Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Emotionally drained and asking for prayer

I`ve been debating whether or not I should even write this post today. As you all know, I am a very open and honest person. I consider everything I write about on my blog as as part of a testimony of how God is working in our lives. The events that have transpired over the last 24 hours are unbelievable.
I want to thank all of you for your prayers for us concerning the new house.The last part of the inspection was supposed to be today and we were actually shooting for the closing to be tomorrow.Within the past 24 hours all of our plans have been stomped on and the relationship with my sister and I has been dissolved per her wishes.Now that I summed up the situation I`ll go into further detail.
My husband has a very serious injury that has kept him from working for almost a year now. He is in so much pain, all the time that he can`t even stand up for long periods of time. When we have to go out, he is usually in pain for several days after. Through this trial, we got into a very bad position with our mortgage. I could not get a job, because I needed to be home to care for our children. My sister is executor of a trust that was set up by my mother. After praying and seeking the Lord, I had decided to ask her for help.She had told me not to worry,and what we would do is borrow money from our children's college trust fund to purchase another home. This house would go up for sale and we could start fresh with a home that would be a good investment for the children.When the time came for college,the trust would have to be reimbursed. After a year of living in the home,we would begin making monthly payments to reimburse the trust plus any interest they would of made. This was wonderful! She had agreed to buy us some new furniture,and help us with some other normal things in order to move.I had called her,to let her know about something that needed to be taker care of before we moved and she just flipped out.She said she wasn`t taking care of this particular thing after we already made arrangements based on the fact that she said she would.Her and I got into an argument and I yelled at her and hung up on her twice which I am not proud of doing, but I was just so upset and hurt. So then, yesterday I got an e-mail from her saying that all deals were off and she wanted all ties with us broken,she`s getting all her contact info changed,ect.There is also another trust that my mom had set up for me, that I was supposed to get at a later time.I got a second e-mail saying that she`s giving that to me now so all ties can be officially broken until I need to speak with her about the kids college education.
So,that`s basically the story in a nutshell. I`m so upset and hurt over all of this. I have been praying throughout this whole situation that God would direct us on the right path and this is an answer to prayer. I`m just really sorry things had to end this way. I love my sister and I always will. I`m not angry with her for what she has done, I feel sorry for her. She`s going to miss out on alot and one day when the kids are all grown she`s going to realize that she was wrong and it`s going to be too late. This is what God wants for us. Now, we will stay here,get caught up,be able to make the necessary repairs with this house and we plan on investing some of the money into a two year CD and when it matures we will start sell this home and look for something Else at that point. Anyway, it probably wasn`t a good idea to make a deal like that with my sister. I love her,as I said before, but would we really have been happy living in a home that she could sell out from under us every time we had a disagreement?
Sorry this is so long. Thanks to all of you that have read through this. I really appreciate all of your support and prayers throughout all this. Please continue to pray that there will be an opportunity for reconciliation between my sister and I, and that God will continue to direct us. Also pray that God will bring peace and healing to my heart. Blessings:)


KKJD1 said...

I will keep you in prayers. I have a sister who I have not spoken to in probably 4 yrs. I have no way to get in touch with her at all. I just pray that one day she will find me again. But i am afraid I will never see her again and I feel its all my fault. So I will keep this at the top of my prayer list. Blessings, Karen

Tracy said...

Oh, Toni I am so, so sorry that things turned out like this. I'm glad that you'll be able to get things taken care of, but so sad for your loss with your sister.I'm always here sister.

Wendy said...

God is a God of Reconsiliation so just pray that He will mend what needs to be mended between you two!
I pray to that the lord will heal your husbands foot so he can go back to work and then you won't need to be dependant on others, I know how it is because they usually hold it over your head so it would be so awesome if god would just heal him so you can be free of others or that God would provide a job that would not require your husband to have to walk now that would be awesome!! Keep your eyes looking up my friend God will take care of you it just may not be in a way you are expecting!! God Bless!~Wendy

Jubilee on Earth said...

Oh, Toni... I'm so sad to read your post!!! I, too, always struggle with grudges with my siblings. Sometimes they last a long time, other times they fizzle out. All you can do is pray and forgive. Do not let it eat at you. Send her an email letting her know that you love her and you're sorry for the miscommunication, and that you hold no grudges and hope that fences can be mended. That way the ball is in her court for reconciliation.

I will pray for you. Have faith, and continue trusting in Him. It will all work out the way it's supposed to.

Your sister in Christ,

Katy said...

oh, toni :( I am so so sorry!!! I hope all can be worked out for the best!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I'm so sorry, Toni! God can mend relationships and move the hardest of hearts, I know!!!!! I'll be praying for you and your family, and I just know that it will all work out right for you. Keep your eyes on HIM, and he will direct your paths!!!! I'll be praying, too, for your husband and the pain he is in. I know all of that, on top of all the other problems, does not help. But God knows it all! Keep singing, even in the rain! Cora

Anonymous said...

Toni, I am so sorry to hear what has happened. I am praying for you.

kat449 said...

ohh Toni,
I am so relating to you concerning this relationship that was so injured. God is a healer. Give it all to Him. I lost my sister from being a partner with her in a beautiful prim shop. I left after only 2 days after our opening after her treament of me, customers,& my husband, she didnt keep her financial promises to me either. I couldnt go to the shop because the company vehicle she proimsed to buy after I told her I couldnt open a shop with her cuz my car would never make it, that fell thru as did several other promises that were supposed to make it possible for me to go to the shop. that was 2 years ago, shop is now closed, and were estranged...over finances and broken promises. my heart is broken...I contunue praying. Thanks for the visit. I hope to browse & read more when i have more time. Thaks for sharing. youre all in my thougths & prayers. Hugs, Kat "Scaredy Kat FolkHeart"