Saturday, March 8, 2008

My Testamony

Isaiah 30:21 sais:and your hear a word behind you saying"This is the way,walk in it"These words are where my testimony begins.I always knew there was a way.My whole life I was thirsty for the truth.I was raised in a Catholic home,but the only time God`s dame was brought up to me was when I did something wrong.I went to a christian school from 1st-3rd grade.One day I sat on my teachers lap and we prayed the prayer of salvation.
As I grew up,I grew farther and farther from the Lord and His ways.I never really knew what it meant to be born again.I never read the Bible,because I was scared I was going to to hell.As I got older I always wondered about God.
In January 2003 my husband and I ended up moving about 50 miles away to a small town.I hated it.I was always the kind of person who had to be out doing something all the time.Little did I know that God had a wonderful plan for me:)
It was the summer of 2005.I was outside with the kids and I met one of the neighbors. We got to talking and I had alot of questions about God.I heard the Gospel for the first time.A few days later I prayed and was saved.
If anyone is reading this and is not born again please keep on reading.

You see,we are all sinners.Romans 3:22 sais:for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. So we know we are sinner.God is pure,and holy.Because of His holiness and are sinfulness He cannot look at us.He sent us a savior.God came to earth in the form of man.His son Jesus Christ,pure and sinless,paid the price for our sins.He died so that through His blood we could live.You must be born again,because you must have the Holy Spirit to be at peace with God.John 3.Once you have the Holy Spirit you will want to live for Christ.It wont be easy,but you will be at peace with your creator.Without the Holy Spirit you are doomed for an eternity apart form God.Hell.If you attend church and your pastor does not preach about being born again take my advice and find another church.If your preacher sais you need to go to confession to be forgiven of your sins.Find another church.Jesus Christ is the only one that can forgive you,through confession of sin and leaning on Him.You don`t need to pray to the saints either.God wants us to pray to Him.He is the only one who can help us.Our creator knows us!He made us.If you think all churches are the same,think again.Read your bibles!!If your church does not preach the gospel your at the wrong one!Believing in God and Jesus is not enough.You don`t have to believe me.Read your bibles.I know there are alot of people that are being mislead by the churches and different worldly views of things.I feel sorry for those people.


Katy said...

How awesome Toni!!! :) I am sooo happy for you! What a wonderful testimony!!! Thank you for sharing it! xoxo

Toni said...

Thank you so much!Staring this blog has been so wonderful!It felt so awesome and empowering to give that testamony last night.Take care and have a blessed Lord`s day!