hour,because only God knows that.I just have had this feeling for a few months now and lately it`s gotten stronger and stronger.So strong that I felt lead to post about it.I don`t know,I mean maybe I just feel this way because as I`m growing in my faith my eyes are becoming more opened to things that were always there.I mean there are just so many things pointing to the end like gas prices on the rise,cost of food going up,the war in Iraq,politics,and this thing with Oprah.Do you guys think I`m crazy,or have any of you had the same feelings.If you have,please share them with me.I mean it is so amazing to think about what it will be like when we meet our maker face to face!!At the same time it is so scary to think of some of the suffering and pain we will be undergoing if the end is near.Yet at the same time I feel so safe because I know that God loves us so much and He is so righteous that He will destroy all of the ones that are wicked.Then I feel so sorry for the ones that deny His existence and refuse to accept His free gift of salvation.Some of those people are very close to my heart and I would hate to see the wrath of God poured out on them!
So I just felt a need to post about this.I also will try to figure out how to get a video onto my blog.Everyone should see what Oprah is teaching.We as Christians are called to expose the false teachings and things that are being taught that go against the word of God.Satin is using this woman to lure people away from God.We need to stand firm in these times!
I hope you all have a blessed night!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

A Turkey dinner and a yummy apple crisp for dessert!

Good morning everyone!!I hope you all are having a great day!!I just wanted to tell everyone what a great dinner we had last night!I made a turkey dinner with all the trimmings(not stuffing though)We have one of thoes Showtime rotisseries.I got it for Christmas several years ago.It is worth every penney!!I highly recommend everyone buying one!!Anyway,I brushed the turkey with olive oil,sage,and sea salt.I cooked it in the rotissary.It took only 2 hours for a 9 pound turkey to roast to perfection!We also had mashed potatoes,oven roasted asparagus,buttered carrots,homemade biscuits,and for dessert apple crisp.It only took about 2 hours from start to finish which wasn`t long at all for all that food!It was so nice to eat a meal with my family and not have anyone complainin that they don`t like this or that:)Ihave included recipes below.
The turkey,mashed potatoes,and carrots were just basic recipes,but I never roasted asparagus in the oven before.It was so good this way!All you do is preheat your oven to 350 then lay the asparagus flat on a cookie sheet.Coat them with salt and olive oil.Roast them for about 30 minutes or until they are tender enough to suit your taste.That`s it.they taste so much sweeter in the oven!
Now for the Apple crisp:
Keep the oven at 350 after you take the asparagus out.yOU WILL NEED A 9x13 inch casserole dish.Take about 6 regular firm and crisp apples like red delicious or granny smith.Peel and slice them.Place in baking dish.Sprinkle with cinnamon and about 1/2 cup o brown sugar.Cube about two Tablespoons of butter up and dot the apple mixture with it.Bake for about 15 minutes.While it`s baking make your crumb topping.You will need:!/2 cup brown sugar,1/2 cup flour,1/4 cup cold butter.In a small bowl,blend all ingredients with a fork or your fingers until it becomes crumb like.When the 15 minutes are up top apples with the crumbs and bake another 30 minutes.Remove from oven and let cool a while.It will be very hot!!

The biscuits were good,but I need to perfect the recipe a bit more before I post it:)
I hope you enjoyed these recipes and I hope they will be a blessing to you and your families!!Have a wonderful day!!!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

A Great Giveaway

Hey everyone!!Head on over to The Simple woman for a chance to enter her "Simple Womans Pampering Gift away"Hurry up because tomorrow is the last day you can enter.Sorry for the short notice,but I just found out today!There is a ton of Bath and Bodyworks lotions and other great things to pamper yourselves a little:)Good luck everyone!!!

Daily Ramblings

Good morning everyone!!I hope you all are having a fantastic Thursday!!Yesterday was a very nice day.I went to our local farmers market yesterday with a friend.We got to walk around a bit and we also went on a nice drive through the countryside!We browsed alot.I now know exactly where I will be shopping when we have extra cash!!I found 2 cute little places that have adorable prim country decor!!I have a mantel in the dining room with a faux fire place underneath.It is going to look so nice when I can put pip berries up,and little signs,candles...ect.There is a big place on the wall above it where a friend volunteered to paint a family tree for us!I have so many ideas to make our home feel warm and inviting!!I know I will be able to do it one His timing not ours!!
So anyway,I just wanted to share some of my ideas with you:)
I need to get started on my very busy day now.Tonight's supper will be a homemade turkey dinner!I know you all are probably thinking that I`ve lost my mind!Lol!I have been craving turkey for months though!Plus we will have lunches for a few days too:)Wish i could take pics to show you all:( Well,gotta run!!Have a blessed day!!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Daily ramblings

Guess what everyone?Remember that post from a few days ago about how to get $25?Well,for those of you who are still skeptical,I got my check in todays mail:)Just wanted to pass the word along so everyone can benefite from this!!
Also,I know many of you have been praying for us and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart!The kind words you all have left on my blog have been a blessing to me and a real encouragement!My husband went to have a nerve test done on saturday and they said there is 98% nerve loss in his foot.Today he went to see the doctor and surgery is schedualed for May 22nd.Just wanted to let everyone know.
Yesterday was soo wonderful!We had The Lords Supper last night and the kids and I stayed at church all day.Our church is about 20 minutes away,so we did this to save on gas.What a blessed day it was!!I had a chance to fellowship with some of the other people at the church.Share with everyone about how God has been working in our lives!Plus I heard someones testamony yesterday that was absolutly amazing!!He spoke with such passion in his voice and you could tell he was so full of the Holy Spirit as he spoke!!It was so awesome!!!!
Anyway,I just wanted to share with all of you:)Have a blessed day!!!!

Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Home

Here is our house.It is a work in progress!
Another view of the yard
This is a view of the yard from the second floor
This is the kids room.It is alot bigger than it looks in the picture.We replaced the yucky curtains with blue ones:)
See where the linoleum part ends?That is where the wall will be put up and then we will move the tub to the other side of the sink.Too bad you can`t see the widow.It`s a big shutter window!I can`t wait to repaint it.I also may put stained glass inside.My MIL has a stained glass kit,but I love prim country themed decor.Not too sure how it would look?
This is our huge bathroom.Nothing special.We plan on making this into a bedroom for us,with the bathroom attached.The kids all share a room for now.Our daughter Lord willing will have our room,then we will move into the new one.Don`t you love the pink shower curtains?Lol!They were one of the first things to say good bye when we moved in!
These are the steps off of the kitchen.They are so ugly,I know!We did take that carpeting off,but we plan on putting white bead board along that whole wall.That is my handsome hubby over there by the sink;)He was going on no sleep that day:(Poor guy.
Here is another pic of the second half of the kitchen.Excuse the mess.No one was living here at the time!
Here is the other half of the kitchen.It`s not a very good picture.I love having a washer and dryer right off of the kitchen!
Here is half of the kitchen
This is an outside view of the garage
This is the garage again
This is the heated garage with a loft upstairs.Hubby`s in this one too,but his back is turned:)
Hey everyone.Here it is.Pictures of our home.They were taken September of `06.It still belonged to the previous owner at the time.It had belonged to a couple who had been devorced.The father passed away ,so he willed the house to his son.The son already owned a home,so he put this one up for sale.We totally changed it around on the inside.We only had the house 6 months when my husbands injury occured.In that time we painted the living room,painted the boys room.Totally ripped up the floor in their room and reinforced it because it`s over our dining room and you could see the ceiling fan shake before when they were upstairs.It still does that now,but not as bad as it was before.We also started painting the kitchen and upstairs,but never finished.We have plans to paint over the indian painted on the front of the house.We would also like to put faux brick on the bottom as well.For some reason I couldn`t find a picture of our bedroom.It`s nothing special.One day it will be our daughters room.As soon as hubby goes back to work.There is also a walk in closet that is behind the bathroom.
I just realized that there were no pictures of the living room and dineing room!Lol!I have a bunch of pictures that aren`t labled.I`ll have to go through them and see if I can find them!See you all later:)

A sermon that braught me to tears

Hey everyone!I have to post about a sermon I just listened to.Click HEREto listen to it.Paul Tripp used the book of Jonah as an illustration.First he described the city of Nineva and how huge it was.Then he went on to describe how week and powerless Jonah must of felt when he first entered the city.He began preaching Johnah 3:4...then in verse 5 the people of Nineva believed God!You see the point here is that Jonah was looking at this big city with wealthy and powerful people in it and thinking to himself "how will they ever hear little old me?" All he needed to do was do what God called him to do.It wasn`t up to him to try and change them,that is the work of God!How often are we like Jonah.Sitting down and saying the task that God has given us to do is too much for us!Shame on us!Go forth and do what God has called you to do!Leave the big stuff up to Him!
This really hit home for me because I often sit back and say that my children are more than I can handle,my housework is more than I can handle,driving is more than I can handle.Often times it feels like my fears of never being able to reach a goal of making my home a haven,or my children being obedient and living for the Lord,they hinder me from going forth and doing what God has called me to do!What a hard thing to come to realize!The bottom line is that no matter what God has brought before you don`t just sit back and say I can`t.Go,and leave the rest up to God!Jonah was going to preach the Word to a powerful,wealthy,rebellious city!He went,he preached and God did the rest!
It`s funny because there has been a lady in church that has been sitting with me and the kids for several weeks now.They are very disobedient in church.I think this is what she was trying to tell me though!Accept Gods call,don`t carry the weight of the task.Leave that up to your redeemer!
So,God has called me to be:
#1.Obedient to Him
#2.Be a loving,supportive,caring wife
#3.Instruct my children in the way of the Lord.Discipline them with mercy and love
#4.keep the home clean,organized,peaceful for my family,and provide nourishing meals.

Sound like a pretty large task,but we need to go forth praying and leaning on Him every step of the way!!all things are possible with God!!He is our strength!!

Also,I read a great post over at The country blossom that kind of goes along the same things.Also though she recommends a great devotional that she does along with her husband every morning.I think it would be such a blessing for those of you who have believing husbands!So,go check out her post when you get the chance!Now,I do need to go:)
Later on,I plan on doing a post with pictures of my home!!They are old ones from before we moved in.I plan on taking more pictures soon and posting them so you can see the changes we have made!Gotta run now!!Have a blessed day!!!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Belated Tribute To Our Tenth Anniversary

Our wedding waslike the ones you hear about in fairytails!It was absolutly amazing.We had the reception at a country Inn and golf coarse.The reception hall was on top of a mountain.Even though it was a rainy day the sky looked so awesome!So dark and mysterious!(kinda like my husband!Lol!)I do have more pictures,but I didn`t scan them all onto my computer yet.There is one more that I really wanted to include on this post,but I had a problem editing it.I am very didapointed,because my mom was in the picture.Well,if I can get edited properly,maybe I`ll post it another time!
Anyway,I hope you enjoy the pics!Have a great night!!

Hey,guys I finally did it!

This is a picture of me.It was taken last Christmas(`07)in our home.I don`t like to post pictures of myself,but I thought it would be nice to have a face to go with the name!See you all later.Maybe I`ll post some pics of our wedding as a belated tribute to our anniversary:)

Lemon chicken

Here is my recipe for lemon chicken.I don`t really measure things but it`s pretty easy to follow:

You will need:
about 2 pounds of boneless,skinless chicken breasts,either pounded out thin or sliced thin
about a stick of butter(sorry,this is not a low fat meal!)
one or two lemons depending on your personal taste
oil for sauteing(I use coconut oil because it is healthier for you)

First you preheat a 10 inch skillet on medium heat.Next you scramble 2 eggs in a bowl.Then you put some flour into another bowl.Add a pinch of salt and pepper to the flour and eggs.Now you bread the chicken pieces.When the pan is hot add about two Tablespoons of butter and some oil,just to coat the bottom of the pan.Add your breaded chicken pieces and saute until browned.When both sides are browned transfer them to a serving plate.Add the lemon juice and more butter to the pan and scrape up all the brown bits.Pour the mixture over the chicken.There you have it!We like this dish with rice or egg noodles.What we usually do is serve the chicken over top so that the sauce seeps down into the rice or noodles.It`s very good that way.Then my favorite veggie with this is asparagus,because I think it is very good with the lemon butter sauce.We had broccoli the other night though because we didn`t have asparagus.

I hope this recipe will be a blessing to everyone that tries it!If any of you have any questions or if the directions are not clear,please either e-mail me or leave a comment here and I will do my best to help!

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Read this and get $25:)

Hey guys!No time to blog now.Just wanted to tell you all that if you go to you get $25 for signing up with them!It`s just like a paypal account.This seriously works!I am getting a check in the mail for 22.50.There is a fee to have the check mailed to you.If you refer people and they sign up you get $10.Up to $500,so go check it out.If you want to read some comments from people who did this go here and then from there go to crystals.Sorry,i don`t have a link for her blog!Let me know how you all make out with this!!

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Daily Ramblings

Hey Guys!!I hope you all had a blessed day!We went food shopping today.It always feels good to have the house stocked:)I was pritty exhausted today.I was falling asleep in the car on the way home.Then I came home,put the groceries away,and made lunch.Then took a two hour nap on the couch.I`ve been feeling this way for a good two weeks now.I am still a bit anemic fromm all of that blood loss last year,but I was finally getting my energy up.I hope I`m not getting sick.Oh well.
My husband woke up this morning and was walking pritty good on his feet!Without crutches or a cane:)I was really praising God for that!!He still has another week before the doctor sees him.Isn`t that crazy the way dictors make you waite forever?One more praise.Hubby slept for the first night in a long time last night!The paine and stress has been keeping him up most of the night,but he finally slept!I`m so happy.I really pray that we will see this trial come to an end soon.We are missing so much of our lives because of this.It`s like I said before,I know God is using this.The good that will come from this will far outway all of the bad!
So,anway I was out there in blog land and came across a few interesting things I want to share with all of you.The first thing is a post from Christian Homekeeper about that"New world thing"that Oprah is promoting.It is some really dangerous stuff that she is teaching!So I just want to warn everyone about the lies she is spreading!She is conducting an online class as well.If your interested in finding out more about this click HERE Also,keeping the home posted something a few days ago about The Whore of Babylon that was very interesting.So when you get a chance,check it out:)
Well,I guess I better go to bed now.have a wonderful night everyone:)

Monday, April 7, 2008

Daily ramblings

Hey guys!I hope everyone is having a blessed day today!!I`ve been busy,so I havn`t had time to post for a few days!Saturday we went to a birthday party for my niece and nephew.We witnessed a horrible accident while we were there.My nephew and his friends were playing football outside.One of the kids got tackled and was thrown into a tree.He was having convulsions and everything.It was horrible.He had to be medi-vaced to another hospital.He is okay now though.He`s home.He had a concussion.He was 15,I think.My three witnessed the whole thing.They were really scared.God uses these things though.My kids are always playing rough and climbing on things.They now got to witness what could happen.I hope they learned from having seen that.It was horrible,but thank God he is alright.
Yesterday,we stayed at church for lunch.My 7 year old was in alot of pain because of his ear,so we ended up taking him to the E.R.I knew it was just an ear infection,but I knew he needed an antibiotic right away.So we had to run to Walmart and pray the pharmacy would fill the prescription at 10 minutes to 6 on a Sunday.They did.He is feeling so much better today!Praise God!
I finally figured out how to get images on my blog!!Woo hoo!!maybe later I will post some pics of us:)
How do I change my background?I found some that I love,but those html codes really confuse me!
I need to get going now.Tonight's supper is going to be lemon chicken by by husbands request.Maybe later I`ll post the recipe:)I will probably make some pasta tossed with lemon butter sauce and some broccoli for sides.I usually make white rice with it,but we are all out.Hubby will not eat the brown rice.
I also forgot to mention that Friday was our 10th anniversary:)We didn`t do anything special though because money is very tight now.I made chicken parm over ziti.We also had homemade Boston Cream pie for dessert:)Everything was very good!
Maybe I`ll be back later:)

Friday, April 4, 2008

Eating healthy on a budget

Well everyone,I have learned alot about nutrition over the past few months!First off I have learned not only that white flour is bad for you,but it actually strips your body of nutrients!If you must use white flour it should definatly be unbleached.Organic if possible,but definatly the unbleached kind.Another thing,no white sugar.Instead use honey(preferably raw)raw sugar,pure maple syrup,rapadora(which I have not tried yet)and stevia.The milk from the store is horrible for us.The best you can drink is raw unpasteurized whole milk.Low fat dairy products are also bad for us.Avoid all margarine and vegetable oil spreads.This all may seem very overwhelming to you guys,but I encourage you to buy the book Nourishing Traditions.After reading this book and finding out how all of these oils are processed,you will literally be sick to your stomach!Never mind about store bought milk!Moms,you can`t give your kids this garbage!!Go to to read about all of the health benefits of raw milk.Real butter is a must as well.Raw honey,you have to try!!It is the best thing!Raw honey and raw milk have natural antibodies that actually build up your immune system and help your kids fight illness!Go here to read about all of the great things raw honey can do for your body.Another very important thing to do is any time you are working with whole wheat flour it needs to be soaked overnight in some kind of acidic liquid like a few tbs.of apple cider vinegar or homemade whey(which I will talk more about at another time).The reason for the presoaking is that there is something in whole grain flours and grains that is called phylate acid.What this acid does is it prevents your body from absorbing the nutrients in the foods.In order to neutralize this acid you must soak for 12-24 hours.You can look up this info online.Just do a search for presoaking grains.You can buy Nourishing Traditions at your local bookstore for about $25. I found it on ebay with s/h for $17.
So,now that I`ve probably complete overwhelmed most of you,if you are still reading this post,I`m sure your wondering how in the world anyone can afford to eat healthfully on a budget.Well,first I suggest praying about it and asking for God to show you.One of the things I realized through this study is the effects of living in a fallen world have had on our nutrition!Having said that,we do have to keep in mind that we can`t change everything!Ultimately God is in control!He will make up for what our food is lacking!some of the changes I have made is only using extra virgin olive oil,and regular olive oil,coconut oil,and real butter.I also make my own whole wheat sour dough bread.I try to presoak the grains when I can and we also buy raw milk and raw honey.Most of the items you can buy cheaply at Walmart.The honey you can get cheap on ebay.Raw milk is very expensive.You`re best bet would be to call around and see if some local farms might sell some to you.I found an Amish woman that owns a dairy farm.She has a stand at a local farmers market and will sell it for $2 a gallon!Hubby won`t drink it,but the kids and I do.So,I hope this post helps some of you!Please e-mail me if you have any questions,or leave a comment and I will try to answer them or direct you someplace that can!!Sorry this is so long:)

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Daily Ramblings

Hey everyone!I hope all of you are having a great Wednesday:)For several weeks now,I`ve been getting raw milk from a local farmers market.My friend dropped off mine today.It`s only $2 a gallon!I don`t know if any of you know this,but raw milk is so healthy for you!It tastes just like regular milk,but there are tons of health benefits.Go to for more info.That`s about the only exciting thing that has happened today.Lol!My 7 year old was home today with a sore throat,but by noon him and my 4 year old were fighting:(At least he`s getting better!Lol.
I plan on doing a post soon about all of the things I have learned about heath and nutrition over the past few months.I hope it will help all of you out there who are trying to eat healthier.i also plan on including info on how I save money on some of the special foods we buy now.I hope I can be a testimony to those of you that think you can`t eat healthy on a budget:)You can,and we do!Well I have to go for now!Take care and have a blessed day:)

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Fun Thing For April Fools Day

Hey,everyone!Katy,over at The Country Blossom posted today about this,so I though I would join in the fun too!
Here are 5 unusual facts about me:
1.I was in a terrible car accident when I was 17.I lost 4 front teeth.I had to have braces after that to re-align my jaw pls several surgerys before I got permanent implants.I got my senior class pictures taken 2 weeks after the accident and you couldn`t even tell there was anything wrong.I`ll have to post the pics sometime!
2.I can touch my tongue to my nose.
3.I am 32 years old and I do not drive.
4.My husband and I met at a hotel/resteraunt.I was a waitress there and he was a manager.So he was actually my boss!Lol.
5.We were engaged to be married after only dating two months!
So there you have it.Five unusual facts about myself.I don`t know how unusual some of them are,but never the less they are still facts!Lol!If anyone is interested,you can join in on the fun also!Just let me know,so I can go to your blog and read what you wrote about!!
For any of you who remembered my doctors appointment was supposed to be for today.Hubby asked me to reschedual though because he got no sleep last night.I was very upset,because this appointment was very important,but it`s not his fault.It`s so hard having to depend on other people for everything:/ So,now I have to waite until April 23rd.God knows,and I know he`s going to make sure everything is okay!
You guys,while I`m on the subject I had an amazing thing happen to me this week.It wasn`t only an answer to prayer,but a true miracle!!!Because of the nature of the subject I couldn`t share it in mixed company,like standing up in church or anything,but I wanted to.Some of you may know that the condition I have causes my cycles to last sometimes for weeks at a time.That was the reason for the transfusions in August.If you have been reading my blog,you all know that the doctor put me on birth control pills to regulate my cycles.There was some confusion and I had to go off of the pills.I thought for sure I would end up having more problems.Well,for the first time in years my cycles were completely normal!!I have been leaning on the Lord throughout all of this and I can`t help but think of that story somewhere in the Gospels about the woman who bled for 7 years and touched the coat of Jesus hoping for a healing and He turned to her and said,because of your faith you are healed:)This experience has been truly amazing!!If anybody is reading this that doesn`t believe in miracles,they do happen!So anyway,I just wanted to share that with all of you!
I hope all of you have a super day!!!!