Friday, February 13, 2009

Homemade noodles and more!

Hey everyone!!Boy,I don`t know what`s been wrong with me latly!I have definatly been slacking with updating my blog!
Alot has been going on around here latly.First,I`ll share with all of you a yummy recipe that I just tried tonight.I give full credit for the idea and recipe to Katy from The Country Blossom.If you would like the recipe just click on her name and you will be directed to her post!
Above is a picture of the noodles drying and Emily helping me cut them.The giant red bowl is where I mixed the dough.I also knead the dough right in my bowl.I`ve been kneading dough like this for a while now.It really cuts down on the mess!
I don`t have any pictures of the finished product,but they were very yummy!! I made a really easy recipe with chicken breasts to go with the noodles.All you do is take a few pieces of chicken and put them in a deep skillet or even a medium pot will do.Next,you take a can of condenced tomato soup and a can of cheddar cheese soup and pour it over the chicken.Cover and leave until chicken is cooked through.Then you just break it up and serve it ver the noodles! I though it was very good.The kids didn`t eat tonight.For they`re Valentine`s parties today we donated Longo`s pizza for Anthony`s class.It`s a local pizza that comes boxed and is sold at room temp.It`s very popular here in Pa.So anyway there was alot left over and he got to bring it home and they all ended up eating that for their supper tonight.Hubby didn`t feel well,so he just had cereal.That`s okay though becase we have a ton of leftovers that we will save for after church on Sunday:)
The next thing I want to share with you is the scarf I crocheted for Joey.I am so excited about it!!
Today, I went to Olly`s and got some great deals.Above I have a picture of a very cute box I got with a chicken on it.The picture does not do it justice.It looks hand panted.Then I got the kids two books.The first one is a Quilting book wich I am sooo thrilled about!!! I`ve wanted to learn how to quilt and sew for the longest time!!!!Now I can learn right along side of the kids!!I love how simple everything is explained in this book.I plan on getting some material and batting and starting a quilting project with the kids hopefully sometime this week!!! I cannot wait!! I will definatly post about it! The next book I got for the kids is a Veggie Tails book that is an encyclopedia and atlas for the Bible.I think this will be so great for helping teach the kids and even myself more about God`s Word!! I also got two more balls of yarn.Only $1.99 for mohair!! I have an obsession with yarn now.Where ever I go I have tp check out the yarn section!Lol!!
In other news I was able to participate in a swap hosted by Angie over at Seasons of The Past and that`s really all I can say about that!Lol!Just in case my swap buddy is a reader of my blog I don`t want o give away any surprises before she gets them.I`ll be mailing the package out tomorrow and before I do I`ll be sure to take some pictures and I`ll do a post next week:)
Another hobbie I`ve taken up is card making! I`m excited about it.I still have more supplies to buy,but I did make one for my swap buddy today. I don`t have a picture right now though. I did make something for my secret sister last week(i know she doesn`t read my blog,so I can post about it!Lol!!)that I invented myself called hyme of encouragement cards.What they are is just your favorite hyme printed from the computer and then cut and glued onto craft paper.I should of used card stock to make it sturdy but I didn`t have any last week.I thought about making up a bunch of theses for poeople to keep in their purses or whateve. The hyms have been so encourgeing to me latly!!There is a picture above of the hyme card I made.I also decorated the envelope with craft paper as well. I know it`s not perfect but I pray it encouraged her nonetheless.
Well,I guess I`ll go now.It`s getting very late.My time is`nt se right on my blog.I have no idea how to fix it.If anyone does,please let me know.It`s 11:45pm right now.
Thanks so much for reading my blog!!Please,leave a comment so I know you visited and can give you a proper thank you!!! Blessings my sweet friends:)


Katy said...

YAY! The noodles look great! I Hope you all enjoyed them! :)

Wendy said...

Toni its so great to hear from ou my friend!! I can't wait to see more of your creations!!! Crafts can be so much fun and theraputic!! Have a very Blessed Valentines weekend!~hugs~Wendy