Friday, March 14, 2008


Hey,guys.Please go to Read the article concerning Barack Obama.Please read the comments below the article as well.I know nothing about politics,but I do know this country needs more Christians voting!!Based on this article,if this man becomes our next president this country is in for big trouble.Remember the post from the other day about Oprah promoting this false gospel?Well guess what?Her and Barach Obama belong to the same church!Again I don`t know anything about this man other than what I just read.His pastor also believes that Jesus was black,and crucified by whites.
Anyway,I felt the need to just make all of you fully aware of the possible dangers ahead if this man is elected.Please feel free to comment on this post!I would love to hear other opinion's regarding this!Btw you can get daily emails from One News Now.It`s a great way to keep informed on issues we as Christians need to know about!


Tracy said...

I read the article and truthfully, it does not surprise me. The simple fact is that we are in for quite a fight for our rights and lives as Christians if a Democrat gets elected, period. Hillary supports the UNCRC (petition and information link:
Obama sits under a pastor that invents things and tramples the Word of God underfoot. We need to PRAY long and HARD for our country and go out and VOTE REPUBLICAN. McCaim may not be a prize, but he is far and away better than Obama or Hillary!

Katy said...

I don't even want to vote this year...gosh...Obama and Hilary both give me a sick feeling in my stomach..and McCain is not much better. :(