Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Daily Ramblings

I hope everyone is having a blessed day today!! My life has been very busy lately. I officially started my new job last week. It`s hard getting used to working with the elderly and disabled,but I am getting used to it. It`s sad to see them so helpless. I try to be as cheerful and pleasant as I can be while I`m there. My job is not to heal them,or change the situation they are in. Only God can do that. My job is just to serve them their meal,and try to be as joyful and sweet as I possibly can to them.God knows what we can handle and never gives us more. I wanted full time hours but I`m so thankful I didn`t get them! First of all it`s very hard on my back as I have to lift heavy trays and mop buckets,boxes,ect.I think it would of been too emotionally draining too.God is good, and always knows what`s best for us! I still believe my job is to be a keeper at home,but I need to obey my husband as well.
For those of you who are wondering about the current situation with my sister,she finally gave us the money:)Praise God for that!!Now we can finally move on from this horrible situation and pay off some of the debt that was incurred during hubby`s injury. I`m so thankful:) I also plan on blessing others with some of the money as well. I want to honor the Lord in all I do and no amount of money will ever change that! Please keep our family in your prayers.My desire is to do the Lord`s will.Often times it is hard for me to give freely to the church because I am under the submission of an unsaved husband.Don`t get me wrong though. My husband has a huge heart and is more than willing to help people that are in need. It`s the tithing that I can`t get his permission on.He doesn`t mind if I give some money,it`s just that he doesn`t want me to give 10% of the money. God knows my heart though:)If I could, I`d give more without even thinking twice. The joy I would feel to be able to give that much to help further Gods kingdom would be amazing!!
On another note~~~The reason I haven`t been posting too much lately is because I`m almost at my 100th post and guess what?? I have a surprise for all of my faithful readers and also for new friends:) I will be hosting my very first giveaway!! The theme will be "Some of my favorite things" and the reason why I decided on this theme rather than a fall theme is because #1 everyone is doing a fall theme and I wanted to be different,and # 2 I just saw so many things that I loved and that have been blessings to me that I just had to share them with all of you:)I don`t have any pictures of anything yet or dates on when the giveaway will be. I`m still collecting things to give away, so when I feel like I have a good amount of treasures I will post the giveaway. It may not be exactly on my 100th post but I promise you guys it will be very soon:)
Finally,as you all know we have had our lives pretty much on hold for the last 1-1/2 years because of my husbands injury,so we will be very busy.We only had this house for 6 months when hubby got hurt,so alot needs to be done. The first thing we will be doing is laying new carpet in the kids room.We have three children in one room right now and it is crammed.We started organizing and cleaning today and will continue throughout the week.By next week we hope to have the room ready to carpet:) When we moved in we had to reinforce the floor,so we actually have no carpet at all in there right now.Also we will be getting them bunk beds. Right now they have a full size bed that my son sleeps in and a twin that my middle child and daughter share.The beds we want have a little closet built in and that will be such a blessing because their room currently does not have any closet space. I will try to get before and after pictures so I can show all of you how everything turns out!
Thanks to all of you who have read through all of my ramblings today:) (when I titled this post daily ramblings, I wasn`t kidding!LOL!!) Blessings everyone!!!


ElleBee said...

Toni, I'm always so excited when your blog comes up in my Bloglines feed with a new post. God is truly blessing you. I feel like I can relate to so much of your life. My husband is not a believer either, and we've been dealing with a tough issue for the last 15 months. May God continue to bless your family, and continue to carry you through the rough spots. Peace.

KKJD1 said...

So glad things have started rolling in respect of getting bills paid, house fixed, ect. I completely understand about the 10% my hubby is unsaved also but his biggest thing with the 10% is that he says most christians are hipocrits(sp?) and that preachers drive all these nice cars because of the 10%. But Im there with you Id give and give and give to further Gods kingdom. Hope the job continues to go well for you I know the patients are glad to see a smiling face so many are in places like that just to make a paycheck so they could care less ablout the people there so I say keep making that joy for the patients! It will come back to you somehow. blessings, Karen

Wendy said...

You must feel such a big weight off your shoulders finally getting your money!! Praise The Lord!!! I pray God will continue to guide you in all areas of your life and you feel His peace in everything you do!! Take care!!~Wendy

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Isn't it great when we see that God has been working all along and things begin to come all together for you!!!! I know it's been a tough time, but you have remained faithful, and I'm just so happy and glad for you. I've watched you grow through all of this, move closer to the Lord, dig deeper, ask questions, etc., and I'm sure you have matured, and deepened you faith with Him!!!!!! I'm just so happy that things are happening, Girl!!!!!! Praise God!


Anonymous said...

Hi Toni,

I'm so glad to hear that things are going well. I think you are right to submit to your husband in terms of giving. By submitting you are being a witness to him. Like Ellebee I look forward to your posts because I know that no matter how things are going, you are always pionting to God and putting your trust in him.

I've tagged you here.


Susan. :o)