Thursday, November 13, 2008

My first crocheting project!!!!

Hey guys!!I hope you all are having a wonderful day!! This is a picture of a chrocheting kit I purchaced from Walmart a few weeks ago. I finally sat down two nights ago and taught myself to crochet!!Next I have a picture of my winter blanket in the making!!It has some mistakes,but I think it`s coming along nicely!! Soon I hope to get the kids each a ball of yarn and a crocheting needle o they cn join in on the fun with me!! They really want to learn.
Next,I have a photo of Anthony and Emily with our new kitty.I had a basket of laundry and a quilt on top of it that goes in the kids room and Midnight curled up on top of it.The kids really wanted me to take a picture because it was so cute!!Next I had hubby take a picture of my new hair cut. I don`t know if you can tell how much shorter it is because my shirt is black but it was to the middle of my back before.I think that is a horrid picture of me,but oh well.You can see the ugly walls in our bedroom too!LOl!We plan on redoing this room soon.It`s actually going to be Emily`s room,but that won`t be for a while yet:)So,anyway,the next picture I want to share with you guys is of our candelite dinner last night.I made roasted chicken,smashed red potatoes with skins,and oven roasted carrots.I have no idea why it came out so dark though.There is plenty of light in our kitchen now that we renovated it.Now that I think about it....I may have taken this picture two nights ago.In that case we had creamy chicken over rice with bab carrots and green and yellow string beans.I also made somehing called apple dump cake for dessert that night. Oh my goodness was it ever so yummy!!! Have any of you ever made a dump cake before.It`s so easy!! I plan doing a recipe post one day to post some of the things I`ve beencreating for my family in our new kitchen!!Some of the recipes I`ll be posting include fruit smoothies,and homemade granola. other news...I went to the doctor today to discuss the ultrasound results.Guess what? I know nothing! They said the ultrasound didn`t show any abnormal growths or tumors which is fantastic news.He said in order to decide what the next step is as far as treament goes he needs the results from the hospatil from when I had the D&C done back in Aug. of `07.He want`s to know if any abnormal cells were found.So,he said if they don`t have the results by January,they he will do a biopsy in his office.January I`m thinking?? There is NO WAY I`m waiting until January. So,I am going to personally go down to the hospatil myself and request the results and then fax them over myself.I am totally at peace with all of this. I prayed in the waiting room that God would give me peace about this situation.He really has.Whatever the outcome is,God knows and He will take care of me and provide a way to pay for any treatments.We serve an awesome God and He is ALWAYS in controle!!
Speaking of serving an awesome God I`ve been meaning to post about this for almost a week now. Our church supports a ministry called Providing Hope Ministries. Someones goes to a local jail cell and gts to preach the Gospel to the inmates.They lso do one on one counceling and lots of other things to help lead inmates to Christ.Well last Friday they hosted a banquet at a local chuch and I got to attend.I heard some really amazing testamonys.I mean truly AMAZING!!We sung two praise/worship songs as well which was again, just awesome.Then at the end they had a table set up and this wonderful young woman was standing there.Sheimmediatly gave her testamony to us of how God saved her.She was a drug addict.She was in a coma and nearly died.Her mother didn`t know what to do with her so she put her in the car and drove her to the church parking lot.They just sat there and a man affiliated with the church approached them.HGe got into the car with them.I guess soon after that she started attending some of the services and about a month later after one of the services ended she just went up to the front and got on her knees and accepted Christ as her savior. A month later she was baptised.It`s been two years now and she now sells hand made Christian cards.She also signed a contract with barns and knoble!! It`s amazing what God can do in someones life!!! I need to go now!!!Have a blessed evening!!


Kolfinnas Korner said...

I Love to crochet! My grandma taught me when I was young. I don't do a lot of it as I easily get bored with it. Therefore a small project like a potholder may take me a year to finish LOL!

Katy said...

That is fantastic about the crocheting Toni!!! :) Great job! I look forward to seeing your progress! :)

Cora from Hidden Riches said...

Toni, I was just so "into" reading your post! I'm thrilled that you taught yourself to crochet like that. I'd love to get back into that again. I truly love all things crocheted!!!!!

I'll be praying that you soon find some answers to the physical things. I know what it feels like to be all nervous in the Dr.'s office and come out and "know nothing" more than when you went in. Very disheartening!

Sorry I haven't been here before this!!!!! I'm always so happy when I read your posts! I always seem to feel your heart there!
I'll try to stop back more often!


KKJD1 said...

I love to crochet to I have a pic on my blog of the blanket I m working on. You will really enjoy crocheting it is my stress releaser! Have a great day! Blessings, Karen

Mrs. Mara said...