Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Daily ramblings

hey everyone!I have been so busy this week I haven`t had much time to update my blog.
Saturday night my husband started having excruciating pain in his other foot.He has been home trying not to walk too much.We think that he may have to have surgery on that foot too.He sees the doctor on Monday,so please pray for us.We don`t know if his feet will ever be the same again.We don`t know if he will end up losing his job because of this.My husband has been putting off seeing the doctor,because we cannot afford for him to go on disability again.I trust in God though.I know He has a plan for us and it is good!That is one of the reasons why I started this blog.So I could post about our trials and how God is bringing us through them!I hope others will be encouraged by this.
So,anyway my 9 year old son has been home since Monday with a very bad ear infection.I left on Monday for bible study and I didn`t get home till 5:30!What happened was,after bible study I had been trying to contact a local herbalist so that he could mix up something to help with my sons infection.It took a long time to get a hold of him,so I waited at a friends house.It was her birthday,so we had a nice lunch and got to have some fellowship.Then I came home and brewed up the tea for him.I also had to make dinner.i had something planned but my husband was in the mood for chicken,so by the time supper was ready it was after 7:(That`s alright though.With what he`s going through right now I`m going to do my best to try to give him as much comfort as I can.Between all of that chaos I walked to the store as well!So I was pretty pooped to say the least!
Yesterday,my son was home again.The infection had progressed to a point that it could not be broken by the herbal tea.I probably could of had him mix me up a stronger batch.My son was in so much pain though.Ibuprofen wasn`t even pacifying the pain,so I called my friend.We took him to the doctor and he is on the mend now.He had another sleepless night,but he is finally getting better.Hopefully he will return to school tomorrow.So it has been a whirlwind of events around here lately!My home in in dire need of attention!So,I do need to go now.I hope you all have a blessed day!!


Katy said...

oh no...I hope both your hubby and your son feel better! God will definitely see you all through this trial! He is always faithful! You guys keep the faith!!! xoxo

Is there any way your dh could do a job that doesn't include his feet much? Is he into computers or writing? Or anything like that? God never shuts one door without opening another!!! xoxo

Toni said...

Thanks for your kind words of encouragement!I know God is faithful!I`m sure there is something else he can do.He is a very smart man.It`s just trying to find a job that pays well.Plus he`s not ready to accept the fact that he may have a permanent injury.I think this may be part of Gods plan though.In order for him to be saved he has to realize that he needs to surrender his heart to the Lord.His pride needs to be broken.I know God will lead us where we need to go!