Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Back to school!!

The kids started school on Monday!!I wish I had some pictures to share with all of you. We are still having issues with our camera. We did get a disposable one, but will have to wait `till they get developed to post them:) Anyway, my daughter started K garden:) I can hardly believe it! She was so cute and not scared at all which was a relief. During the orientation she cried when she went on the bus, so I thought for sure she was going to be scared.I also forgot to mention that on the 19th was my son`s 8th birthday! We just had a homemade cake here for him. No big party or anything.
I`ve been trying to limit my time on the computer these days. Now with the kids in school,I get all my housework done during the day so that I can spend time with them when they get home.
I also started going on Meez at night. Just for bible study and praise worship. Candy, over at
keeping the Home has wonderful bible studies and stuff going on. It`s a great time to have some fellowship with other believers and witness to people. It is really amazing how God has even used something as wicked as a chat room can be to bring the Gospel to people.
I hope you all have a wonderful evening!!! Check my blog from time to time,I`ll be posting updates when there is a bible study if you'd like to join in the fun!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Isn`t this beautiful?

Hey everyone! Kindra over at 3 guys,a girl and a prim place is celebrating her 30th birthday and is having a great giveaway:) Head on over for your chance to win and to wish this very talented lady a happy birthday!! She is an amazing painter and also has alot for sale,so be sure to check that out as well. Blessings!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Emotionally drained and asking for prayer

I`ve been debating whether or not I should even write this post today. As you all know, I am a very open and honest person. I consider everything I write about on my blog as as part of a testimony of how God is working in our lives. The events that have transpired over the last 24 hours are unbelievable.
I want to thank all of you for your prayers for us concerning the new house.The last part of the inspection was supposed to be today and we were actually shooting for the closing to be tomorrow.Within the past 24 hours all of our plans have been stomped on and the relationship with my sister and I has been dissolved per her wishes.Now that I summed up the situation I`ll go into further detail.
My husband has a very serious injury that has kept him from working for almost a year now. He is in so much pain, all the time that he can`t even stand up for long periods of time. When we have to go out, he is usually in pain for several days after. Through this trial, we got into a very bad position with our mortgage. I could not get a job, because I needed to be home to care for our children. My sister is executor of a trust that was set up by my mother. After praying and seeking the Lord, I had decided to ask her for help.She had told me not to worry,and what we would do is borrow money from our children's college trust fund to purchase another home. This house would go up for sale and we could start fresh with a home that would be a good investment for the children.When the time came for college,the trust would have to be reimbursed. After a year of living in the home,we would begin making monthly payments to reimburse the trust plus any interest they would of made. This was wonderful! She had agreed to buy us some new furniture,and help us with some other normal things in order to move.I had called her,to let her know about something that needed to be taker care of before we moved and she just flipped out.She said she wasn`t taking care of this particular thing after we already made arrangements based on the fact that she said she would.Her and I got into an argument and I yelled at her and hung up on her twice which I am not proud of doing, but I was just so upset and hurt. So then, yesterday I got an e-mail from her saying that all deals were off and she wanted all ties with us broken,she`s getting all her contact info changed,ect.There is also another trust that my mom had set up for me, that I was supposed to get at a later time.I got a second e-mail saying that she`s giving that to me now so all ties can be officially broken until I need to speak with her about the kids college education.
So,that`s basically the story in a nutshell. I`m so upset and hurt over all of this. I have been praying throughout this whole situation that God would direct us on the right path and this is an answer to prayer. I`m just really sorry things had to end this way. I love my sister and I always will. I`m not angry with her for what she has done, I feel sorry for her. She`s going to miss out on alot and one day when the kids are all grown she`s going to realize that she was wrong and it`s going to be too late. This is what God wants for us. Now, we will stay here,get caught up,be able to make the necessary repairs with this house and we plan on investing some of the money into a two year CD and when it matures we will start sell this home and look for something Else at that point. Anyway, it probably wasn`t a good idea to make a deal like that with my sister. I love her,as I said before, but would we really have been happy living in a home that she could sell out from under us every time we had a disagreement?
Sorry this is so long. Thanks to all of you that have read through this. I really appreciate all of your support and prayers throughout all this. Please continue to pray that there will be an opportunity for reconciliation between my sister and I, and that God will continue to direct us. Also pray that God will bring peace and healing to my heart. Blessings:)

Sunday, August 17, 2008

God`s grace is amazing

I just had to tell all of you about this post I just read over at Keeping the Home.She told a beautiful story of how many teens came to faith last night through her witness of The Gospel. I strongly encourage you to go to her blog and read this. I was in tears. She witnesses through the meeze chat room. She has alot of praise parties where there is worship music and sometimes her husband goes on with her. I`ve never attended, but plan on checking it out sometime. I know alot of people aren`t fans of chat rooms, but God does use them for His good too. I hope everybody`s having a blessed Lord`s day:)

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another busy day

Gosh,where does the time go? I can`t believe another week is over already! I was so busy today,the day just flew by!! Since we`re moving soon (Lord willing) I thought I would clean out the kids room. So I did that and found mounds of "goodies" that needed washing and put away. My children have a bad habit of taking their clean clothes out and tossing them onto the floor when looking for something,so I have alot of unnecessary wash to do now. Do any of your children do this? What do you do to teach them to pick up after themselves? I also made some more laundry soap. We had homemade pancakes for breakfast this morning and I made a double batch so I could stick some in the freezer. I`m trying to do that more often. School is starting here on Aug. 25th so, I know I`ll be thankful for a quick breakfast we can just heat up in the toaster. So that was my day today. It feels good at the end of a busy day to sit down and reflect on all you accomplished and know it`s done.
Also, over at farme girl ga style there is another giveaway being held for this great book I have pictured above. Head on over for a chance to win!! Gotta run now!!Blessings!!

Update: I found another giveaway over at Country Pleasures,so when you guys get a chance head on over there and check out her blog!! Blessings!!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Another awesome giveaway

I don`t have alot of time,but I wanted to tell all of you about a great giveaway over at Behind My Red Door She has to offer a cute black bowl with fall potpourri inside and some chi tea,along with other great little goodies for fall.When you guys get a chance,go over and check it out!! You won`t be sorry!! Gotta run now!! Blessings!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

I Won!!!

Hey,I hope you all are having a wonderful day!! Remember that cute picture I posted about? Well,Slugger is comming to live with us!! I`m going to put it in the boys new room. I`m just so excited!! She actually has a video on her blog showing one of her daughters selecting my name out of a bowl,then reading it out loud. It was really cute. I am so glad I found this blog though! She is a very talented lady. Her artwork is just amazing. She does custome paintings as well. We may be ordering something for our daughter`s room. Click here to go to her blog. The blog name is Artfulife.
Other than that, nothing new going on. We went to the mall yesterday to get sneakers for the kids for school. We got some really cute things on sale. We will meet the kids after school at the bus stop after the first day and go shopping for the rest of the stuff they need. They`re grandparents took all the kids shopping last week-end as well so that was a huge blessing. Tomorrow my daughter is going out for dinner with her grandpoarents and then they`re going to take her to the toy store to pick out a b`day present.Isn`t that so nice of them? They started this last year where they take the kids overnight by them selves for they`re birthday. It`s so special for them to spend time with them like that!!
No news yet about the house. I guess no news is good news though right? Well,I`m off to read more blogs now. Hope you all have a blessed night!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Hope your having a blessed Lord`s Day!!

I hope all of you are having a blessed Lord`s day today!! Things are going well for us and seem to be ponting in the right direction with the new house.Praise God!!My daughter turns 5 tomorrow:( My baby is growing up so fast. I`ll post some pics when I can. My camera is on the blink AGAIN!!Ugg!! We`re just having a small cake tomorrow and then we`ll probably have a party at the end of the month.My other son turns 8 on the 19th so we`ll celebrate them both together. Hopefully, Lord willing we will be in the new house:) That will be so awesome. I think I`ll truly cry when we finally move.
Now,I`m sure all of you are wondering about this cute picture of an octerpus I have posted. Well...the kids drew a piture of the new pet we bought them for they`re birthdays:) Lol!! Just kidding!!We haven`t completely lost our minds... yet anyway!! Actually,this is a giveaway that is being hosted by Artfulife so head on over there and enter the contest!!! Good luck!!
Well,I think I better get going now.The time on my blog is way off.It`s really 11:35pm. If anyone knows how to fix it,please let me know!!Hope you all have a wonderful night`s rest:)

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Trusting In the Lord

I hope everyone is having a blessed and restful Lord`s day!!I have wonderful news,but I`ve been hesitant to post about it because I wanted to wait until our plans were a little more solidified.We found another house!!This one is so nice and has reciently been reduced by half because it was a forclosure.We already heard back that our bid we put in(which was low)was approved!!Now all we do is send the deposite over and have the inspection set up.I really think this time it`s going to work out.I have a feeling that it is.So that`s really good news!We also were able to get health coverage for the kids which is a HUGE weight off of our shoulders.Hubby was also approved for unemployment which will start mid August:)Praise God!!!So many answered prayers!!I have to thank all of my readers for praying for us through this whole ordeal!Thanks for reading my blog,too.Your prayers,encouragement,and support have really meant so much to me!!More than you`ll ever know.I just keep praying that this little blog I started will encourage all of you in the Lord.That was the whole reason for me starting blogging back in March.I want to bring Glory to Jesus,because without Him I think I would of fallen apart a long time ago.So,anyway I just wanted to let all of you guys know how we are doing and be a testamony of God`s grace to all of you:)I hope you all have a blessed,peaceful night tonight!!