Monday, April 6, 2009

What I`ve been doing and plans for the upcoming week

Hi all my wonderful readers!! I am so thrilled you stopped by to visit!!!
Not too many new things going on since my last post.One HUGE answer to prayer about my friends aunt.She is out of the coma and showing emotion wich is a mirical.She still doesn`t respond to commands.They will start speach therapy today wich will probably give them a better idea of the degree of brain damage.Also,there is a blood clot in her leg that is dangerious and they cannot give her medication to shrink it because of the bleeding in her brain.Much prayer is needed that God will shrink this blood clot.So,that`s the update on her condition.Thanks to all of you who have been praying for her.
This weekend was fun.Saturday I took the kids to an Easter celebration in town which was cute.Then on the way home we stopped at a yard sale and I got the cutest country shelves!! The 2 wooden ones,I plan on attempting to prim up a bit,but the little black one is just perfect the way it is.I`ve never redone anything before so I hope I don`t mess it up.I`ll post pictures to let you all know how they turn out.For the big one with the hearts,I plan on buying a dowel from the craft store and attaching it for a towel rack.It already has the holes.Not sure wher I`m going to put it yet.
So,my next project for the week is to make some sandwich bread to freeze.I did this last summer and it was so convenient.I`ll be sure to do a post about it with a recipe.
Speaking of recipes,if anyone els fell in love with the Heritage of Lancaster County series by Beverly Lewis you guys have to buy her cookbook as well.It has all authentic Amish recipes that have been in her family for years.I can`t wit to try some out.Another recipe I plan on trying is from Cathy Jean over at Because Nice Matters.It`s for Hot Cross Buns and if you want the recipe just click on Hot Cross Buns and you`ll be directed to her site!! They look so yummy:)
Anyway,so I guess that`s all for now.Gotta get back to my chores!!Blessings everyone!!!


Nancy said...

Hi Toni!
Great finds. I'd love to see what you do to the one shelf. Isn't it great to find things that you can give a little TLC to and give it a new life in your home? Have fun with the project!

Wendy said...

Hi Toni! Can't wait to see your redos!!! Have a wonderfully Blessed week my friend!~HUGS~Wendy

Jackie said...

Hi Toni. Thanks for visiting my blog. Looks like the shelf is a fun project and I look forward to seeing the "re-do".

So nice meeting you!!