Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Blogs to check out

Hey!I hope everyone`s having a great day!This is just a quick post as I have alot to do today.I just wanted to tell everyone about some really great blogs I found and have been reading for a while now.I havn`t figured out how to add them to my sidebar yet,but when I do I will add them.The first one is Country Blossom..It is owned by katy.It`s a great blog and defiantly worth checking out!Also Keeping the Home is fantastic.That one is www.myblessedhome.blogspot.com
She just posted on homeschooling today and some of the materials she uses.Also if anyone is interested in Nourishing Traditions,she has alot of recipes.She also has a very interesting article about brewing your own kumbucha.It is supposed to be very a very healthful drink.I also read Christian Homekeeper.That is www.christianhomekeeper.blogspot.com She also has great devotionals,recipes for cleaning solutions that will save you mega$$$!She also has two other blogs.There are links on her sidebar for those.One is her weight loss blog which is very encouraging and has a ton of recipes and her other one is about saving money and raising your credit score.She also has one that has success storeys about how people have lost alot of weight.Before and after pics too. The other one I go on regularly is www.tammysrecipes.com/node Amazing recipes,and you have to check out the picks of her new baby!!Soo cute,you just want to bite her!!Lol!!Hey country blossom is www.countryblossom.blogspot.com Sorry about that!Btw I just want to give a big cyber hug to Katy right now for encouraging me to start this blog!!My friend also has a blog.I will post hers in a minute.I don`t have it memorized yet!
Okay,now I really need to get to work!I hope you guys will check out theses blogs though.They have been a real help and encouragement to me and I hope they can help others as well!God bless,and have a great day!!!


Katy said...

Thanks for the hug Toni!!! :) I will tell you how to post a link! :) type out what you want to link ~ like for example The Country Blossom. Then highlight it. Then on the lil menu on top of your paragraph you are writing in a post...(like where you change text size and color etc)...click on the button that has the pic of a chain link. Then you fill in the URL there and click OK. Voila...you have a link!!! :)

To add links to your sidebar...on the page elments page...click ADD PAGE ELEMENT...and there will be a bunch of stuff to choose from. Click the one that says Link List or something like that...and then you will be able to see what to do!!!!

Good luck!! xoxo
if you need any help...let me know! :)

Toni said...

Thanks for the help!!You are such a sweetie:)I`m going to try to play around with some graphics tonight so hopefully I`ll have some pictures up tomorrrow.

Katy said...

no problem at all! Glad i could help! :)

Christian Homekeeper said...

Thanks for telling others about my blog! ;)

Toni said...

Christian Homekeeper,
You are very welcome!Your blog has been a blessing and I just wanted to share so others could be blessed too:)