Saturday, August 29, 2009

Hey All!!

Before I get started,I have a very serious prayer request. One of the families in our church lost their 11 month old son Monday morning. It was a tragic accident.He sufficated in his sleep.The viewing and service was on Thursday.Please pray for the family.The mom is having a very hard time.Also pray for our church family.This tragidy has shaken alot of lives.

Onto other happier things....Our lives have actally been quiet the past week or so.The kids started school on Wednesday.They attend a public school right in town.It`s a very small school,and they really are enjoying it.I ould rather them go to a private Christian school tha our Pastor and his wife own.My husband is not a believer and doesn`t really want them in a school that doesn`t have sports,so public school it is.For now anyway:) I really wish I could home school them,but circumstances in my life won`t allow that,so they are where God wants them to be at this time:)
Well,I wish I could post some more,but it`s getting close to 9 and we have to be up early for church!Good night and I love you all!!! Thank you so much for reading my blog!! Please leave a comment so I know you stopped by!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

God`s plan continues to unfold and other happenings in our lives

Hello all!! I am just so thrilled at the amazing things God is doing I just have to share it with all of my dear readers!! Remember Paul and Marybeth? Well,they came to another service on Sunday!!! I really know she has a heart for the Lord,but the Lord is also working in her husband as well.The sermon was preached by one of our deacons and he never preached a sermon before.This too,was part of Gods plan because this man is so down to earth and young and I believe that was a contributing factor to grabbing Pauls attention.He payed attention to the sermon and I really believe he was moved.Is he ready to give his life to Christ.Not yet.God is working on his heart though.He talked more about the Catholic church and the difference he sees in our church and I`m just so thrilled!!!! They`re planning on coming over on Sunday morning for breakfast and then we are all going to church together.EVEN MY HUSBAND!!!!! You see,God is using this couple to draw my husband closer to Him as well. Please pray this week that my husbands heart will melt at Sunday`s service and he will humble himself before the throne of grace.
Also,more great news.My friend who left our church several months ago returned on Sunday.I was so happy to see her returning to her home!!God is so sooo good!!
Now,onto our family news.Today is Emily`s 6th birthday!! Her grandparents took her out for the day to Toys `r`Us and Friendly`s and then came back here for ice cream cake.We`re planning on having a celebration again this weekend at her other grandparents house.Anthony`s birthday is on the 19th so we`ll have a double mini b`day party for the two of them.When they go back to school we plan on having a big party for both of them at a really fun place called Clomb Alot Clubhouse.It`s going to be their first party for all their school and church friends so it should be alot of fun!
I know some of you have been reading my blog for a long time now,so I`m sure your wondering about my female heath issues that I posted about a while back.Well,I`m seeing a new doctor now.She did a biopsy last week and that was negitive thank the Lord!! What she wants to do is insert this device into the uterus that slolwly releases progesterin into my blod strem and it will help keep the uterine lining from becoming too thick.It`s good for five years.It also prevents pregnancy.I do not believe in using these devices for birth controle,but because of the medical condition I have this would really be the best option.
I do need to go now.I hope all of you have a blesssed evening111