Friday, March 20, 2009

Please pray

Hello all my sweet friends!! I`m so thankful that you stopped by!! My goodness,what a week.I have very tragic news to share with all of you.Last Sunday my friends Aunt fell down the steps at her home.She underwent two surgerys because there was bleeding in her brain.She is now in I.C.U. The swelling has not gone down and they had to put her into a medically induce coma on Wednesday.Please pray for the family to be trusting in God.Most of them are not Christians.I went to the hospatil with my friend on Wed. to help out with the kids.I was able to share with her mom what I went through the days before my mom passed away.I pray I was encouraging.I got news today that they deepened the coma because the swelling is still at an unsafe leval.If it does not get better soon they will have to surgically remove a portion of her skull.As it stands now there is alot of permanent brain damage.They are not sure of the extent because she cannot communicate.I know God is soverine.We don`t understand why theses things happen,but we do know He is in controle and His love is perfect in our weakness.I`ve been trying to comfort my friend because she is very close to her Aunt.Also pray that there will be peace among one another durring this trial.I know,sometimes durring things like this family`s tend to bicker among one another.
I`ve made a few cards to encourage people.Card making is such a wonderful ministry.
It`s really been doing my heart good to be able to minister to my friend this week and encourage her in the Lord.She is my absolute best friend and sister in Christ.It`s amazing how when someone is struggling with something the Holy Spirit gives you the words to comfort them and thoes same words minister to your own heart as well.So many motions can come out when someone is going through a crisis.Prayer is so very important.The mkost important partabout prayer for our own hearts is being completly honest with God.If your sturuggling in an area of your life,tell God.Ask Him to help you.Then leave it with Him.When we are burdened and we take it to the Lord, He can lift those burdens away when we trust him.That`s when we have peace.Our peace then turns into joy.The joy that comes from trusting in Him.No,our circumstances might not change.They may never change,but we can be at peace when we trust Him.Think of all your troubles as baloons.Prayer is the hellium that lifts the burdons out of our hearts,and replaces them with peace.We`re not perfect people.We ARE sinners.We will make mistakes.We will be sinned against.We will sin against others.This we can be certain of.We can`t carry all of our burdens ourselves.We can`t.It`s just too much.Christ died so we don`t have to.We are not alone.He said come to me all ye who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest.He want US,us sinners to come to HIM.Perfect and Holy Christ.That is Amazing.That is something to be overwhelmed with joy about!! So,if you are feeling overwheled with burdens today,take it to the Lord and He will overwhelm you with His great love for you.
Please,if anyone needs to speak with me or needs encouragement or prayer,pleae email me.Have a blessed night everyone!!!

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KKJD1 said...

Stoped this very minute and prayed for your friend and her Aunt. Please keep us up to date how how things are. You are a wonderful friend keep up the good work, God will bless you for your kindness. Blessings,Karen