Monday, July 14, 2008

Like a Theif In The Night

Just a short little post.Something very amazing happened to me today.On Saturday I was getting some strong feelings about end times.I sat down and was lead to several passages in Isaiah about the future for Israel.I did not understand what I read so I prayed about it and asked the Lord to reveal Himself to me and I prayed about the fact that we very well may be living in end times and if God willed it to be that He would help me understand some of the things that I had read.Today,God answered that prayer.I used to visit a blog called Jubilee on Earthbut she had stopped posting for a while.Today she e-mailed me and I was so excited to see her blog has been updated.She is doing a series of posts about end times:)The exact passages I had read about on Saturday and had prayed about were explained by her!!Nothing like this has ever happened to me before and I just know that God has answered prayer!!Anyone who has not been on her blog,you must check it out!!!er study on end times is very good.Backed by scripture and events going on right now all over the world.I was so excited by this post today I nearly wanted to explode after I read it!I`d love to here everyone`s thoughts and ideas on this post.Bye for now!!


A Christian said...

Hi, there! I loved, loved, loved reading your comment (and now your blog post)! There have been some pretty neat things happening on my end, too, sister.

All I can say right now is continue reading Scripture, and watch for signs. If you're excited to learn more, I've got 4 different posts (soon to be 5) on the End Times.

Stay in touch! God bless...



Wendy said...

I so believe we are in the end times!!! But its amazing the peace I feel although all this is going on in our world!! God Bless and so glad God has answered your prayers!!!~Wendy

Lea of Farmhouse Blessings said...

Wow ~ Toni that is so awesome to KNOW the Lord is speaking to you. I will definately stop by and check out her blog. We've been watching the signs from here too.