Friday, April 11, 2008

Our Home

Here is our house.It is a work in progress!
Another view of the yard
This is a view of the yard from the second floor
This is the kids room.It is alot bigger than it looks in the picture.We replaced the yucky curtains with blue ones:)
See where the linoleum part ends?That is where the wall will be put up and then we will move the tub to the other side of the sink.Too bad you can`t see the widow.It`s a big shutter window!I can`t wait to repaint it.I also may put stained glass inside.My MIL has a stained glass kit,but I love prim country themed decor.Not too sure how it would look?
This is our huge bathroom.Nothing special.We plan on making this into a bedroom for us,with the bathroom attached.The kids all share a room for now.Our daughter Lord willing will have our room,then we will move into the new one.Don`t you love the pink shower curtains?Lol!They were one of the first things to say good bye when we moved in!
These are the steps off of the kitchen.They are so ugly,I know!We did take that carpeting off,but we plan on putting white bead board along that whole wall.That is my handsome hubby over there by the sink;)He was going on no sleep that day:(Poor guy.
Here is another pic of the second half of the kitchen.Excuse the mess.No one was living here at the time!
Here is the other half of the kitchen.It`s not a very good picture.I love having a washer and dryer right off of the kitchen!
Here is half of the kitchen
This is an outside view of the garage
This is the garage again
This is the heated garage with a loft upstairs.Hubby`s in this one too,but his back is turned:)
Hey everyone.Here it is.Pictures of our home.They were taken September of `06.It still belonged to the previous owner at the time.It had belonged to a couple who had been devorced.The father passed away ,so he willed the house to his son.The son already owned a home,so he put this one up for sale.We totally changed it around on the inside.We only had the house 6 months when my husbands injury occured.In that time we painted the living room,painted the boys room.Totally ripped up the floor in their room and reinforced it because it`s over our dining room and you could see the ceiling fan shake before when they were upstairs.It still does that now,but not as bad as it was before.We also started painting the kitchen and upstairs,but never finished.We have plans to paint over the indian painted on the front of the house.We would also like to put faux brick on the bottom as well.For some reason I couldn`t find a picture of our bedroom.It`s nothing special.One day it will be our daughters room.As soon as hubby goes back to work.There is also a walk in closet that is behind the bathroom.
I just realized that there were no pictures of the living room and dineing room!Lol!I have a bunch of pictures that aren`t labled.I`ll have to go through them and see if I can find them!See you all later:)


Katy said...

That's great Toni!!! Your house is soo big!!! :) I bet you will do amazing things with it!!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Just wonderful, Toni! Always great to see a work in progress! Be sure to post pictures as you do more! What a nice big house to work with!!!!! Cora

Toni said...

Thanks Katy and Cora!I`m so glad I could share these pictures with you!!Hope your having a great weekend!!

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Wow Toni ~ what a great house! You've got sooo much room. I think I would get lost in it. I love the idea of using the bead board. I hope to add texture to some of our walls by using bead board as well. Have a wonderful time making it a special haven for you and your family!


Toni said...

Thanks for stopping by Lea!I think Our house is giong to be so nice when it`s finished!I`m so glad I got to share theses pictures with all my new friends!!Hope your having a great weekend!!Blessings!

Wendy said...

It is alot of work buying a fixer upper but its so worth it in the end!!! And your house is so big!! We have a very small home but its perfect for jus the 2 of us and our animals!!haha...Thanks for coming by!!!Have a Blessed night!~Wendy

Valerie said...

I am so happy for you and your house. I know this is an exciting time for you. Good luck and thank you for sharing.

Christian Homekeeper said...

I can now put a face with the name! I saw your photo on the sidebar. Thanks for sharing the photos.


Anonymous said...

I'm not a great fan of pink either.

I found this website which lists people who will send out scobys for the cost of postage and packaging or give you them free if you can collect:

Toni said...

Bev,thannks for your comment and thanks for stopping by!!Have a blessed day!!Saved Sinner,thanks for stopping by!Thanks so much for the link!!I wil definatly check it out!!Have a bledded day!!!