Friday, March 21, 2008

Daily ramblings

Hey everyone!I`ve been busy lately and haven`t been blogging lately.Hubby went to see our family doctor today.He`s been home all week in agony,due to the ongoing problems with his feet.He also had a fever for a few days.So anyway our doctor said he will probably have to get both feet operated on.The condition he has is called tarsal tunnel which resulted in nerve damage.He said he`s seen people that aren`t as physically fit as dh is who have been crippled due to tarsal tunnel.So,my husband goes to see a specialist on Monday,and they will determine everything for sure.He could be on disability until October if they have to do both feet.You guys should see the one foot though.It has a huge bruise and swollen as if he was hit with a baseball.My son is almost fully recovered from his ear infection as well.Praise God for that!
My husband has to work on Sunday night,so please pray for him.
Tomorrow we will be dyeing eggs with the kids and I will be making a bunny cake that I make every year.I would like to focus more on Christ this year,because that`s what Easter is really all about.If any of you have any ideas let me know.We have no money to get the Resurrection eggs this year,but any other ideas would be great.
I have been in a bad mood about all of this today.I know I need to be trusting in God right now.I know he has a plan for us.I just really want to be relieved from all of these trials.I feel like I`m in a prison.We can`t do anything or go anywhere because there is never any money.I want to start using my sewing machine,but I have no money for material or notions,I`m in need of clothing.Listen to me!I should be so ashamed that I am so discontent.I know there is more to this life than things.Part of me wants to be content but another part of me is screaming for God to deliver us from this!I need to really pray and ask the Lord what He`s trying to show us from all of this.
one way to get my mind off of all of this can be to focus on how wonderful our Lord is!He sent us His son to dye for our sins so that we could be redeemed by His blood!!Praise His name!That is the hope we have!We have a God who loves us!He will bring us through this!Christ rose from the dead on Easter Sunday.That is proof of the Lords faithfulness:)I need to stop feeling sorry for myself and start giving praises and glory to Him!
I`ll try to post more tomorrow.If I don`t,I hope you all have a blessed Easter:)

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