Friday, March 28, 2008

Update on hubbys health

Hey guys.Well,here`s a brief recap for those of you who don`t know.My husband was on temp.disability from April last year to December.He had nerve damage in his foot that required reconstructive surgery.Through that time we went through alot and it took a big toll on us financially.We got through it by the grace of God.(the inspiration for starting this blog.)Hubby needed to go back in December because we had alot of bills that needed to be taken care of.We bought our first home in October 2006,which we were in danger of losing among other things.So,he returned to work.Well,Easter week his foot started really bothering him.Along with the other foot.There was a knot in the other foot the size of a baseball.It got to the point where he couldn`t stand long enough to shower.He figured if he stayed off of it,it would get better.Well,the doctor looked at the foot that was operated on,but said since he was only the surgeon he could not look at the other foot.He gave him a cortisone shot,which did nothing and sent him for an MRI.So,yesterday he went to see another doctor and they scheduled another MRI.The first MRI was of the foot that was operated on.It showed very bad arthritis.He said it looked like the foot of a 65 year old man.They can give him shots for that though,so praise God for that!Otherwise we could of been facing more surgery to correct the arthritis which would of involved steel pegs in his feet and probably permanent disability.So far we are in the clear for that.As for the other foot,the MRI will reveal more info.The doctor did say there is probably nerve damage in there as well and he will probably need to operate.
I`m sorry this is so long.Part of the reason for me starting this blog was to be a testimony of Gods grace and faithfulness.I feel as though in order to do that I have to tell every detail of the situation.I also am asking for prayer.We cannot afford for him to be out of work again.He made good money before.He will get 1/3 of what he was making.I cannot get a job right now to make up the difference because I may be facing a hysterectomy.I see another doctor on Monday for a second opinion,so I will know more then.there is a good chance both of us may be incapacitated.God knows what we can handle and will not give us more!Prayer is so important.There is something mysterious about it.Prayer is healing!I am asking for everyone that reads this to please post on your blog about us.I want to get a worldwide prayer chain going.We can pray for finances and healing.We can also pray that God will use this trial to bring my husband to salvation.We all need to realize that we have nothing and need a savior!It is scary because I wonder how far we will go?If it is Gods plan to save my husband,what will we have to lose?I know God is in control and no matter what His plan is it is good.That is my hope.


Katy said...

oh gosh :( I am so sorry Toni!!! Your poor hubby! I will be praying for his feet and for your financial situation! God loves you and will take care of you!

Anonymous said...

Hi, I lost your blog but just found it again so am trying to catch up on your posts. Will be praying for you and your husband.
Blessings, Susan.

Sue Neitzel said...

Hi Toni, so glad you came to my blog, are you the same Toni who replyed to my Herbal Farmstead blog? If so, I'll email you the answer to your questions since I can't reply from your post, blogger won't do it? Hope your hubby heals soon and your household will get back on track! I'll be back!

Toni said...

Hey katy,saved sinner,and sue neitzel,thank you for all of your kind words and prayers!Sue,that was me who posted that question.I will e-mail you!

Cora from Nelia's Primitive Place said...

Hi, Toni! Found you through Lea's Farmhouse Blessings! So glad I did! Your name is now on my prayer list, and I promise you, I will be praying for you and your husband. I walked this same road during the past three years, and I can tell you with a smile, God is Faithful! He will do for YOU all He has promised. Yes, there may be tears, losses, changes, and dark days. But still, He is faithful. He will instruct you and teach you in the way which you should go, and He will guide you with His eye. Trust Him, Toni!
Thank you for sharing! Cora

Toni said...

Thanks for your kind words.They really meany alot:)Starting this blog was one of the best things I have ever done!I met some really great people.I am thankful to God for all of you!This is a very bad time for us right now.Sometimes it seems like things will never get better and this trial will never end.Then I am reminded that God is faithful.He uses people to demonstrate His love and faithfulness.I truly am blessed:)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Hey Toni! I'm sorry to hear about your circumstances and I prayed for you and your family just now! It all works together for our good and trust in God and follow his leading. ;)


Amanda said...

I came here by way of Christian Homekeeper, and have just said a prayer for you!

God bless-

toni said...

Thanks for your prayers and words of encouragement Bev!Thanks Amanda!Ot was nice meeting you!All of your comments mean so much to me!Have a wonderful and blessed day!

Sharon said...

I found you via Bev. Just want you to know that we were in a similar situation many years ago and somehow God brought us through. We had some very lean times, but we didn't go hungry or lose our house (and I didn't have to go back to work).
I will be praying for your husband's salvation and his feet and for you as well. :)
God is good and will honor your faithfulness.

Toni said...

Thank you so much for your prayers and encouraging words!It really means alot!!Have a blessed day!!