Monday, September 29, 2008

I`ve been tagged:)

So,I`ve been tagged by Susan over at Sinner Saved Here are the rules if you want to play along: the person that tagged you
2.tag 6 others,I think?
3.tell 6 "unspectacular" quirks about yourself

So here goes:
1.I`m not big on calling people on the phone-It`s really weird.I kind of have a phone phobia. It makes me very nervious to call people unless I need something. I have some of the dearest and sweetest friends,but I never call them on the phone. I`ll e-mail people,but I just have a weird fear of talking on the phone
2.I dont drive.Never had a drivers licence.It is very difficult,but I have learned to get used to it
3.I have four implanted teeth.I was in a car accident when I was 17 and had four teeth knocked out. I had to where dentures for my entire senior year of high school. Didn`t get permanent teeth until I was 22. I had to go throu 1-1/2 years of braces(because my bite was off they said.)Then they implanted bone from my hip into my mouth because I lost bone because of the trama.That had to heal for about 6 months.Then they put the metal screws in wich had to heal another 6 months. Then,finally the actual teeth.
4.When I am home all day cleaning,sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day. So, if you ever happen to be in my neck of the woods and decide to pay me a surprise visit and I`m in my p.j.`s it`s not because I was being a couch potato the entire day.Sometimes I just get so buisy that I don`t even get a chance to get dressed:)
5.I`m only 5 foot three yet I wear a size 10-11 shoe! Maybe that`s not so strange,but I think it`s rare to see someone on the short side with big feet:)
6. I screem too much. this is a very unspectacular thing about myself that I am constantly repenting of.

So,there you have it. I,like some other people I know do not like to tag others ,so if you would like to play then concider yourself tagged:) Just don`t forget to link me to your post and leave me a comment so I can check out what your 6 "unspectacular"things about you are. I cannot emagine any of my sweet blog friends have anything unspectacuar to share! I think all of you are wonderful and each one of you has been a HUGE blessing to me:)Hope your all having a blessed night with your families!!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daily Ramblings

I hope everyone is having a blessed day today!! My life has been very busy lately. I officially started my new job last week. It`s hard getting used to working with the elderly and disabled,but I am getting used to it. It`s sad to see them so helpless. I try to be as cheerful and pleasant as I can be while I`m there. My job is not to heal them,or change the situation they are in. Only God can do that. My job is just to serve them their meal,and try to be as joyful and sweet as I possibly can to them.God knows what we can handle and never gives us more. I wanted full time hours but I`m so thankful I didn`t get them! First of all it`s very hard on my back as I have to lift heavy trays and mop buckets,boxes,ect.I think it would of been too emotionally draining too.God is good, and always knows what`s best for us! I still believe my job is to be a keeper at home,but I need to obey my husband as well.
For those of you who are wondering about the current situation with my sister,she finally gave us the money:)Praise God for that!!Now we can finally move on from this horrible situation and pay off some of the debt that was incurred during hubby`s injury. I`m so thankful:) I also plan on blessing others with some of the money as well. I want to honor the Lord in all I do and no amount of money will ever change that! Please keep our family in your prayers.My desire is to do the Lord`s will.Often times it is hard for me to give freely to the church because I am under the submission of an unsaved husband.Don`t get me wrong though. My husband has a huge heart and is more than willing to help people that are in need. It`s the tithing that I can`t get his permission on.He doesn`t mind if I give some money,it`s just that he doesn`t want me to give 10% of the money. God knows my heart though:)If I could, I`d give more without even thinking twice. The joy I would feel to be able to give that much to help further Gods kingdom would be amazing!!
On another note~~~The reason I haven`t been posting too much lately is because I`m almost at my 100th post and guess what?? I have a surprise for all of my faithful readers and also for new friends:) I will be hosting my very first giveaway!! The theme will be "Some of my favorite things" and the reason why I decided on this theme rather than a fall theme is because #1 everyone is doing a fall theme and I wanted to be different,and # 2 I just saw so many things that I loved and that have been blessings to me that I just had to share them with all of you:)I don`t have any pictures of anything yet or dates on when the giveaway will be. I`m still collecting things to give away, so when I feel like I have a good amount of treasures I will post the giveaway. It may not be exactly on my 100th post but I promise you guys it will be very soon:)
Finally,as you all know we have had our lives pretty much on hold for the last 1-1/2 years because of my husbands injury,so we will be very busy.We only had this house for 6 months when hubby got hurt,so alot needs to be done. The first thing we will be doing is laying new carpet in the kids room.We have three children in one room right now and it is crammed.We started organizing and cleaning today and will continue throughout the week.By next week we hope to have the room ready to carpet:) When we moved in we had to reinforce the floor,so we actually have no carpet at all in there right now.Also we will be getting them bunk beds. Right now they have a full size bed that my son sleeps in and a twin that my middle child and daughter share.The beds we want have a little closet built in and that will be such a blessing because their room currently does not have any closet space. I will try to get before and after pictures so I can show all of you how everything turns out!
Thanks to all of you who have read through all of my ramblings today:) (when I titled this post daily ramblings, I wasn`t kidding!LOL!!) Blessings everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hey guys,go check it out

I just found a really great blog called Carter Clan and Jo-ann is celebrating her 100th post and also the grand opening of her itsy shop. So go check out her blog and be sure to leave her some kind words:) Also,her Itsy shop has some very nice stuff as well! and the prices are very affordable:) Pictured above are all the goodies she`s giving away:)Hope everyone has an evening full of blessings:)

New feature on Blogger

Hi everyone!! If you look over at my side bar you`ll see a link that says followers on it.If you click on it you can add your name to people that follow my blog! Then your profile picture will appear on the link. It`s a really neat new feature. I hope all of you will add your name. Oh, but it only works if you have Blogger:)Hope you all have a blessed evening!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

An amazing primitive country store and other events

Hey everyone!! I hope all of you are having a blessed Friday!! I found this site called Fine Country Living Primitives and oh my word... you all must check this site out!! You can go on a tour of their home that was originally built in the early 1800`s. It is so cute and prim inside!! Then they have a short little film of their two cute boys helping their dad build the gift shop they now have. Then there is the gift shop. I`m telling you the things you will find are so adorable, prim, and affordable as well!! Since I started blogging I`ve developed a love for prim decor. I would like to start collecting some things for our home as finances allow. So, I was just so excited when I found this shop. Maybe one day my hubby will take us for a ride. I think it`s about an hour and a half from our house, but his sister lives close to where it`s located so that would be a great reason to do some visiting:)
I got very good news the other day as well. I got the job at the nursing home. It`s only part time for now. It is in the afternoon, which is not what I wanted since I`ll miss supper with my family and seeing the kids, but at least I`ll be able to gradually get used to working outside the home and also get used to trying to juggle my responsibilities at home. It`s only two days a week too which is very good. Plus there will be chances to switch shifts to morning when they become available.What I`ll be doing is serving meals in the dining room.I have to admit, I was very nervous about working. Just because I wasn`t sure I could keep up with the house and taking care of my family. I believe it is fine for Christian women to work as long as the responsibilities around the home come first.God is so faithful! He never gives us more than we can handle:)My poor friend had to go back to work as well. She`s been a homemaker for 20 years and she still home schools three of her children. She was devastated that she had to enroll them in public school this year. So many people are having difficulties this year.
I know I haven`t mentioned anything about my sister in a while. In case any of you are wondering,things are moving at a snails pace as far as the transfer of the money goes. We`ve been running around ALOT,trying to cooperate with everything she asks of us.We`re waiting for her to deposit the money into an account that I had to open in just my name.Of coarse I cannot call her,so I`ve been waiting to hear from the bank when money is deposited. This one woman is so sweet there. She actually agreed to call my sister to complete the transaction.It`s just a crazy situation,and the worst part of it is not being able to have closure with her. I am actually afraid to say anything to her for fear she wont give me the money. I don`t want to say anything nasty or anything like that. I just want to clear the air so to speak.
Truthfully, I would like to write a book about all of the trials we`ve faced over the past year and a half. I think it would be a wonderful testimony of how God can bring a family through anything:)All you have to do is trust Him!! Have a wonderful evening everyone!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

American Idol Concert

So guys,guess where I got to go last night? To see an American Idol concert!! It was fantastic!! We had excellent seats too. It was my husbands mom,step dad,my 8 year old son and I.It turned out that his brother had gotten 4 tickets and could not go. He tried selling them but also had no luck,so he just gave us the tickets! Wasn`t that so sweet of him? It was alot of fun. Wish I took pictures,but we didn`t think they would allow a camera inside. Too bad too,because there was a giant pop tart walking around and he came right up to my son and gave him a hug! It was so cute. My kids love playing the pop tart games online. They also love to draw, and they make up different pop tart characters and make pictures of them. It`s really cute. Sometime I`ll post pictures of some of the art work they do. They are so talented. Children have such a great imagination!! I`m just so thankful for a happy and healthy family!! Anyway, I do have alot of errands to run and I`m actually heading out the door now so I need to go, but I just wanted to share our little surprise outing with all of you today!!! It`s my prayer that all of you have a blessed day and thank you all so much for reading my blog!!! I love you all:)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Something to think about/changes in my life

I was just over at Sinner Saved and read THIS article that I think is really worth checking out. It has to do with the kind of language we use.It brought to mind an article I once read on Christian Homekeeper. She was talking about why it`s important that we as Christians dress nicely.We are ambassador`s for Christ. Everything we do and say represents to the world who He is. This should be our motivation to clean our homes, look nice, speak nicely,be well mannered, not what others might think of us, but what others will think about Christianity.Our lives need to be a testimony. This way of thinking has greatly helped me really get to the root of why I am having difficulty with organization, and keeping my home neat and such. The motives behind everything have been to serve man and what people will think of me if say they come over and see a mess. I think we need to sit back and ask ourselves what motivates our hearts. Are we afraid of what others will think of us or are we concerned with the image of Christ that we are portraying to others? Just something to think about and I felt lead to share this with all of you today! I hope I`ve been helpful!!
Now onto the second part of my post. I`m not sure if I mentioned that I would be looking for a job in the fall. Well the season has come, and I have an interview on Monday.Please pray for me. I`m not completely sold on the idea of going back to work. Titus 2 says we need to be keepers of the home,and that is what I thought God`s roll for me was. I`ve been praying about it. This is what my husband wants right now as well. He just feels alot of pressure on him right now because he cannot work,so this will be a huge blessing for him. I also got a state ID card today. I hadn`t had mine renewed for a long time.I registered to vote as well for the first time ever. I truly never had any kind of interest at all in politics before,but this will be ther first presidential election since I got saved, and I feel the need to vote this time around. I`m pretty excited about that!! so, alot of changes taking place in our home.
Well, I do need to get going now as the kids will be home from school soon!! Blessings and I hope everyone has a beautiful day!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Daily Ramblings

Hey eberyone!! Hope your all having a fantastic Monday!! We have had a very buisy couple of days. Friday we went to a local amusement park called Knoebles. We had so much fun!! Hubby and the kids got to be in a little play as well. It was so cute!! I`ve got pictures,and when I can I will post them:)
Yesterday my husband picked us up from church and then we went to his brothers house for a barbeque and the kids went swimming. Today hubbys mom and stepdad came over and brought b`day presents for my 8 and 5 year old. They also got a brand new entertainment center absolutly free. It is gorgeous!! They always find the best deals:) Anyway, they gave us their old one. It`s very nice. I`ll post pics sometime. God is so good:) He will always take care of us. I think that`s the message God has been trying to tell me latly. When you keep your eyes fixed on Him and His ways you won`t ever go wrong:)
Also,for all you apron lovers out there,head on over to MAPEL LANE for a great giveaway!! Hope you all have a wonderful day!!