Monday, May 26, 2008

I won!!

Hey guys!!I just found out I won a giveaway hosted by Cora over at Hidden Riches from Secret Places!Sorry,i don`t have a link to her blog on hand at the time,but if you look under blogs I visit you will find hers.I strongly encourage all of you to visit her!!Her blog will be a blessing to all of you!! Anyway here is a picture of what I won.Cora is a very talented lady,so I hope you all will check out her ebay store as well.There is a link on her blog.Have a great night everyone!!Oh and if anyone knows how to put music on their blog please share the info with me!!I created a play list and I have the codes,but I don`t know where to put them! Any info about this would be greatly appreciated!Hope you guys had a blessed holiday with your family today!!

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Katy said...

Congratulations!!! it is beautiful toni!!! xoxo