Monday, September 29, 2008

I`ve been tagged:)

So,I`ve been tagged by Susan over at Sinner Saved Here are the rules if you want to play along: the person that tagged you
2.tag 6 others,I think?
3.tell 6 "unspectacular" quirks about yourself

So here goes:
1.I`m not big on calling people on the phone-It`s really weird.I kind of have a phone phobia. It makes me very nervious to call people unless I need something. I have some of the dearest and sweetest friends,but I never call them on the phone. I`ll e-mail people,but I just have a weird fear of talking on the phone
2.I dont drive.Never had a drivers licence.It is very difficult,but I have learned to get used to it
3.I have four implanted teeth.I was in a car accident when I was 17 and had four teeth knocked out. I had to where dentures for my entire senior year of high school. Didn`t get permanent teeth until I was 22. I had to go throu 1-1/2 years of braces(because my bite was off they said.)Then they implanted bone from my hip into my mouth because I lost bone because of the trama.That had to heal for about 6 months.Then they put the metal screws in wich had to heal another 6 months. Then,finally the actual teeth.
4.When I am home all day cleaning,sometimes I stay in my pajamas all day. So, if you ever happen to be in my neck of the woods and decide to pay me a surprise visit and I`m in my p.j.`s it`s not because I was being a couch potato the entire day.Sometimes I just get so buisy that I don`t even get a chance to get dressed:)
5.I`m only 5 foot three yet I wear a size 10-11 shoe! Maybe that`s not so strange,but I think it`s rare to see someone on the short side with big feet:)
6. I screem too much. this is a very unspectacular thing about myself that I am constantly repenting of.

So,there you have it. I,like some other people I know do not like to tag others ,so if you would like to play then concider yourself tagged:) Just don`t forget to link me to your post and leave me a comment so I can check out what your 6 "unspectacular"things about you are. I cannot emagine any of my sweet blog friends have anything unspectacuar to share! I think all of you are wonderful and each one of you has been a HUGE blessing to me:)Hope your all having a blessed night with your families!!


Tracy said...

I did it!

Anonymous said...

I don't like making phonecalls either. I always have to pscych myself up for them.

Katy said...

Those are really interesting Toni!!! I am short as well...5 ft 2in. and I wear a 9 or 10 shoe (cuz my feet are wide). LOL so know you aren't the only one!!! ;)

Kolfinnas Korner said...

I don't like making phone calls or answering the phone, however since that is my job......I must do it. No, I'm not a telemarketer, I answer the phone for our business.

Jubilee on Earth said...

Hi, Toni... thanks for the great comment! I know it must be hard to be saved when your spouse isn't. What a great thing the Lord is doing with you! By all means take whatever you'd like from my blog and use it in whatever way you see fit. I don't care about copyright or links or any of that -- I care about Christ and helping to bring those lost sheep to him.

God bless!