Thursday, March 13, 2008

A very yummy and cheap meal

Hey guys!I made a really fantastic supper tonight:)First I took some frozen ground beef and added it to a hot skillet.I let it brown.When you are using beef that is frozen it is important to keep turning it and scraping it as it cooks so it doesn`t burn.As it was cooking I peeled and chopped some potatoes and boiled them.Next I added a bag of frozen veggies to the pan with the meat.I added salt,pepper,and garlic powder.When the meat was cooked I transferred it to another bowl.Then I made a roux with coconut oil and whole wheat flour.(fyi:coconut oil is very healthy for you and the kind I buy from Walmart has no flavor,so it`s very versatile)Next I added some beef bouillon(I prefer to use stock,but this is all I had)and made some gravy.I mixed everything up and added the mashed potatoes to the top.I baked it for about a half an hour at 350,then for the last few minutes I put the oven on broil so the top would get brown and crispy. All I have to say is .....WOW!!It was very good.I highly recommend this meal.I got the idea from a recipe in the kraft food magazine(which is free.You can sign up for one at )I changed the recipe alot because we`re out of alot of things.Oh,you can also put some cheddar cheese on top and put garlic and cheddar into the mashed potatoes.I wish I had some pictures,but I`m still working on camera issues.Let me know if you try this though.I`d love to hear how it turned out!


Cora from Country Patches said...

Sounds like a really great Shepherd's Pie!!!!! One of my favorite "comfort foods!" Thanks for sharing! Cora

Toni said...

Thanks Cora!Thanks for stopping by my blog!Have a great day!