Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Amazing things happen when we trust God

Hello again my friends!! I know you all must be shocked that I`m blogging for the second time this week:)I just have to tell you guys about what happened.Remember the family I told you about that we`ve become close friends with? Remember how I said they started coming to our church? Well their Names are Paul,Marybeth,and they have two children,Ryan who`s 7 and Alicia who`s 4.I try when I speaking of other people on my blog not to use they`re names,but it`s just too confusing.Lol! Anyway,onto my story.God`s really been working in her life over the past few weeks and I`ve seen the hand of God in her life.She was born and raised Catholic as well as her husband.Sunday was only the second time they came to our church.They did end up leaving early because her husband was sick.I tried calling her the next morning and she didn`t call back.I though it was odd,but figured I would see her that night because her husband has been playing softball with mine and there was a church game that night.She wasn`t there,but her husband was.He told us that they were going to go to a Catholic church down the road this coming Sunday.Let me say this before I continue on.I have been a Christian for almost four years now.I never shared the Gospel to anyone other than my children and husband.I have always felt convicted of that and I pray often that God will hep me get over my fear of man and share the truth with others.For the first time on Monday night I was confronted and had to make a stand for Christ and the Gospel.I took a huge chance that these new friends that I love so much would be offended,but I knew the Holy Spirit was with me.I said that the Catholic church does not preach the Gospel of Christ or the true way of salvation.I assured him that everything I was about to tell him comes from the Word of God.I`m not out to bash other religions or churches.The catholic church teaches that you have to earn your salvation through works.God sent Jesus Christ his son to die for us and only through His blood are we saved.After I witnessed to him I felt so different.I can`t even explain it but if your a Christian and reading this you might know what I mean.So anyway,we left the game and I was so sick about the response I got and all that was going on.I tried to call again the next day and didn`t get a call back so last night I decided to send her a message through face book.I let her know the truth and got a response back last night saying that she had made a decision to go back to her old church.I cried so hard because I know the deception behind the Catholic church.I`ve been so sick for three days over this I can`t even tell you.I felt like someone died.I also received a wonderful blessing.My husband who is not a believer came home from the store before with a Christian card of encouragement for me and wrote the most beautiful words of encouragement.I was praying that God would help me submit to His will and trust in Him and He showed me through the card my husband wrote that my testimony to Marybeth and Paul made an impact on him and I truly believe that my husbands heart was touched by God.
The story isn`t over yet.Late this afternoon I got a phone call from Marybeth.She said she did research and found out I was correct in what I told her about the Catholic church!! She will not be going there.She also told her husband about what she learned.I am so thrilled about this!! Praise God!!
Please pray for Marybeth and her family and for me as well.I am so amazed.God has us in the palm of His hands and no matter how hard Satin tries he can`t pluck us out.It`s not about us.It`s all about Christ and living each day for Him to bring Him Glory!!

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prayzgod said...

Oh, PRAISE GOD! Yes, I know exactly what you meant in your post.

I also know of the bondage of the Catholic Church. Not first hand, but through my husband who was deceived by Her for over 30 years.

"Come out of her, my people," God is calling people to come out of the Roman Catholic Church, and to look to Jesus, and to Jesus ALONE for salvation.

Praise God that more and more Catholics are answering that call, and becoming a part of the Body of Christ.