Saturday, March 22, 2008

A great Idea

Hey everyone!I came up with a really great idea today and I want to share it with all of you!Since there isn`t much money this year and I think the Easter baskets are kind of a waist anyway here`s what I did this year.I bought some disposable loaf pans.the kids painted them and made handles on the top.They will leave these out tonight for the "bunny" to fill:)They had so much fun doing this today!I just had to share this idea with all of you.Ya know,you don`t need alot of "things",you just need to make the most out of what you have!Btw,my son came up with another great idea for those loaf pans.You could use them to start an indoor herb garden!Just the right size to fit on a window sill in your kitchen!God does provide!
I also made a bunny cake today with the kids.It is so easy to do!One day I`ll post directions.I want to include pictures,so that will have to Wait.Have a blessed Easter everyone:)

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