Sunday, October 12, 2008

An Update on our lives

It seems as though it`s been forever since I posted!! For those that are wondering,we are all doing fine!Alot has been going on with me.The endometrial hyperplasia that I have has been acting up again.I good friend took me over to the doctors last week,and he put me on progesterone.Things started to go back to normal within 24 hours which was absolutly amazing.My blood count had dropped down to 9.5 within 10 days. In case some of you are not farmilure with blood count levals a normal count should be between 12 and 15.When the blood count gets below 8 the body cannot produce more blood on it`s own and a transfusion is needed.Last August I was hospitalized because my count fell to 5. This happened gradually over the coarse of a two year period though.Last week my blood count dropped within a 10 day period.God knew that I needed to go to the doctor at exactly the right moment!!How amazing is He:)Plus I started taking iron a few days before because I knew I should.So now I`m an official pill popper.I take b12,iron,and progesterone every night. Part of the reason the blood loss was alot heavier this time is because of my new job. I only work 3 hours but the heavy lifting caused ALOT more blood loss than is normal for the condition I have. The doctor told me it`s because of the pressure on your uterus when lifting.So,now I have to go for an ultrasound at the end of the month and then back to thje doctor for a follow up the first week of November.He said he also needs records from my previous doctor because in order to figure out the best way to treat this condition he needt to know what kind of hyperplasia I have.There`s one that has precancer cells,one that has cancer cells and one that`s normal.I know mine is the normal kind because I already spoke with a doctor last year about this when I went into the hospatil.I`m probably going to be facing surgery to have my uterus out,but I will know more in November. I know everything will work out because I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.That is my hope and the very foundation that my life is built on.Praise God for my salvation!!!
Aside from all the health stuff we had a fun day yesterday! We went to an apple orchard and picked apples with the kids!It was so much fun!!They got pumpkins as well. I`ll post some pics tomorrow:)My husband bought a new camera for us on Friday!! It is such a blessing. He has to set some stuff up yet,but when he does I will post pictures.Now I`m sure you`re wondering how many apples we picked right?FIFTY pounds!!I will be learning to can this week:)At .69 a pound who could pass up the oppertunity to stock up.It was weird too because this was an idea we just had a few days ago and when we got there it turned out that this is the only weekend you can pick apples:)God is always in controle.Now I have to pray for wisdome as I learn how to can and physical stamana as I`ve been very tired due to the anemia.
So,now let me tell all of you about my new job. It is going very well. I love working with the elderly. It`s very sad at times when I have to go into the dementia unit to clean. It`s heartbreaking to see all those poor people so lost and confused. One woman paces the floors crying because she thinks she has to pay her bill,and doesn`t know how she will get home. I`ve come to realise that there are things you just have to leave with the Lord.We don`t know why these people are going through what they`re going through and no one can change the situation. All I can do is be sweet,kind and friendly and do the job God gave me.It really makes me angry to see the way these people are treated sometimes though. What can I do though? Love one another as Christ loved us!
Finally,it looks like we are on our way to making some really major improvements in our home!!I`ll be sure to post more as things progress.
I didn`t forget about the giveaway I`ve been promising either!! It will probably be within the next week or so as I`m still collecting goodies:)
I also have some recipes to post too,but that will have to be sometime durring the week. The other day I made homemade flour tortillas,and whole wheat hameburger/sandwich buns to freeze.We`ve been so buisy latly I think having these things on hand will help make meal planning a little easier.
Well,I should go to bed soon.It`s going on 12:30.I can kind of take it easy tomorrow though because the kids are home from school.I do need my rest though and I still have research left to do before heading to bed,so I think I`ll say good night for now:)

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Shelley said...

Hi Toni,came upon your post and thought I was reading my own story. I have had endometrial hyperplasia for about five years now. The type with pre cancerous cells. I have a biopsy ahout every six months to a year,to count the level.The last one showed the cells were down,praise the Lord!I have been taking progesterone for about a year. I am sure to have surgery in the near future,but am trying to wait until I am insured.
Good luck with your treatment,and I pray your health be renewed.
God has been so good to me..and for that I am very thankful...