Sunday, July 6, 2008

A great weekend!!

Hey!!I hope everyone had a wonderful foourth of July!!We were very buisy this weekend!!We went to my husbands mom`s onFriday foor a party for our nephew(He turned two.Soo Cute!!!)We went swimming,then stayed over night,because hubbys brother had a barbeque the next afternood.They are neighbors and live 50 miles away from us.It was really nice.They had a fire pit out back and we roasted marshmellow and made smores.The kids went swimming there too.We didn`t go because all our stuff was cold and wet froim his moms house.It`s nice the way his brothers pool is set up.The deck goes right to the edge of the pool,so you can sit at the table and watch the kids swim.Oh yea...Friday night we got to see the fireworks too which was nice.We had front row seats!!We also did some at his mom`s and the kids had sparklers which always scare me to death!!Then in their party favor bags they each got a box of them:/Daddy will be helping them set them off:)Today,I went to a local church for worship.It`s different then our normal church,but still nice.
We also got some good news on our house hunting!!Everything happens for a reason:)Remember how I was saying that it didn`t look like we were giong to get the house we had wanted?Well we looked at two others on Thursday afternoon and we found another house.This one is beautiful on the inside.It has a sunroom with Parkay floors and the yard leads to the creek.It also has a back deck.It needs siding and windows,but it is alot cheaper than the first house,so all of that stuff is doable!!The realator called Thurday evening after we had seen the house.I thought he was calling to see if we wanted to put a bid in.He was calling to let us know that the bank approved the bid on the other home and wanted to close a.s.a.p.but we actually like the house by the creek better.So we said no.Is`nt that funny though?I have been in prayer throughout this whole journey and I was praying as we were looking at the house on Thurs.and God is giving me an answer.I will try to get some pictures today,but my camera is deleting all of my pics and I have no idea why.I just bought new batteries and everything.Hopefully I can get picures up.I`ll try.I just love the kitchen.It`s so country looking!!It has shutters on all the windows and a liitle broom closet!!It also has a built in china hutch!!It needs the paint stripped,but once it`s all redone it will be beautiful.The outside is just hideous!!I`m very thankfull we will be able to get it resided.I hope all of you had a blessed fourth of July and a wonderful and restful Lords day!!!!


Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

The Lord has the perfect place in store for you and your family, Toni! Just wait upon the Lord and let Him guide and direct you. I just love the idea of a creek! Sounds lovely!


Wendy said...

Congratulations Toni!! Isn't it just like god to put two homes in front of you!!:0) Keep your eyes on Him and he will direct your path!! So glad you had a great weekend!!~Wendy

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that you can see what God is doing for you with regard to the house move.

BTW I remember a while ago you asked in a post about whether it would be appropriate to stand up in church and tell people about your healing given the nature of the illness. I never commented at the time as I was still pondering but I did think that perhaps one way you could do it would be to refer to it by the "technical" name. I imagine the people most likely to be enbarrassed would either not know what it was or would be less embarrassed by a technical/medical sounding name to it. ANyway, that was just a thought I had about it.

Susan. :o)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Hope things work out! Glad you had a good 4th! ;)