Friday, March 14, 2008

Another encouraging,yet convicting word

Good morning everyone!I want to tell you all about the fantastic sermon I just heard!It was on James 3 Taming the tongue.Pastor Paul Tripp(you can find his online sermons at did a wonderful job with explaining just how powerful our words can be.We need to be so careful with what we say.It is only through the grace of God that we can learn to tame our tongues.Anyway,it is defiantly a sermon worth listening to.It is something we all struggle with.So go check it out,and I hope you all will be encouraged by it.The title of the sermon is called "What it sounds Like to be Perfect."
Well,today is going to be another busy day.I need to walk to my doctor to get some blood drawn,then stop at the food store on the way home.Next,my husband works for a food warehouse,so he gets things very cheap.He brought home a 40 pound box of chicken.So,I will be wrapping,washing,and trimming it,then freezing it.Plus I have the normal dishes to wash and laundry to do.I also need to make more laundry soap.
I have a $70.00 budget to work with this week for groceries as well.So I need to figure out some meals.I also need two crock pot meals as well with that.I may post a menu for the week later on.
Well,I need to get going and start my day.Have a Wonderful day!!


Katy said...

How true!!! Our tongue can be the most harmful weapon, unfortunately!

Hey...if you are looking for good crock pot recipes...go check out Diary of a SAHM on my bloglist on my blog. Sandra is soo sweet and she has awesome crock pot recipes and also has a contest going on! :)

Toni said...

Hey,Katy!Thanks for stopping by!Thanks for the info about the crockpot recipes too!I use mine twice a week,so I will be checking her recipes out!Have a wonderful day!!

annie said...

Thanks for visiting me Toni. I hope you enjoy the taco meatloaf. My group all enjoys it!

So true, there is more power in the tongue than most people realize. The bible says you will have what you say. I am very careful about what I say!

blessings to you!

Toni said...

Thanks for stopping by annie!Have a great day!!