Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Update on our lives

Hello all my sweet friends!! I hope there are still people left that read my blog! I know I`ve kind of been ignorig this little old blog these days.
I`ve just been buisy with life.I have to admit that I was just spending way too much time on the computer since I started blogging and so I am really trying to repent of that. I love having this blog and absolutly love all the wonderful people I`ve met though!!
What have I been up to these days? Well,we`ve been running alot of errands durring the day,so when I am home it`s usually laundry,dishes,cooking supper and off to a softball game for one of the kids.The season is almost over though,so things should be getting a little less hectic now.My father in law was rushed to the hospatil last week.It was ver serious.They had him in a medically induced coma for a while.Thankfully he was released last week and is at home now.Please pray that he will start taking care of himself so he can live a long and healthy life.Also pray hat he would come to know the Lord. While I`m asking for prayer requests,please pray for my sister in-law and her husband.They are probably going to get a devorce.Things are very bad right now for them.Neithe5r one of them know the Lord.You guys can also pray for me.I am making Joe`s(my hubby)sister a card tonight and plan on sharing the gospel with her for the first time ever.Please pray that the Lord will give me the right words to say to her.It`s a pritty serious situation that she`s in right now.We just found out she has been physically abused for years by her husband and she has two small children.He has also been unfaithful many times.Right now,she feels as though everything is her fault.Her husband is her vall and all and she pu all of her hopes and dreams into this one relationship.So,now the relationship is falling apart and she just fels completly alone.I just want her to know that this is the reason Christ died for us.We need Him.We are so broken because of sin and the curse that we can`t have a relationship with anyone without Christ giving us wisdome and power.The only way He can give us that power is if we put him first in our lives.We need to love him more and follow him and obey his Word.Only then can we love others and have peace that passes all understanding.Please pray that she would accept this message.

In other husband and I are going away together on a cruise!! We leave on Tuesday morning and will return the following Wednesday.I feel a little bit guilty to be going away without the kids though.The boys have their last game while we`re away though and I know they wouldn`t want to miss it.Too bad we`ll miss it though.They`ll be staying with their grandparents while we`re gone and they`ll be abel to swim every day as well.Plus play with their cousins(Joe`s sister`s kids)and they don`t get to see them that often.I just pray things settle down some with her by then for the sake of the children.
I hope to have some pictures on my blog soon.I still have pictures of Lancaster I want to post,plus sofball pics of the kids.Our church started their annual softball games as well on Monday,so I also have pictures of hubby to show you guys! The problem is that we got a new camera and haven`t downloaded the software yet so I can upload the pictures.Hopefully soon I`ll have them up though!
Finally,my weight loss journey is going so,so well!I`m down about 20 pounds and counting!! I feel so much better.Clothes are fitting That I haven`t worn in months:)
Well, I guess that`s all the news for now.Hve a wonderful and blessed day and remember no matter how much your going through or hurting,or just discouraged with life,Jesus loves you more than all the hurt and discouragement you can ever feel.His strengthy is made perfect in our weakness!!!


Janene said...

Welcome Back!

Nancy said...

Hi Toni, I'm sorry for all the stuff going on in your family lately. I pray you find just the right words to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with your sister in law. Have fun on your cruise and enjoy the time with your husband!


Wendy said...

Toni it is so wonderful to hear from you again!! First off let me congratulate you on your weight loss, great job!!!:0) As for all the prayer needed I pray that you my friend will be a Beacon of Light for Jesus!! I pray you will be able to show them the Love Jesus has for them.
How exciting you and hubby going on a cruise!! Where are you going?
I hope you have a wonderfully Blessed time and that you will come back more in love and closer then ever!!!
I too understand spending to much time on the pc I need to work on that too! Have a wonderfully Blessed day my friend!!~hugs~Wendy