Thursday, January 22, 2009

Giveaways and More!!

Hey!!I hope everyone had a wonderful day today!!! I am soo excited about this give away!!! Over at It`s about Annie there is a giveaway for a hand made Annie doll!! While your there be sure to check out her other blog called bowls and annie.Her husband makes hand made wooden bowls and she of coarse makes the dolls.She has an excellent tutorial about how to make your own annie doll,plus she also has tons of patterns for sale as well as dolls!! I have been a huge fan of annie dolls for a long time now(can you tell?LOl!)Maybe it`s because I always remeber having little Raggedy Ann and Andy dolls as a child.There`s also this huge picture my mom had taken of me when I was 4 years old barefoot in a little yellow sundress holding a giant Raggedy Ann doll.The picture stood on a wall in my bedroom for years.Sometime I`ll have to post in on my blog for all of you:)When I look at that picture now I can see the spitting immage of my oldest son.I always say it looks just like Joey in a dress.Gosh,I`m so sorry to be babbling on!Lol!I guess I`m just getting carried away going down memory lane.Remebering a simpler time when everything was so carefree.Our family was all together.Thoes are all just sweet memories now.No one in my family is speaking now,and both my parents have passed away.Anyway,now I have my own family and we can make memories together!!I also have my brothers and sisters in Christ who I cherish and love so much!!I`ve been through alot in the past few years,and one of the most valuable lessons I`ve learned is to store up our treasures in Heaven and not on this earth.Earthly things will one day fade away,relationships get broken,people pass away,but the one thing that will never pass away in the love our great and mighty Lord has for us.The one that will never forsake us and will always keep His promises!!!
I have to run now!!Emily has a 104 temp tonight and I have to go check on her to see if it`s going down,Blessings my sweet friends!!!


KKJD1 said...

Good mornin Toni, hope Emily is feeling better. I just love remembering and hearing of all those rememberances. I dont think no many little girls didnt love or was touched by Raggedy Ann and Andy. I will look forward to seeing you with your dollie! Hope you have a great week! Blessings, Karen

TattingChic said...

GOsh I hope your EMily gets better soon.
I just stopped over to say Hi and THank you for entering my tatting giveaway for One World One Heart! Good luck to you! :)

living4him5 said...

Hi Toni!

Thanks for stopping by, so glad you did. I made your blog a fav so I'll be visiting you too!!!

Have a great day and God bless,