Monday, July 28, 2008

Praying For Wisdome

Well,we got some very bad news today.It doesn`t look like we are getting the house.The inspection report came back and there was a 27 page list of things that needed to be fixed.I`m very discouraged.I know God has a plan for us.I guess all we can do is sit back and wait on Him.Please pray that God will show us what He wants us to do.Do we just stay here and pay off our mortgage,and fix the many things wrong,do we start from scratch and purchase another home,do we look for a shack somewhere,knock it down and put a modeler home up,do we move out of state?The bottom line is that we have to figure out what we`re going to do before we end up foreclosing on this home.I can`t believe we have to start all over again.I guess it`s not so bad.At least we have options.Most people that get into these positions don`t have the resources we have and I believe we`re being faced with this for a reason.We just really need some answers.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home from a surprise mini vacation and tagged:)

I hope all of you are having a very blessed week!!First I want to thank all of you for your kind comments and prayer for my family and I!I am sending HUGEcyber hugs to all of you:)Things are moving along with our new house:)Waiting for the inspector to get back to us with the full report,but we are shooting for the closing to take place in about two weeks!!Praise God:)
So,hubbys brother lent me some money so I could spend a few days with the kids at the Jersey shore.I am so thankful for that:)We all had such a great time.My sister In-laws husband took my 7 year old crabbing off the peer yesterday.They left at like 5 am.He had a blast,and the kids got to eat their first ever crab last night:)Their grandparents took them down on Sunday.I spent the entire day home alone.I never miss church.I actually ended up having a day that was so,so blessed though.I put on some praise music and cleaned the house.Which,once again I never do on Sunday.It was good though,because I got to worship God in the comfort of my own home,got stuff done that blessed my husband,and I got to pray all by myself,and really,for the first time in a long time I just completely poured my heart out to the Lord.I`ve just been so stressed out lately.Not so much about the current issues going on because I know God will provide,but just my own sin.I`ve really had a heavy heart lately and felt strongly convicted about some issues in my life and it just felt really good to have some time alone with the Lord.Just focusing on Him with no distractions.I felt so peaceful.It was a kind of peace I just cant even describe.Sorry for my rambling:)
Monday,hubby and I had a few errands to run,food shopping,came home and cleaned some more.Then we had the inspection at 6pm and his father and step mom met us at the new house(pictures to follow soon)then they came back here for some cake.Then on Tuesday I left at 6:30am to go to meet the kids at the shore.It was so nice.We spent the whole day by the beach and at the pool.Then at night we went out for pizza on the boardwalk and played games with the kids.Yesterday was ride day.After my son got home from crabbing with his uncle we went on the rides then went swimming and back on the boardwalk at night.Then after the kids are in bed we usually have a drink outside and talk till 1 or 2 in the morning.It`s not a restful vacation,but so much fun.All we do is laugh all day:)

Now that I`ve rambled to no end,Susan from Saved Sinner Tagged me.I have to name five of my favorite things.So here goes:
#1.Peace I have with God through His Son Jesus Christ
#2.My family
#3.Ice cream
#5.Friends,blogging,church,okay I know I have more than 5 now so I`ll stop(LOL)
If anyone reads this consider yourself tagged!!Don`t forget to tell me if you participate so I can read your post!!!!!Have a blessed night:)

Friday, July 18, 2008

A very Talented Lady!!

Hey you guys,Tammy over at
Country Girl At Homehas just opened up an etsy shop today with her husband!!She has some really beautiful things so you all have to go check it out. She`s also having a great giveaway to celebrate her grand opening:)This is what you could win.I hope it was okay to use this picture Tammy:)Well,good luck to all of you:)Blessings!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Crash,bang,boom ,and other events in our lives

It all started when I was doing some cleaning upstairs today.I had flushed the toilet....then heard water running in the bathroom.I glanced in there and didn`t see the faucet on.I figured it was the toilet making that running noise it makes from time to time and just thought nothing of it.The kids came upstairs and said water was leaking from the ceiling in the kitchen.Before we knew it the ceiling came caving in and water was everywhere.Apparently the toilet was overflowing in the bathroom.I called my husband into the bathroom because I had no idea how to stop the water from running.He injured his wrist very badly,plus he still has his foot that`s healing,and he has a really bad cold as well.We got the water to stop running.Then I went downstairs and sopped as much water as I could up and then took the shop vac and got the rest up.The damage is not as bad as it looks.We only need to replace 3 ceiling tiles.Until Monday I will have a gaping hole above my stove though.My poor little girl was so frightened when she saw all the water pouring out of our ceiling.I was also very upset,because this house is going up for sale soon!!So,at least we`ll have the weekend for everything to dry out and then it will be fixed on Monday.

In other events,it is official!!We got the house!!!The inspection is Monday at 6pm:)Praise God!!Sunday the kids are leaving for the Jersey Shore.The kids and I go every year with Joe`s family.Last year I could`nt go because Joe had been home from work with his foot injury.I was so heartbroken that I missed seeing the kids at the beach.This year we didn`t think I could go either because Joe is still home and recovering from surgery number two.His brother offered to lend me some money so I could go.Wasn`t that soo sweet?His sister is going down on Tuesday with her husband and two kids,so she said she would pick me up.Then we will return on Thursday.I was thinking of not going though.We just have so much going on here with the house and everything.I think I am going to go though.I can`t miss the kids again.Plus it`s only two days.
You know,words cannot even express how much God has taught me through the trials our family has gone through in the past year.I have learned so much:)For those of you who aren`t aware of what`s been going on I`ll do a recap post later.For those of you that do know,there has been more to the story.My husbands job has been terminated.We found out last week.They said since he`s been injured for longer than 9 months they cannot hold his position.If he can ever return he has to start from square one and will lose 6 years of seniority.He will also have to take a position that physically he probably can`t do.So,right now we have no health insurance either.There are alot of things we are looking into right now to help meet our long term financial needs.Right now we are getting by on very little money.We are being paid through long term disability.My point is that God is providing:)Look at the amazing new start we will have in this new house:)The house is being paid in full through a trust my mom left for the children's college education.Then we will make small payments when we can to replace it.Isn`t it amazing though?God knew we would need that money and He provided:)It also looks like I may have to get a job when my youngest starts school in the fall.I really wanted to be a keeper at home,but if my husband can`t work I have to.So that`s also something we need prayer for.I have so many concerns right now.The kids need eye exams and dental exams and doctors visits before school.I KNOW that God will provide a way.He is holding me up with His righteous right hand.If it wasn`t for knowing that I truly think I`d fall apart.I don`t know how people live without Him.God bless all of you tonight.If you don`t know the Lord,please e-mail me or leave a comment here on my blog.I`d love to talk with you:)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Letting your light shine:)

I was just on a blog called what`s cookingThere was a post about making place mats for kids that are in the hospital and I thing this is a great project for the children to do!!Go to her site to read all about it!!What a great way to spread the word of the Lord too!!These children need to know the saving message of the gospel and you never know who else will end up getting saved as well!!Just another idea of a way you can let your light shine in someone else`s life today!!!Blessings!!

Monday, July 14, 2008

Like a Theif In The Night

Just a short little post.Something very amazing happened to me today.On Saturday I was getting some strong feelings about end times.I sat down and was lead to several passages in Isaiah about the future for Israel.I did not understand what I read so I prayed about it and asked the Lord to reveal Himself to me and I prayed about the fact that we very well may be living in end times and if God willed it to be that He would help me understand some of the things that I had read.Today,God answered that prayer.I used to visit a blog called Jubilee on Earthbut she had stopped posting for a while.Today she e-mailed me and I was so excited to see her blog has been updated.She is doing a series of posts about end times:)The exact passages I had read about on Saturday and had prayed about were explained by her!!Nothing like this has ever happened to me before and I just know that God has answered prayer!!Anyone who has not been on her blog,you must check it out!!!er study on end times is very good.Backed by scripture and events going on right now all over the world.I was so excited by this post today I nearly wanted to explode after I read it!I`d love to here everyone`s thoughts and ideas on this post.Bye for now!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Blackberry Cobbler

I finally got my camera working!!Yay:)So yesterday afternoon my daughter and I picked some fresh blackberries.Then I tried Lea of Farmhouse Blessings recipe for blackberry Cobbler and it was soo good!!I plan on going berry picking again today and I`ll take some pictures of the kids.I also plan on taking some pictures by the possible new house today.That`s really all that`s going on.I`ll post more later!!Blessings!!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Look What I Won!!!

I wanted to show all of you what I won from Rosemarie over at Sugarplum CottageShe has a very nice blog that you all should go and check out!!I know you will be blessed by it!!It is getting late so I need to go now!!Blessings!!

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A great weekend!!

Hey!!I hope everyone had a wonderful foourth of July!!We were very buisy this weekend!!We went to my husbands mom`s onFriday foor a party for our nephew(He turned two.Soo Cute!!!)We went swimming,then stayed over night,because hubbys brother had a barbeque the next afternood.They are neighbors and live 50 miles away from us.It was really nice.They had a fire pit out back and we roasted marshmellow and made smores.The kids went swimming there too.We didn`t go because all our stuff was cold and wet froim his moms house.It`s nice the way his brothers pool is set up.The deck goes right to the edge of the pool,so you can sit at the table and watch the kids swim.Oh yea...Friday night we got to see the fireworks too which was nice.We had front row seats!!We also did some at his mom`s and the kids had sparklers which always scare me to death!!Then in their party favor bags they each got a box of them:/Daddy will be helping them set them off:)Today,I went to a local church for worship.It`s different then our normal church,but still nice.
We also got some good news on our house hunting!!Everything happens for a reason:)Remember how I was saying that it didn`t look like we were giong to get the house we had wanted?Well we looked at two others on Thursday afternoon and we found another house.This one is beautiful on the inside.It has a sunroom with Parkay floors and the yard leads to the creek.It also has a back deck.It needs siding and windows,but it is alot cheaper than the first house,so all of that stuff is doable!!The realator called Thurday evening after we had seen the house.I thought he was calling to see if we wanted to put a bid in.He was calling to let us know that the bank approved the bid on the other home and wanted to close a.s.a.p.but we actually like the house by the creek better.So we said no.Is`nt that funny though?I have been in prayer throughout this whole journey and I was praying as we were looking at the house on Thurs.and God is giving me an answer.I will try to get some pictures today,but my camera is deleting all of my pics and I have no idea why.I just bought new batteries and everything.Hopefully I can get picures up.I`ll try.I just love the kitchen.It`s so country looking!!It has shutters on all the windows and a liitle broom closet!!It also has a built in china hutch!!It needs the paint stripped,but once it`s all redone it will be beautiful.The outside is just hideous!!I`m very thankfull we will be able to get it resided.I hope all of you had a blessed fourth of July and a wonderful and restful Lords day!!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

What are you doing these days to "BEA GREEN?"

So,I was over atBumblebea green and there was a great post about what we do to "BEA GREEN"Now, I have to admit,I am the kind of person that trusts God will take care of our earth,but there are some things I do to save money that are earth friendly as well.One of them is that I make my own laundry soap.This helps the environment in several ways.One of those ways is that it saves on the plastic that is being produced for the bottles of laundry soap.It also helps the environment because I do not use harsh chemicals.Another thing I do is reuse my zip lock bags and foil when possible.Just wash them and hand them to dry either over your dish drain or my friend uses a magnetic clip and hangs them on her fridge.So that saves money and reduces landfill build up.Another thing I do is reuse glass jars from salsa,or spaghetti sauce.I posted about that a few weeks ago.I also go on free cycle alot which is so helpful in so many ways.One of the reasons I like freecycle is because you get a chance to help others in the community.It also saves the landfills.I hope this post has been helpful to alot of people and I strongly urge you to go over to Bumble Bea Green for a great chance to win one of her handmade totes!!They are simply beautiful!!!Have a blessed evening!!