Saturday, August 16, 2008

Another busy day

Gosh,where does the time go? I can`t believe another week is over already! I was so busy today,the day just flew by!! Since we`re moving soon (Lord willing) I thought I would clean out the kids room. So I did that and found mounds of "goodies" that needed washing and put away. My children have a bad habit of taking their clean clothes out and tossing them onto the floor when looking for something,so I have alot of unnecessary wash to do now. Do any of your children do this? What do you do to teach them to pick up after themselves? I also made some more laundry soap. We had homemade pancakes for breakfast this morning and I made a double batch so I could stick some in the freezer. I`m trying to do that more often. School is starting here on Aug. 25th so, I know I`ll be thankful for a quick breakfast we can just heat up in the toaster. So that was my day today. It feels good at the end of a busy day to sit down and reflect on all you accomplished and know it`s done.
Also, over at farme girl ga style there is another giveaway being held for this great book I have pictured above. Head on over for a chance to win!! Gotta run now!!Blessings!!

Update: I found another giveaway over at Country Pleasures,so when you guys get a chance head on over there and check out her blog!! Blessings!!


Wendy said...

I guess you were busy!! But your right it feels good at the end of the day!! Hope you have a great night!!~Wendy

Wendy said...

Hi toni yes you can find those transfer words and letters at craft store!!! I hope you have a Blessed day!!~Wendy