Thursday, March 12, 2009

It`s been a while

Hello my wonderful blog friends!! Boy,it has been a while! Gosh,I`ve just had about a thousand things running through my mind latly!!Projects I want to try,not to mention my life has been pritty buisy in general.
I`ve been doing alot of thinking and I`ve felt very much convicted that I need to prioritize my life.I do housework most of the day,and when I do go on the computer I seem to have 1000 things to do,so there has been no time to update my blog.
I started reading The Lancaster Heritage Series,by Beverly Lewis.Oh my! I`m halfway through the 1st book and it is so good.It has really convicted me in alot of ways.I really feel I need to simplify my life.I`m not just talking about becoming more organized,although that would help.I really think WE as Christians are not glorifing God by the ways we live.This is something that I think we all need to be praying about and really asking God to change our hearts about.I just thing we`re confoming to the world too much.Trying to keep up on the latest fashions,getting our hair done,stuff like that.We`re just way too materialistic.It complicates our lives too.Please don`t misunderstand.I am not judging anyone at all.The Lord convicts everyone in diferent ways.This is just one of the ways he`s been convicting me latly.
Another HUGE thing that`s been going on in my life is my weight loss journey that I`m on.My friend and I have been working out together and I`m really trying to stick to it this time.I feel so different this time around.I have a new outlook on weight loss.I`ve been praying alot and asking the Lord to lead me and for the first time ever,I truly feel HE is leading me in this area of my life. I`ve been so confused about what type of program I should start.Truly,it came to me a few weeks ago that Slim Fast would be a good program for me because I can have chocolate.It`s really been curbing the cravings and so I`m really thankful for that.My husband is also on board with eating healthy as well!! I am so excited about that!!It`s a huge answer to prayer.I`m sure some of you know that since our husbands are head of the household it makes things very difficult if they`re not on the same page:)He joined a gym as well.He got a family membership.I`m THRILLED about that!! It has a pool as well,so if his feet start to hurt(because of the injury)he can do laps for excersize.
I also got some really nice fabric from href=""> for a quilting project I want to try. It`s a very cute heart shaped pot holder.I plan on posting pictures when I get started on it.I do want to start that skirt for Emily too.There`s more I need to learn about sewing first though.
I don`t have time to post any pics right now.I want to go work out before the kids get home.I have a fabulous workout package that a friend recommended called Slim in
6.It`s so good.If you go on Ebay you can find it cheaper.It runs about $60 on their website.My husband burned a copy for me,so on days I don`t meet with my friend I can still workout.I gotta run now!!Blessings!!


Wendy said...

Toni so good to hear from you my friend!! so glad to hear things are going well and your on this wonderful journey with your friend and your hubbs support!!! Not to mention God being in control!! I understand about convictions, I get them all the time and I too feel the pull to live a simpilar life. To many material things get in the way, I need to be careful of that. I hope you have a wonderfully Blessed day my friend!!~hugs~Wendy

KKJD1 said...

You go girl! I really need to be right there with you working out! Its so hard to eat right when the kids want to eat 24-7. I love the Beverly Lewis books I read that first one and have the next 2 but have yet to sit down and read them. But I agree with you on materializing too much! We all nned to focus more on Christ that anything material. Boy wouldnt the world be a better place if we each thouth less about us or material things and more about him!
Cant wait to see your sewing! Hope you have a great weekend! Blessings,Karen

Shelley said...

Hi Toni,I haven't been by in a while,but I'm glad I stopped by today. I feel the same conviction about getting back to the old ways...I once led a very simple life and still do pretty much today. As far as weight,I have had to deal with it all my life...I have lost a lot,but it always comes back. You know the story,I'm sure! I would love to be able to take it off and keep it off. I have been thinking about the gastric bypass surgery,as the doctors seem to think it's the best thing for me,but I am not sure at this point if that is God's will for me.....I pray your diet works well for you.