Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Happy Wednesday:)

Hey guys!!I hope you all are having a fantastic Wednesday!I was over at Apples of Gold and Christian homekeeper and they just blogged about this fun quiz they took called "What kind of cereal are you?"I am cornflakes.I don`t know how to post the picture on my blog without copying it so just go here to take the quiz!
In other news,my songets his cast off tomorrow!!!Woo hoot!!i can`t waite.He can`t waite either:)Also,I have been missing a child for the week:)My daughter is at her grandmas playing with her cousin and swimming.She`ll be back on Friday morning.
How about the flood in the midwest?Oh my gosh!I feel so badly for all of those people.I saw some footage on the news and it looked just aweful.Boy,I wonder what`s going on in our world?We have rises in gas and cost of living in general,legalizing same sex marriages,floods,fires.I just want to remind all of my dear readers that we to be in prayer as much as possible and in the Word.We need to guard our hearts in these days:)

You Are Corn Flakes

You are traditional and easy going.

If something is high quality, you're satisfied with it.

You don't need much variety or novelty in your life.

You're happy with what you have. You're quite loyal.

You're the type of person who eats the same breakfast every day...

And likely at the exact same time each day!

Oh,look!I did it!I guess you really do learn something new every day!!Blessings!!


Wendy said...

Hi Toni so glad your week is going well!! I know the things that are happening in this country alone is pretty scary but thank God we have Him in our lives to keep us in peace!!! Take care!~Wendy

Daughter of the King said...

There is nothing wrong with being CORNFLAKES..hehe..
ME too

Lea of Farmhouse*Blessings said...

Hi Toni! I was cornflakes too! LOL


Truth Be Told said...

Hi Toni! What a fun quiz. I liked my answer too, but couldn't figure out how to put it on my sight. Since you were able to get it figured out, I wondered if you might be willing to share, especially since we are both "Bloggers". Thanks!