Friday, September 12, 2008

An amazing primitive country store and other events

Hey everyone!! I hope all of you are having a blessed Friday!! I found this site called Fine Country Living Primitives and oh my word... you all must check this site out!! You can go on a tour of their home that was originally built in the early 1800`s. It is so cute and prim inside!! Then they have a short little film of their two cute boys helping their dad build the gift shop they now have. Then there is the gift shop. I`m telling you the things you will find are so adorable, prim, and affordable as well!! Since I started blogging I`ve developed a love for prim decor. I would like to start collecting some things for our home as finances allow. So, I was just so excited when I found this shop. Maybe one day my hubby will take us for a ride. I think it`s about an hour and a half from our house, but his sister lives close to where it`s located so that would be a great reason to do some visiting:)
I got very good news the other day as well. I got the job at the nursing home. It`s only part time for now. It is in the afternoon, which is not what I wanted since I`ll miss supper with my family and seeing the kids, but at least I`ll be able to gradually get used to working outside the home and also get used to trying to juggle my responsibilities at home. It`s only two days a week too which is very good. Plus there will be chances to switch shifts to morning when they become available.What I`ll be doing is serving meals in the dining room.I have to admit, I was very nervous about working. Just because I wasn`t sure I could keep up with the house and taking care of my family. I believe it is fine for Christian women to work as long as the responsibilities around the home come first.God is so faithful! He never gives us more than we can handle:)My poor friend had to go back to work as well. She`s been a homemaker for 20 years and she still home schools three of her children. She was devastated that she had to enroll them in public school this year. So many people are having difficulties this year.
I know I haven`t mentioned anything about my sister in a while. In case any of you are wondering,things are moving at a snails pace as far as the transfer of the money goes. We`ve been running around ALOT,trying to cooperate with everything she asks of us.We`re waiting for her to deposit the money into an account that I had to open in just my name.Of coarse I cannot call her,so I`ve been waiting to hear from the bank when money is deposited. This one woman is so sweet there. She actually agreed to call my sister to complete the transaction.It`s just a crazy situation,and the worst part of it is not being able to have closure with her. I am actually afraid to say anything to her for fear she wont give me the money. I don`t want to say anything nasty or anything like that. I just want to clear the air so to speak.
Truthfully, I would like to write a book about all of the trials we`ve faced over the past year and a half. I think it would be a wonderful testimony of how God can bring a family through anything:)All you have to do is trust Him!! Have a wonderful evening everyone!!!


Katy said...

I really hope things get better with your sister and become peaceful Toni! I know it is so hard for you! xoxo

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Toni, congratulations on your job. What a wonderful opportunity to minister to those dear people. I am happy for you.

I pray that the hurt between you and your sister will be healed.