Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Being frugal with recycled jars and homemade cream cheese

I hope everyone is having a wonderful day today!!So,a few months ago I started saving glass jars from jelly,spaghtetti sauce,and things like that.My origional intention was to use them for a craft project I had in mind.Then,I was reading a post over at Heavenly Homemakers(I have the link on my sidebar under blogs I visit)about jars.She uses jars to store things that she keeps in her cupboard,like corn starch and sugar.This was a great idea I thought!Then,I thought of all the jars I`d been saving,and instead of buying mason jars I could use thoes instead! Alot of the things I buy come in bags and once I open them I try to store them in zipper bags,but this way saves some money,helps with recycling,and also saves room.So little by little I`ve been trying to put my dried goods into jars,then lableing them.I wanted to share this idea with all of you!It has helped me out alot!
Another thing that I have discovered over the past few months is homemade cream cheese:) I know you guys are probably thinking that I`m wacky... making my own cheese!!Really,it takes about five minutes of prep work... and then in 24 hours... vola!..homemade cream cheese:) All you need is 1 32 ounce container of full fat plain yogurt,and a cheesecloth.You will also need a strainer and a pitcher or bowl the stainer will fit on top of.Now,you place the strainer on top of the pitcher. Line the strainer with a cheese cloth.Pour the yogurt into the cloth and twist it closed and give it a few good squeezes.Leave the whole thing in the refrigerator for about 24 hours.Durring that time twist and squeeze the cloth from time to time until the yogurt becomes firm like cream cheese.Store it in a container.The yellowish liquid you have is called whey.The whey is also very good for you and can be used for a number of things.I will talk more about that another time though:)So,there you have it!Homemade cream cheese.My kids like this on wheat toast with strawberry jelly:)Okay,they really would prefer white toast,but I can persuade them to eat the wheat also. Okay...they will only eat the wheat when we are out of white bread!!What can I say? Lol!Have a blessed evening everyone!!


Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

I love jars!!!!! I have my instant mashed potatoes in one, noodles in another, and so on. Even my crafting stuff ---- my walnut stain crystals are in a jar, and many other things. I like jars, because I can see easily what's there. Bags are great, but they tend to slide all over, and I have to keep picking them up to see what's in them. Plus I like the looks of jars!

And the cream cheese!!!!!! I could live on cream cheese. Thanks for the recipe and I am for sure going to try it. I wonder how the vanilla flavored yogurt would be????


Wendy said...

No your not wacky:0) Saving money and eating better are important things so making your own anything is terrific!!
As far as jars I love them to I store alot of things in them. It saves time and money and it makes the kitchen look homey!!! Thanks for sharing all your ideas!!! Have a great day my friend!!~Wendy

Saved Sinner said...

Hi, I am leaving this comment to people on my blogroll.

You may or may not be aware that I have had a public disagreement with Candy from Keeping the Home. You can find details at her blog ( and at mine (

It has always been (and still is) my intention to act in a godly and biblical manner. However, I would understand if as a result of what has happened you would like to dissociate yourself from me. I therefore thought it only right to give you an opportunity to request me to remove your blog from my blogroll. I do not ask you to make any judgements on who is right (although you are free to do so if you wish) and if you are happy to remain on my blogroll, I will not assume that means you agree with me.

Your in Christ,