Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A great sewing project

I was surfing the net before and I found a great project to try!Making aprons for your dish soap bottles!I just think these are so cute!!Here is a picture and I`ve also included the link HERE Let me know if any of you make this!I`d love to here how it turned out and also see pictures!!I`ve recently develpoed a new love for aprons.I don`t own any yet,but I would love to learn to make them!I think it would be so nice to have some that I can pass down to my daughter that I made myself.I also think it would be nice to start wearing them around the house.They look so feminin.Plus they are so darn cute!!
Okay,I think I`m done rambling now!!Onto some other thoughts I`ve been having latly.The kids are almost done with school.Tomorrow is their last day.Plans for the summer include packing and moving to a new house,Ladies Retreat at the end of the month,(which I am soo looking forward to:))swimming at our local park with the kids,hopefully hubby will get to play sofball for our church this year again,picnics,and fellowship with family and friends.Plus our ladies bible classes will be contiued throughout the summer which I am thrilled about!!
My husband gets a boot cast put on his leg on Thursday.Still no driving or walking,but at least he can get it wet now.
Right now,I am currently reading Shepherding a Childs Heart by Tedd Tripp.(Our Pastor)I have been in deep prayer about this.My children are very wild and have no desire to follow the Lord.I am deeply saddened by this.They are still young,but my oldest is 9 now.He understands alot and is really rebelling.It is my prayer that this book will help me with the trials of child reering.Please,if you happen to think of me in your time with the Lord pray that this book will help.Raising children is one of the most important jobs on the face of this planet,and one of the hardest as well.I am reminded of Phillippians 4:13 All things are possible through Him who stengthens me.
I should be going to bed now,so good night and have a blessed evening!!!!


Wendy said...

Continue to seek God for your hubby and kids He will give you direction!!! I pray you will begin to see a move of God in your home!!!
I too have gotten into aprons lately:)...I think its because so many ladies in blogland either have them or make the cutest ones!! I too don't own any!:) I hope you are having a great week as well!!Wendy

Anonymous said...

Hi Toni, I've got my internet sorted out so have just been catching up on your blog. I am keeping your family in my prayers and it is great to hear that your husband came to your baptism and is seeming more receptive to God's word. It is funny that you should mention that book (Shepherding a child's heart) as someone at my church recommended it last week so I am planning to buy it some time soon. I haven't made any aprons because I seem to be given them faster than I can wear them out. I do like the idea of covers for the washing up liquid bottles though so maybe I'll try that. Wil let you know if I do.
Susan. :o)