Saturday, May 24, 2008


Hi everyone!I hope you all are having a blessed day!!My husband is not doing very well.Please pray for him.He is very nausous still.They had to put a breathing tube in durring the surgery and his mouthand throat are all cut up.He also is in alot of pain.They said the recovery tiome will be much longer than we expected.He can`t start physical therapy for 6 weeks.He cannot walk at all for one month.He hops and uses crutches to get to the bathroom.God will see us through this!Look at how far he`s braught us already,and how many blessings He has given us!
I have been feeling alot of conviction this week about my life.It seems as though ever since I was baptised on Sunday so much has changed.My dear friend,who has helped our family out greatly(the one that I heard the gospel for the first time from),well she only lives down the street from my house so we go to the farmers market together some times.I usually have her pick me up things if I can`t go.She told me that she cannot do it anymore.I understand.She is going through alot right now and I feel very bad for her.I felt so convicted though.I feel like all I do is take,take,take and I can never give back.I feel like I can`t even have any friends without being a burdon to them.I don`t want to be a burdon to anyone.It`s not only this particular thing.I totally understand.There have been a few things that have happened to me this past week that just really made me think about alot of things.I really think I need to drive.I want to bless people and help them,not be a burdon to them.I want to be a friend,not just someone to feel sorry for.I understand that people in the body want to help others and I truly appriciate that,but we each have to bear our own load.It`s not fair to make others feel like they have to take care of their family and ours too.I really feel like the Holy Spirit is telling me I need to do something.I just don`t know where to go from here.Any suggestions and prayers reguarding this would really be helpful.By the way,speaking of prayer and the power of prayer,ANOTHER NORMAL CYCLE this month!!!!God has healed me from endometrial hyperplasia!!Just like that woman that touched the cloak of Jesus!!I have been concidering standing up in church and if you know me at all that is a very difficult thing for me to do.Because of the nature of the topic I don`t know if it is appropriate or not?What do you all think about that?I`m so glad I started this blog!!I have met such great woman who I truly feel like I can talk with and be guided by!!
I better go now.I don`t know how to set the time on this blog but it is going on 11:45pm.Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend everyone!!!

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Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Toni!!! YOu are the winner of my giveaway and the stitchery is yours! Please email me with your address!!!!