Thursday, July 3, 2008

What are you doing these days to "BEA GREEN?"

So,I was over atBumblebea green and there was a great post about what we do to "BEA GREEN"Now, I have to admit,I am the kind of person that trusts God will take care of our earth,but there are some things I do to save money that are earth friendly as well.One of them is that I make my own laundry soap.This helps the environment in several ways.One of those ways is that it saves on the plastic that is being produced for the bottles of laundry soap.It also helps the environment because I do not use harsh chemicals.Another thing I do is reuse my zip lock bags and foil when possible.Just wash them and hand them to dry either over your dish drain or my friend uses a magnetic clip and hangs them on her fridge.So that saves money and reduces landfill build up.Another thing I do is reuse glass jars from salsa,or spaghetti sauce.I posted about that a few weeks ago.I also go on free cycle alot which is so helpful in so many ways.One of the reasons I like freecycle is because you get a chance to help others in the community.It also saves the landfills.I hope this post has been helpful to alot of people and I strongly urge you to go over to Bumble Bea Green for a great chance to win one of her handmade totes!!They are simply beautiful!!!Have a blessed evening!!

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Sugarplum Cottage said...

Hey Toni, Congratulations, You recently registered for a stitchery and stars I was giving away. Well, wanted to let you know you won. Please send me your address so they can caught the next train out. Hugs, RoseMarie