Thursday, September 17, 2009

An awesome after school snack!!!

Hey all!!!! Several months ago I got this cookbook called Deceptively Delicious.I don`t know if you all are familiar with the book,but it has alot of yummy recipes with hidden veggies in them!! You get to add some extra nutrients to your meals AND DESSERTS and no one will be grumbling at the table because no one will know they`re in there!! I promise you!!! Anyway,this afternoon I made this dip for the kids to have when they get home from school with some fruit.I had a very hard time practicing self control and not taking out a big spoon and eating the entire bowl myself!! It tastes exactly like a chocolate peanut butter cheesecake:) Yum-o!!! Okay,now here`s the recipe:
Chocolate Peanut butter Dip

1/2 cup creamy peanut butter
1/2 cup cream cheese
1/4 cup carrot puree(I`ll explain how to make this following the recipe!) 1/2 tsp. salt
6 tbs.chocolate syrup
fruit for dipping

Blend all ingredients together except the fruit of coarse and serve with fruit slices!

Please let me know if you guys try this!
Now onto the veggie puree.All you do is steam or boil the carrots until they are tender and then put them in a blender or food processor with a few Tbs.of water and puree them.You can put the rest of the puree into zipper bags and freeze it so you have it on hand for other recipes.This is also good idea to do if you either have a young baby or frequently babysit for a child that eats baby food. Just cook up a bunch of different veggies and puree and freeze them and you have baby food on hand!

In other news,things in general have been going great in our lives lately!! I`ve had alot of time at home getting caught up on housework.Joe is still home and he is helping out soooo much!! The house is getting really organized.It`s such a blessing to have my hubby working along side of me!! I am truly thankful for that!!
I`ve been reading some wonderful books as well.One is called Amish Grace.It`s about how the Amish forgave the man who was responsible for shooting the ten girls in 2006 at Nickle Mines.What an awesome story it is.It has really been helping me examine my own heart.Also I`m reading another book called Secret Believers by Brother Andrews. It`s about christians in the Muslum community and how God is using them to spread the Gospel of Christ. I highly recommend this book.

I plan on posting alot more often.I really miss the blog world!! I have so many ideas for future posts!! I want to do an article on bread baking. I also have alot of ideas about saving money on groceries and also frugal home decorating.I`ve been looking through this one magazine I got in the mail.It has alot of really cute shelves and little country pictures and all sorts of stuff.I started thinking how easy it would be to make some things at home.I plan on trying a few ideas out and posting about them over the next few weeks,as time and money permit.
Now,I think I will get going!! I hope you all are having a truly wonderful day and are feeling the love of God in your life today:)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey All!!

Before I get started,I have a very serious prayer request. One of the families in our church lost their 11 month old son Monday morning. It was a tragic accident.He sufficated in his sleep.The viewing and service was on Thursday.Please pray for the family.The mom is having a very hard time.Also pray for our church family.This tragidy has shaken alot of lives.

Onto other happier things....Our lives have actally been quiet the past week or so.The kids started school on Wednesday.They attend a public school right in town.It`s a very small school,and they really are enjoying it.I ould rather them go to a private Christian school tha our Pastor and his wife own.My husband is not a believer and doesn`t really want them in a school that doesn`t have sports,so public school it is.For now anyway:) I really wish I could home school them,but circumstances in my life won`t allow that,so they are where God wants them to be at this time:)
Well,I wish I could post some more,but it`s getting close to 9 and we have to be up early for church!Good night and I love you all!!! Thank you so much for reading my blog!! Please leave a comment so I know you stopped by!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God`s plan continues to unfold and other happenings in our lives

Hello all!! I am just so thrilled at the amazing things God is doing I just have to share it with all of my dear readers!! Remember Paul and Marybeth? Well,they came to another service on Sunday!!! I really know she has a heart for the Lord,but the Lord is also working in her husband as well.The sermon was preached by one of our deacons and he never preached a sermon before.This too,was part of Gods plan because this man is so down to earth and young and I believe that was a contributing factor to grabbing Pauls attention.He payed attention to the sermon and I really believe he was moved.Is he ready to give his life to Christ.Not yet.God is working on his heart though.He talked more about the Catholic church and the difference he sees in our church and I`m just so thrilled!!!! They`re planning on coming over on Sunday morning for breakfast and then we are all going to church together.EVEN MY HUSBAND!!!!! You see,God is using this couple to draw my husband closer to Him as well. Please pray this week that my husbands heart will melt at Sunday`s service and he will humble himself before the throne of grace.
Also,more great news.My friend who left our church several months ago returned on Sunday.I was so happy to see her returning to her home!!God is so sooo good!!
Now,onto our family news.Today is Emily`s 6th birthday!! Her grandparents took her out for the day to Toys `r`Us and Friendly`s and then came back here for ice cream cake.We`re planning on having a celebration again this weekend at her other grandparents house.Anthony`s birthday is on the 19th so we`ll have a double mini b`day party for the two of them.When they go back to school we plan on having a big party for both of them at a really fun place called Clomb Alot Clubhouse.It`s going to be their first party for all their school and church friends so it should be alot of fun!
I know some of you have been reading my blog for a long time now,so I`m sure your wondering about my female heath issues that I posted about a while back.Well,I`m seeing a new doctor now.She did a biopsy last week and that was negitive thank the Lord!! What she wants to do is insert this device into the uterus that slolwly releases progesterin into my blod strem and it will help keep the uterine lining from becoming too thick.It`s good for five years.It also prevents pregnancy.I do not believe in using these devices for birth controle,but because of the medical condition I have this would really be the best option.
I do need to go now.I hope all of you have a blesssed evening111

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amazing things happen when we trust God

Hello again my friends!! I know you all must be shocked that I`m blogging for the second time this week:)I just have to tell you guys about what happened.Remember the family I told you about that we`ve become close friends with? Remember how I said they started coming to our church? Well their Names are Paul,Marybeth,and they have two children,Ryan who`s 7 and Alicia who`s 4.I try when I speaking of other people on my blog not to use they`re names,but it`s just too confusing.Lol! Anyway,onto my story.God`s really been working in her life over the past few weeks and I`ve seen the hand of God in her life.She was born and raised Catholic as well as her husband.Sunday was only the second time they came to our church.They did end up leaving early because her husband was sick.I tried calling her the next morning and she didn`t call back.I though it was odd,but figured I would see her that night because her husband has been playing softball with mine and there was a church game that night.She wasn`t there,but her husband was.He told us that they were going to go to a Catholic church down the road this coming Sunday.Let me say this before I continue on.I have been a Christian for almost four years now.I never shared the Gospel to anyone other than my children and husband.I have always felt convicted of that and I pray often that God will hep me get over my fear of man and share the truth with others.For the first time on Monday night I was confronted and had to make a stand for Christ and the Gospel.I took a huge chance that these new friends that I love so much would be offended,but I knew the Holy Spirit was with me.I said that the Catholic church does not preach the Gospel of Christ or the true way of salvation.I assured him that everything I was about to tell him comes from the Word of God.I`m not out to bash other religions or churches.The catholic church teaches that you have to earn your salvation through works.God sent Jesus Christ his son to die for us and only through His blood are we saved.After I witnessed to him I felt so different.I can`t even explain it but if your a Christian and reading this you might know what I mean.So anyway,we left the game and I was so sick about the response I got and all that was going on.I tried to call again the next day and didn`t get a call back so last night I decided to send her a message through face book.I let her know the truth and got a response back last night saying that she had made a decision to go back to her old church.I cried so hard because I know the deception behind the Catholic church.I`ve been so sick for three days over this I can`t even tell you.I felt like someone died.I also received a wonderful blessing.My husband who is not a believer came home from the store before with a Christian card of encouragement for me and wrote the most beautiful words of encouragement.I was praying that God would help me submit to His will and trust in Him and He showed me through the card my husband wrote that my testimony to Marybeth and Paul made an impact on him and I truly believe that my husbands heart was touched by God.
The story isn`t over yet.Late this afternoon I got a phone call from Marybeth.She said she did research and found out I was correct in what I told her about the Catholic church!! She will not be going there.She also told her husband about what she learned.I am so thrilled about this!! Praise God!!
Please pray for Marybeth and her family and for me as well.I am so amazed.God has us in the palm of His hands and no matter how hard Satin tries he can`t pluck us out.It`s not about us.It`s all about Christ and living each day for Him to bring Him Glory!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Hello All my friends!!

Hi everyone!! I hope I still have readers:) I know it`s been a while...again:) Well,alot has happened in the past month and a half! First, my husband and I went on an amazing cruise to the Bahamas.It was such a blessing.We went to three different Islands.Grand Turk,Half Moon Cay(which is privately owned by the Cruise line,and Nassau(not sure on the spelling)I will be posting pictures as soon as my husband loads them onto the computer.Let me just say that the private Island had the most beautiful beach I have ever seen in my life.I think the only water that will be more beautiful will be in heaven!There were almost no waves and the way the sun was shinning into it made a prism of light that reflected all the way to the bottom.There was a small Christian church on the Island as well and from the water you could see the white cross peeking out from the trees.
Being on the ship was really amazing too.The food was incredible.The only thing was that there was no worship service at all.They had a chapel,but no services.That was very disappointing.I did enjoy the time alone with my husband though!I don`t think I`ll ever leave the kids for 8 days again though.It was really hard because there was no way of contacting them unless you paid a fortune.
Anyway,onto the rest of my adventures:)Church softball has started on Monday nights.My husband loves to play and he invited another family who we became friends with through the kids softball games.So the husbands play and the ladies watch and chat.I`ve become close friends with his wife and she lives right here in town.We started talking about the Lord and it turns out she is a believer.God has really been working in her life over the past few weeks.The people at the game were a real testimony to her and her husband and they started coming to our church!!I`ve seen so much growth in her life over the past two weeks!! Please pray for them.She just started reading her bible for the first time last week.She also just started talking to her kids about the Lord.Her son seems to have a really tender heart and is already telling her that he knows he needs Jesus!It`s just so sweet to see God at work right before my very eyes.I pray that He will give me wisdom and guide me and that He will help me give her Godly advice.So anyway please if you can remember keep them in your prayers.
Onto our next adventure.This past week we went on our annual vacation to the Jersey Shore.We went from Monday to Thursday morning.It was so nice.I love being by the beech and relaxing with family and making memories!!! So then,the day we got home I did some wash and leaned a bit.Then had to run out to stay over at my friends because Friday was the day we had the tickets to see In The Beginning.Down in Lancaster,Pa they have Theatre called Sight and Sound and they reenact all different bible stories.All I have to say is Oh my goodness!! It was absolutely amazing.It just was such an incredible visual of God`s love for us.Just beautiful.We plan on going back with our kids.It`s only in theatres until the end of October.Waite until you hear the night we had on Thursday.Satin was trying his hardest to prevent us from going.First,my friend had a clogged bathtub drain so we had to go to another friends house so she could take a shower.When we got there our friends husband has a snake and said he`d be happy to take a look at the drain.So he goes over and he`s gone maybe 45 minutes or so.Finally,we decide to go because we need to get the kids to bed and get some sleep for the long day we had ahead of us.We walk into her house and her husband and her friends husband have the ceiling ripped down in the kitchen.Everything covered in Drano and dust.So,we went up to put the kids to bed and had to scrub the whole kitchen from top to bottom.Then we went to the store to get stuff for breakfast,made our lunches and by the time we got to sleep it was after midnight.Meanwhile as I slept I was unaware that my poor friend was awake the entire night because her daughter was sick with a fever and vomiting.So she was alright by the time we left.Then on the way down there we almost got into a really bad car accident.We were going about 65mph on the highway and a car pulled right out in front of us and almost stopped.My friend said she didn`t turn the wheel.Our car moved over almost into the grass and we ended up safe.God saved us from what could of been a very bad accident!!! Is`nt that amazing? God is so good. Also in
Lancaster we went on a tour of the Tabernacle and also the Mennonite museum which were both very interesting.I finally arrived home at 11:30 Friday evening.Then yesterday afternoon we had our annual church picnic.This was the first year I was able to go.Hubby went too and it was just amazing.My husband is not a Christian,but we are becoming really good friends through softball with another Christian family and I pray God will use them to draw my husband close to Him.
I better get going now.I need to start supper for my family.I hope you all have a blessed Lord`s day!!!


Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update on our lives

Hello all my sweet friends!! I hope there are still people left that read my blog! I know I`ve kind of been ignorig this little old blog these days.
I`ve just been buisy with life.I have to admit that I was just spending way too much time on the computer since I started blogging and so I am really trying to repent of that. I love having this blog and absolutly love all the wonderful people I`ve met though!!
What have I been up to these days? Well,we`ve been running alot of errands durring the day,so when I am home it`s usually laundry,dishes,cooking supper and off to a softball game for one of the kids.The season is almost over though,so things should be getting a little less hectic now.My father in law was rushed to the hospatil last week.It was ver serious.They had him in a medically induced coma for a while.Thankfully he was released last week and is at home now.Please pray that he will start taking care of himself so he can live a long and healthy life.Also pray hat he would come to know the Lord. While I`m asking for prayer requests,please pray for my sister in-law and her husband.They are probably going to get a devorce.Things are very bad right now for them.Neithe5r one of them know the Lord.You guys can also pray for me.I am making Joe`s(my hubby)sister a card tonight and plan on sharing the gospel with her for the first time ever.Please pray that the Lord will give me the right words to say to her.It`s a pritty serious situation that she`s in right now.We just found out she has been physically abused for years by her husband and she has two small children.He has also been unfaithful many times.Right now,she feels as though everything is her fault.Her husband is her vall and all and she pu all of her hopes and dreams into this one relationship.So,now the relationship is falling apart and she just fels completly alone.I just want her to know that this is the reason Christ died for us.We need Him.We are so broken because of sin and the curse that we can`t have a relationship with anyone without Christ giving us wisdome and power.The only way He can give us that power is if we put him first in our lives.We need to love him more and follow him and obey his Word.Only then can we love others and have peace that passes all understanding.Please pray that she would accept this message.

In other husband and I are going away together on a cruise!! We leave on Tuesday morning and will return the following Wednesday.I feel a little bit guilty to be going away without the kids though.The boys have their last game while we`re away though and I know they wouldn`t want to miss it.Too bad we`ll miss it though.They`ll be staying with their grandparents while we`re gone and they`ll be abel to swim every day as well.Plus play with their cousins(Joe`s sister`s kids)and they don`t get to see them that often.I just pray things settle down some with her by then for the sake of the children.
I hope to have some pictures on my blog soon.I still have pictures of Lancaster I want to post,plus sofball pics of the kids.Our church started their annual softball games as well on Monday,so I also have pictures of hubby to show you guys! The problem is that we got a new camera and haven`t downloaded the software yet so I can upload the pictures.Hopefully soon I`ll have them up though!
Finally,my weight loss journey is going so,so well!I`m down about 20 pounds and counting!! I feel so much better.Clothes are fitting That I haven`t worn in months:)
Well, I guess that`s all the news for now.Hve a wonderful and blessed day and remember no matter how much your going through or hurting,or just discouraged with life,Jesus loves you more than all the hurt and discouragement you can ever feel.His strengthy is made perfect in our weakness!!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

May already?

Hello guys! I know it`s been weeks since I last blogged.Things have just been really busy around here lately. I`ve noticed that I have alot of new followers,which I am so thrilled about!!! I love that the Lord is using my blog to encourage others!!
So,like I said before things have been so busy around here.It`s softball season.We have Emily in T-ball this year,and the boys in little league.Last week-end was opening day for the boys and I got soo sunburned! First they had a little intro where they announce all their names,then we ended up staying to watch the two other games and then their first game at two.So,we were there from 10am to 4pm.Emily also had practice that day as well.All week there have been games and practice.Then yesterday was opening day for Emily.They had a clown and face painting.It was alot of fun!We took alot of cute pictures,but I have to wait to post them.Another event that occurred on Easter weekend was that my camera dropped and broke.Hubby was very generous and got me a new one.It is soo nice and was a great price as well.He has to download the program before I can post any pictures though.
In other news,last week I was struck with what I think was strep throat,or something very simmilar.I never get sick,but boy this thing,what ever it was,really knocked me out for a few days.God is so good though and He really takes care of His children.Since my husbands injury we do not have health insurence.I ened up calling an herbalist that friends have gone to in the past.I described my symptoms to him and he said he would mix me up something that would surely knock out the infection.Wouldn`t you know,by the next day I was 100% better.Amazing!! And he only charged $3! He really has a gift of healing people.He truly want`s to help people and would never take advantage of anyone.Also,praise God again...NO ONE ELSE IN THE FAMILY GOT IT!!!I`m so thankful for the protection God has granted us!! I`ve known about this doctor for a very long time and have been wanting to do things more natural,so I`m just really thankful that everything ended up working out:)
More good news.Tuesday a few friends and I are going to Lancaster!!I can not waite!! This is a trip I`ve been wanting to take for a very long time.I was just on the phone with my friend mapping out our day.I plan on taking pictures when I can.I don`t know how many of you are familiar with the Amish and their beliefs,but one thing they are strongly against is photography.
Another amazing thing happened.I don`t know if any of you know about the Sight and Sound Theatre? There`s one in Lancaster and also one in Branson,Missouri.What they do is they put on plays recreating various story`s from the bible.I`have been wanting to go see a play for about 2 years now.There was this one that I had heard about from friend that`s called Creation and she saw it with her family and said it is absolutly amazing.So,my best friend was at a local bizarre this weekend and she called me so excited.Here they were auctioning off tickets to sight and sound for the creation show! I agreed to split the cost,figuring that it was no big deal if we lost because the money was being donated to disabled people so it was for a good cause.We won the tickets!!!! It`s only $27.50 a piece and they sell for $47 normally.God is sooo good!!! He always provides! So we have from July-Sept. to make reservations.
Now onto some very serious news.Although there have been many blessings in our life recently,there will always be trials and sadness as well.Last weekend I got a phone call that my cousin had emergency surgery to remove a large mass in her colen.The mass ended up to be stage 4 colen cancer.The cancer has spread to her liver.So far it has not spread anywhere else.They plan to try to shrink the cancer I guess through chemo therapy.She`s in realkly good spirits though.Much prayer is needed as this type of cancer is very serious.My brothers wife died 5 years ago from colen cancer that had spread to her liver.I`m not sure where she is on a spiritual leval.I know she believes in Jesus,but I`m not sure if she has heard the full gospel message or not so please pry for her in that way as well.
So that`s all of the news for now.I`ll try to post some pictures soon!!By for now!!!