Thursday, March 13, 2008

Daily Ramblings

Hey everyone!Thanks for stopping by!I hope you all are having a wonderful day!There are a few new blogs I came across today.You`ll notice them in my sidebar.One is called Homemaking Dreams and there is alot of info about sewing.It has been a big dream of mine to learn how to use my sewing machine.I hope to learn alot from this blog!Also, passionate homemaking is another one.This one is full of healthy recipes and tips on living a healthy life!So check them out!
I have two prayer requests today.My first one is for me.Please pray for patience.I mentioned before that I don`t drive.Well this has become a huge problem for us.We set aside a day to go grocery shopping,I make a list and a menue,then my husband can`t go.Sometimes he goes alone and doesn`t bring home the right things.It`s not his fault and he has alot of burdons in his life right now.It`s frusterating for me though,because I need to be doing the grocery shopping.So please pray for me to be slow to anger.
The second request is for my husband.Almost a year ago he developed an injury that caused him to have to leave work for 8 months.It`s called Tarsel Tunnel.He had surgery in September.He had nerve damage as well.It`s in his foot.So they repaired the nerve and removed dead tissue.He had to go back to work In December,because we could not afford for him to be home any longer.He in in tramendous pain every day.We know something is still wrong.He sees his doctor next week for a 6 month follow up.They will probably end up having to do more surgery.This is very serious.Diabetics lose limbs because of nerve damage.He could also be facing chronic pain for the rest of his life.It`s heartbreaking for me to see him like this.As his wife I can offer him nothing.I try to encourage him with Gods word and he rejects it time and time again.I think this is Gods way of breaking him.We all need to have our pride broken so that we realize we are helpless and in need of God and his mercy.I want to share with all of you some of the ways God has shown himself to me over the last year!So much goodness came out of this trial so far.Relationships have been renewed that were once lost.Financially the Lord has provided.At one point Joe`s employer emailed him and said since he was out beyond a certain time he had to pay back vacation time.For 6 weeks we got only $80.God provided though.I am truly amazed by the grace God has shown to us.We have a God who loves us so much that He allows suffering so that we could be transformed!Suffering is for our own good and one of the true testes of faith is if you can praise the holy name of the Lord through trials.I honestly can say yes I can!Think of a silversmith.That piece of metal has to go under extreme heat until it shines.We have to be purified in that same way.Our trials won`t be over until we shine and the Lord can see His face in us!That is the purpose of trials.So,please pray that my husband will come to faith through all of this.I have to admit,I am scared though.I don`t know where this trial will take us or how much we will lose,but I do know that whatever happens we will come out of it with far more gained.

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